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  1. Hey I am looking for a group of people completely brand new to the world of programming, and wanted to learn together and be each other out for it be through Skype or whatever I'm looking for people who want to start learning c++ right from scratch, if your interested please send me a pm or you email me at l2ob122@hotmail.com I think this could be a good way to keep people motivated and make some friends in the process Thank you
  2. beginner Java books?

    I didn't know this book was ment for beginners
  3. beginner Java books?

    I am looking for some input on a few beginner java books people would recommend on both general programming and game programming. Thanks
  4. General Programming/Game Programming help

    Alright thanks a lot I was thinking about going with Java, do you know a few books you would recommend? For General programing for beginners and a game development
  5. Alright first off i have no prior experiance with programming so its a beginner question.   I am looking into getting into programming and have started learning some C++ but i have found it to be really difficult to get into it.     I have heard alot of people say that its always a good thing to pick up an easier language to learn at first and then go back to c++ at a later time.   Now my question is what language would be a suitable beginner type langauge that can still make games and would also be good to use in a general progam setting, as well as be good to know for the future.   thanks.
  6. C++ programing book and game developing

    Accelerated C++ and C++ Primer Plus sixth edition
  7. Annoying Visual Studio problem

    Haha thanks alot that was the problem
  8. Sometimes this doesn't happen then outta nowhere it will. When I want to edit something a little black box comes up and it won't just allow me to be edit just a letter it continues to over write everything on that line, it doesn't happen all the time but after a while it will constantly happen. Is there a feature to turn this off?
  9. very basic question

    I am just doing something from a book that asks me to type something in but anytime i type in the number and click enter the program just ends example when it asks how much fuel i type in 100 then it just ends it.       //Game Stats // Demonstrates declaring and initializing variables #include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() {     int score;     double distance;     char playAgain;     bool shieldsUp;     short lives , aliensKilled;     score = 0;     distance = 1200.76;     playAgain = ' y ' ;     shieldsUp = true;     lives = 3;     aliensKilled = 10;     double engineTemp = 6572.89;     cout << "\nscore: "  << score << endl;     cout << "distance: " << distance << endl;     cout << "playAgain: " << playAgain << endl;     //skipping shieldsUp since you don't generally print Boolean values     cout << "lives: "    << lives << endl;     cout << "aliensKilled: " << aliensKilled << endl;     cout << "engineTemp: "  << engineTemp << endl;     int fuel;     cout << "\nHow much fuel? ";     cin >> fuel;     cout << " fuel: " << fuel << endl;     typedef unsigned short int ushort;     ushort bonus = 10;     cout << "\nbonus: " << bonus << endl;          return 0; }  
  10. Have some questions for making a turnbased RPG

    Doesn't generally have a set cam In most games annoy people tho even if it is just in a city? Just something to think about
  11. Looking To Interact With Other Beginners

    Hey there I just recently started as well and am slowly trying to learn the ropes in c++ as well. I work during the days but spend about 4-5hrs each night reading and learning stuff, it's been a slow process but I look forward to learning more and maybe we can help each other out
  12. Little Advice Please

    Clearly C++ is a very difficult langauge to learn expecially as a first langauge * It is much more difficult to start, you not only have to learn the language, but you have to choose and learn class libraries. * You are much more likely to pick up bad programming habits, if you are using C++ with its legacy features and mishmash of class libraries. * You have to do all the memory resource management yourself. * You will probably spent more time debugging the faults caused by the factors above, when your time should be spent on learning the concepts. Such things like this might drive away new comers yes? I have heard Python is good to use, but is there enough information out there to get someone off and going to programming games ( simple and complex ) I recently tried DBasicPro but had issues with there program not working with certain codes, for darkbasic they had tutorials specifically made for RPG, FirstPerson shooters, 2D RPGS ETC, is there any other langauges out there that have these types of tutorials as it was really helpful. Thanks again
  13. Little Advice Please

    Well i tried DarkBasic Pro and well quite frankly i hated it, there wernt any up to date tutorials avaliable and 99% of the code from the old ones wernt compatable with there new versions, hell i couldnt even get pac man to work with the code they were giving me So I have been thinking about switching to PYTHON or C++ ( i have visual studio so maybe just do the c++ using Visual C++ ) Can anyone give me some constructive advice on maybe a community on these 2 languages that have tutorials based around making games and what not. Any help would be great!
  14. DB PRO - Need a little help

    When i try to compile my program i am getting an error " Could Not Understand Command At Line 12 " global game_inited as boolean `play the game function play() `if menu not already loaded, load it if game_inited = 0 then init_game() <---------------- error occurs level_up() ready() game_loop() end function anyone know why?