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  1. What about porting the code over to the new API and writing an adapter for the old API?
  2. C dll's in C#

    It would have been quicker to type it into Google... http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/cc301501.aspx
  3. The easiest way to implement a jump is to create an array with how many pixels your character moves per frame and increase that as he gets higher and remove as he gets lower e.g. jumpArray = { -1, -2, -3, 0, 3, 2, 1 } mainloop { if isJumping { ++curJumpFrame player.y += jumpArray[curJumpFrame] } Of course, you'll need to cater for if the player has landed on a platform or finished his jump and stop it when necessary
  4. Rate my 3d Models

    Well I'm a tools programmer not an artist but here's my 2p Desert Eagle - really like this and looks exactly like a low poly model should - how many polys are in it btw? Mausoleum - looks alright but the top step is a different width (prob not an issue) and the cylindrical columns look a bit out of place. Sniper Rifle - As a whole this looks a like a whole load of primitives stuck together with no modifications. The scope looks nice (although should be positioned further back IMO) but handles and barrel could do with some work. I hope that's the kinda feedback you're looking for... like I said I'm a tools programmer but naturally I do end up working with our artists quite a lot because of it so I have seen it and honestly the Desert Eagle rivals the similar pistols we've created before on PS2.
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