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    Linux Dev Enviroment

    DSL (Damn Small Linux) was always known for being small but featured. It's based off of Debian. If you don't have much memory, you can install nearly any distro just don't use a desktop like KDE or Gnome. {Flux,Open}box are pretty good if you still want things like a taskbar and window buttons, etc. You can also install iDesk for desktop icons since they're just window managers and don't provide them for you. Tiling window managers are even more memory-efficient but take some time getting used to, but they can speed up productivity since you generally use the keyboard more than the mouse. As for a programming environment, try to stick with a terminal editor and compiling by hand/scripts versus an IDE like Code::Blocks, Sun Studio, etc. Hope that helps.
  2. Quote:Original post by shawnre Are the live versions in some way limited, or are they full featured? Not much as far as I can tell. Typically live distros, once installed, don't have non-crucial software installed, but those are easily acquirable through the package manager. Also they usually only have one desktop environment (like Gnome or KDE) installed by default. For a new user they aren't limited at all.
  3. Most Linux distros have live cds available now, where you can burn to a CD/DVD and boot from that without writing to your hard drive. Ubuntu is pretty good for new linux users, and comes as a live cd. As for IDEs, VS will not run on Linux. Alternatives are Dev-C++, Code::Blocks, Ajunta, Eclipse, NetBeans, or any text editor.
  4. blakedev

    Spore creations

    Quote:Original post by GameDev Doctor Anyone have a screeny of the lolwut pear? You mean the one I had posted on 4chan? I don't think I deleted him when I uninstalled but it was simple to make. Gosh 4chan had a lot of...interesting spore creations.
  5. blakedev

    3DS Glass is not See-Thru

    3DS materials aren't exported when you export a mesh. For those effects you'd need to export the mesh and then do transparency with shaders and XNA. Unless you're referring to HLSL in 3DS Max which I'm not sure about. That may depend on the exporter.
  6. blakedev

    Differences in DirectX 9.0b and 9.0c?

    There may be some small parameter changes from b to c. For D3DX it's being updated all the time, but all code should be compatible. The only major change was the addition of shader model 3.0 and HLSL effects if I'm not mistaken.
  7. blakedev

    New to console programming

    There's also the possibility of running a Linux distro on your PS3, and making games for that, hell even compiling open source games. Wasn't Nintendo supposed to come out with some sort of homebrew kit as well?
  8. Thanks. I guess I always assumed VC++ would explicitly point out the reserved word. Compiles now.
  9. Currently I am working on a game framework that incorporates a class to handle things such as graphics, input, cameras, etc. Basically, an object of the Graphics class is created (and is a singleton), along with a separate Camera object that is set to the active camera. My approach works fine until I want to do 3D by calling the D3DXMatrixPerspectiveFovLH function, which for some reason complains about a syntax error with a comma (C2059). Thing is, the function call requires five parameters (four commas), and I have them in all the right places. The error is always on that line, which I can comment out but the projection is messed up for any 3D rendering that I do. Thanks in advance My code: Camera's init function, where the syntax error resides: void Camera::Init(float near, float far) { D3DXMATRIX proj = Graphics::getInstance().GetProj(); int width = Graphics::getInstance().GetWidth(); int height = Graphics::getInstance().GetHeight(); D3DXMatrixPerspectiveFovLH(&proj, D3DX_PI/4, width/height, near, far); Graphics::getInstance().GetDevice()->SetTransform(D3DTS_PROJECTION, &Graphics::getInstance().GetProj()); } And the Graphics class if applicable: class Graphics { public: ~Graphics(void); static Graphics& getInstance() { static Graphics pInstance; return pInstance;} void Init(int, int, int, bool, LPCSTR); void Shutdown(void); void BeginRender(void); void EndRender(void); bool Run(void); Camera* GetActiveCamera(void) { return m_ActiveCamera; } void SetActiveCamera(Camera* cam) { m_ActiveCamera = cam; } void SetClearColor(DWORD color) { m_dwClearColor = color; } LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 GetDevice(void) { return pd3dDevice; } D3DXMATRIX GetProj(void) { return m_Proj; } int GetWidth(void) { return m_Width; } int GetHeight(void) { return m_Height; } private: Graphics(void); Camera* m_ActiveCamera; LPDIRECT3D9 pD3D; LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 pd3dDevice; // screen details int m_Width; int m_Height; int m_Bits; bool m_Fullscreen; DWORD m_dwClearColor; D3DXMATRIX m_Proj; }; [Edited by - blakedev on April 22, 2008 9:17:47 PM]
  10. blakedev

    Vitamins increase my chance of dying!

    I've heard similar things about vitamin B messing with your heart but not about much else. I had better quit taking vitamins to be on the safe side. *lights cigarette and takes a sip of coffee*
  11. blakedev

    Somebody think of the children! - Great website

    Quote:Original post by Trapper Zoid I can sort of see why people get worked up into a fit about GTA, as it seems to be the younger teenage boy demographic that plays this game the most. But it doesn't follow that the game is actually bad for them, and it doesn't stop the fact that the only reason they're drawn to this type of game is that they're, well, younger teenage boys. If they aren't playing GTA they'll be playing Drug Wars or some other game with "inappropriate themes" for children. Aye, I bet back then as boys they played with toy soldiers and practiced killing each other, or pretended to be gunslinging cowboys. Boys will be boys, but people forget that nowadays.
  12. blakedev

    Other Languages

    Native English French (and some Cajun French) taught through elementary, middle, and my freshman year of high school (slept through most of it) Two years of Spanish in high school, though I forgot much of it I tried Arabic once, not easy I enjoy fictitious languages though, like thlingon Hol (Klingon), and Mando'a (or Mandalorian from Star Wars) And at times I sputter random vocabulary that I make up, or gargled sounds
  13. You can call a function in a base class if you need to, but ideally base class methods are virtual, if not pure virtual, which run() is. When a class has at least one pure virtual method (i.e. virtual type fn()=0;) then the class is considered abstract and you cannot make an instance of it. You have to derive a class based on it, which you are doing, but the error probably comes from run being pure virtual.
  14. blakedev

    Flight Simulation

    ...cross post :-D
  15. Has there been any instance of these online petitions doing anything? Or better yet, would Uwe Boll even see it? I'd rather just not watch his movies.
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