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    Direct3D Is Not 'More Complicated' Than OpenGL

    Quote:Original post by Promit Say what you will about NeHe's code -- Jeff was incredibly effective at teaching I disagree completely. I remember when I wanted to learn about 3D graphics, and those tutorials were the first thing I found. I already knew how to program (to some extent) but I knew nothing about 3D math or computer graphics. I started reading the tutorials and was literally amazed at how much was missing. The tutorials just threw a bunch of code at you and provided minimal explanations on what it did. I worked through the first several tutorials and felt like I had no idea how any of this stuff worked, why was the code structured the way it was, what was the logic behind it, etc. When I got to the more advanced tutorials, they relied heavily on knowledge "gained" in the previous tutorials, so at that point I just stopped and looked for another resource. I also think that many tutorials follow the model of NeHe's tutorials, where they show a bunch of code, say a couple of words on each line, and that's it. No high level overview and no discussions of concepts, just "immediate results" as you put it. I think this is very unfortunate and it doesn't look like it's gonna change, probably because those tutorials are being written by people who aren't experts, and true experts usually have better things to do than write tutorials. Everyone will have a different opinion and I know NeHe's tutorials are very popular, but I really hope new tutorial writers will take a different approach and focus more on true understanding and not on how to put pretty pictures on the screen as fast as possible.
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