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  1. Hi all, I want to render a voxelized smoke density using the algorithm outlined in the following link My fluid simulator outputs a 3D density grid consisting of 0 and 1 floating point values. When I tried to implement the described algorithm, nothing appears on the screen. Is there a constraint on the required 3D data ? thanks in advance
  2. Great_White

    Representing smoke density in a grid.

    I've already looked Stam's code. It was written for a 2D grid and it links density injection to the user input via mouse clicks. What I want to do is to inject density sources in a 3D grid. In GPU Gems-3, it mentions that Gaussian splats for the density source. But I am not sure of it.
  3. Hi all, So far I've been working on my own implementation of smoke simulator based on the seminal paper of Jos Stam's "Stable Fluids". I understand all the numerical simulation methods discussed in the paper. However one thing bothering me is that in the paper, it is not mentioned about how to represent the smoke's initial density in a 3D grid structure. If you can enlighthen me on this subject, I'll be really glad. Thanks in advance.
  4. Great_White

    How much maths needed to understand papers

    There is no exact answer to your question. Papers are usually written about a technical subject, so you should be familiar with the terminology and also the concepts. Even though I'm superior at math, I do sometimes search about the material that I don't have a clue.
  5. Great_White

    Staggered grid structure

    Hi, I want to use a staggered grid for my fluid simulator. But I am stuck at how I represent velocities at the each cell's faces. Any code sample will be appreciated.
  6. yeah I've been using this edition for two years and I can frankly say that its an excellent reference for the subject.
  7. Great_White

    fluid rendering

    The technique you are seeking is called "Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics". It extacts an isosurface to render the water surface. Just google it and you'll find all the implementation details in the corresponding paper.
  8. Great_White

    Learning OpenGL

    I strongly suggest to learn computer graphics before jumping directly to OpenGL. By this way you can apply learned concepts to directly GL code. For the beginners I recommend OpenGL Superbible and Computer Graphics with OpenGL. The latter also discusses graphics topics.
  9. hi all, I'm wondering how to make an animation movie using my own implementation of ray tracer. Do I have to capture a huge amount of frames so that I can merge them create a movie? Is there an application specific for this work?
  10. Great_White

    What makes OpenGL right handed?

    check this link
  11. probably they are using some kind of terrain lod based on quadtrees or clipmaps.
  12. Great_White

    which distro for nVidia&OpenGL?

    Quote:Original post by HuntsMan You're looking for the AMD64 drivers, which are provided in the link above. isn't that for AMD cpus? I'm using intel. Quote:Original post by rip-off Ubuntu has a feature that might suit - "restricted driver" installation. It just pops up after you install, prompting you that you have hardware that could benefit from proprietary driver installation. I've tried it with an ATI card and it worked, if your card is supported then it should work. Ubuntu is very nice, for people new to Linux and more advanced users. Unless you already have a distro installed I'd recommend it. I've used ubuntu before, not satisfied. Looking for a more advanced distro.
  13. Great_White

    which distro for nVidia&OpenGL?

    I cant see any x86/64 drivers(Linux) in the above link.
  14. hi all, I'm looking for a good stable Linux distro that supports my nVidia GF8800 driver and also gives a good GL support. Which one should I try?
  15. Great_White

    Can you recommend a Calculus book?

    we used Thomas' Calculus. I think it is very exhaustive book on calculus.
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