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  1. Adding Biomes and Rivers

      I use functions that test which voxels lie inside 3D shapes. Cylinder shape for the trunk, (additional voxels for the base), and a group of ellipsoids for the leaves.   Thank you, I work on a voxel game too. Look at my blog For trees I used LSystem. Your solution is certainly faster...
  2. Adding Biomes and Rivers

    Excellent,   what functions do you use for trees generator ?
  3. C++ C# interop

    ok thanks :-) I think to do a C++ -> C wrapper before then create P/Invoke calls in C# to make it compatible with Mono to support other platforms than Windows. SFML lib use this method too. C++/CLI technic seem to be not compatible with linux...
  4. C++ C# interop

    Hi, I want to do a C# wrapper for my FxGen C++ library. I want it works with mono project too. There is C++/CLI solution but it did not seem the best solution... Thank.
  5. OpenGL using GLSL

    Hi, you must link opengl library (ie glew32.lib) at your application