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  1. ManuelMarino

    Minimalistic space empire building game

    non war focused would be really interesting. Since you can play at your own pace, and also a stock market would be cool.
  2. ManuelMarino

    Cool new alternative to those lame wooden dolls for artists

    In the past I had a passion for miniatures painting, mainly lead miniatures. But honestly, also wood is fascinating
  3. ManuelMarino

    Would You Live on Mars?

    ok... after all this huge discussion... how many posts!!! are we talking about something serious? or everyone is writing a piece of a scifi novel?
  4. ManuelMarino

    Video-games events in UK

    Hey Francesco! great to meet you... Italian?
  5. ManuelMarino

    How to get into game design industry?

    well, while the answers you received seem harsh (cruel?? hehe) ok, well, it's the truth. Also, it's very hard to setup your dev team if you are not rich and you don't have a good initial budget. Kickstarter is a good idea, but anyway you must have something interesting to attract people. Words alone will not work.
  6. I respect your decision to include part of your life into the game, and yes role play is made by the developer as well during programming, and in this case is life play. But, well, in my case, I like to role play a hero, but... a suicide hero? not sure. but let's see how you will develop more the game, it could lead to interesting aspects of the issue.
  7. The problem of good and evil is an old story... I remember Ultima series and the famous "cards" chosen at the gypsy... I think that some questions at the beginning of the game plus some random elements are the best way to begin the game with some chosen path. If you have a bastard soul, it's difficult you'll change during the game, except if you want to trick and anyway it would not be a role play anymore.
  8. ManuelMarino

    How do you collaborate?

    I think there are topics that can be accessible to anyone, as example minor characters, can be used by anyone. While leading characters are in the hands of the lead writer only. small tasks can be easily assigned and the results included in the main plot with no problems. Anyway, the big work should be of one's mind only. This is how works for cooperative writing.
  9. ManuelMarino

    Working in the video game writing industry

    becoming a writer for videogames is very difficult, since there are so many and also so many skills are required. Starting publishing small stories, and also a novel... well, yes, it's easier!!! there are many publishers that can help you and also this helps your portfolio and resume.
  10. ManuelMarino

    Story for Games

    Xion, I presume you are starter and anyway you have 3 games to work on... well, impressive.. congrats! thumbs up!
  11. ManuelMarino

    Crippling Fear of Unoriginality (Any Advice?)

    unfortunately, whatever you do, you'll find always people criticizing you. in theory, 50% will love you, and 50% will hate you. Then the percentage changes depending many factors, the actual trends in entertainment business, the advertising, etc etc the cool thing is that also if you make something mediocre, you'll always find fans... it's statistical. how many stupid games became famous games??? so the best reviewer is yourself and your conscience. If you feel ok with your work, go ahead. Maybe change something of the plot to be 99% sure anything will go right. If you fear something is wrong, just change the plot and relax. but always follow your intuition, never the others one.
  12. ManuelMarino

    Write a story for this game concept

    impressive concepts!!! ok, so the writers massacre works lol good works anyway and triple thumbs up!
  13. ManuelMarino

    What do you think of this?

    it's a very cool story idea, and yes, it's unique for a videogame, anyway. Could be interesting to create this alternate version: the monster comes from the future, multiple parallel worlds, time riddles and so on.
  14. ManuelMarino

    Space game ideas

    the replies are all good, just my two cents: if you'll be able to create the planets and make them explorable, I want to test your game exploration means that there are important sites to be discovered in the planet, and of course also wilderness, fights, local fauna and dungeons.
  15. ManuelMarino

    Zombie MMO - Spreading Players Out

    resource scarcity is the more obvious, realistic and also fun. This can lead to interesting trading aspects between the players (I give food, you give ammo), also alliances and fights. I remember a game of the past where scarcity was very important, but don't remember the name, anyway, a post apocalyptic game.
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