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  1. 2d game resolution independence

    For cutscenes, bars are acceptable - almost desired in fact to let the player know it is cutscene time versus game. As far as gameplay like I said before some games can not get away with it based on the game mechanics. But stretching isn't a good option either : / The black bars are the better option if you need to constrain the size for gameplay concerns. In anycase, it sounds like you've got where you want and have thought of this side of things, so I'll leave it be. Good luck!
  2. 2d game resolution independence

    Just wondering, or to get your mind pondering; what about supporting different aspect ratios? Widescreen etc? 16:9 / 4:3 or any others for that matter. How will you take this into account? Scaling here would stretch the images, or inserting black bars, which I find annoying to have a widescreen monitor only to have black bars shoved in my face. Although, I understand sometimes there is true gameplay reasons for this, not necessarily just the challenge of getting it to work. have you thought of this issue? Happy development!
  3. Rate post not users

    Bringing this thread back from the dead because recently I was rated negatively, which I have no problems with my rating dropping. But I do have an issue with the fact that can not change my posting habits, (which I believe to remain positive and helpful as much as I can), if I do not have the ability to know why someone though something I wrote was negative in anyway... I think that to rate someone negatively that the person should be required to have a reason, that can be reviewed by the person left in question. I can look at my rating, and see those whom rated positively for me - great, but when something negative comes I can't learn from mistakes? I don't mind keeping that anonymous still, but at least a reason. And if that is impossible, at the _very_ minimum showing each post that was rated negatively, and a negative counter next to it. I would rather have a reason, as personally I strive to better myself and I can't do that with no reason. So when you click on Personal Rating in the Control Panel you would see a list of links to Posts (preferably with Reasons) where/why you were voted negatively. (Keeping those who rated negatively anonymous if desired/required? Though why should that be anonymous if positive ratings aren't?)
  4. Defining virtual functions.

    You seem to have: virtual void Draw(void); in the the Bone class, and this: virtual void Draw(ID2D1SolidColorBrush *Black); in the bBone class, making them two entirely different calls. Likely this is the reason the Bone::Draw is always called. They must match up, such as both being: void Draw(void).
  5. Trajectory with gravity

    You seem to have answered your own question already. As with the velocity being remade every frame, that is something you need to remove to add the effect of acceleration from gravity. But besides that you seem to know how to add the effect of gravity. Try moving the velocity setting code into an area called "LaunchTrajectory" or something rather than the update.
  6. [C#] Bits and OR operator problem

    int val = 0; val |= bit; Is that what you are looking for? Turn a particular bit on? val &= ~bit; //Will turn a bit off.
  7. Will Google make us stupid?

    Quote:Original post by Antheus Quote:Original post by speciesUnknown People now see that people are losing the ability to use S. T is the cause. If you were put into middle of a forest, naked, with not a single thing in your possession, could you: - Find something to drink - Catch an animal/forage some food - Be able to avoid natural hazards - Build a shelter - Start a fire Ergo: post-hunter/gatherer society is Bad Thing and should be abolished. Yea I would likely be able to all of those things. Most energy would likely be spent on fire and food. Though, unfortunately for me to some degree, I've never had to use that knowledge/experience. I wouldn't say everyone could do this; mostly with the fire bit, that can be the challenge - but over looked as one of the more important things that you can have while alone in the environment.
  8. Generate music & sound in code?

    Look up Pulse-code Modulation. (PCM). It is the type of data that you actually send to be processed. Besides that, I have no other tips. I would say likely recording is your best bet, even if you record a single 'drum beat' and then play it back using code inside your games. Creating such data from scratch would be necessarily hard - and may not come close enough to the sound you are aiming for.
  9. Rate post not users

    Quote:Original post by Codeka Quote:Original post by snake5 Quote:There is an option in the control panel allowing a person to automatically rateignore a user below X rating. Lol, that's a weird thing to do. It could be (and probably is) in the top 10 of weird options you can add to the forums... :D I'm sorry if this offends anyone but really - forum should be a happier place not a "let's f**k up his rating" place.I fixed it... the option is actually to ignore people below a certain rating (that is, their posts don't even show up for you). Generally, it's kind of useless, since most other people don't use it, so you can still see their replies and the conversation looks kind of weird if you can only see one side of it. Yea, thanks for the fix, I typed too quickly for my own good apparently.
  10. Rate post not users

    Quote:Original post by jpetrie Somebody who ignores the lower-users post just because their rating is lower is probably far too superficially focused. I find it rather difficult to do that, in fact, since the rating is after the actual post. Yes, and no. There is an option in the control panel allowing a person to automatically ignore a user below X rating. Meaning you may never seen the post to begin with, be it a good, correct answer or not. I am not sure how many people actually use that feature. I know I don't, but that is because I think everyone has the right or possibly privilege to be heard. I say privilege because when scanning a post and it is blatantly obvious that it is garbage than that is where I will skip it, simply by scrolling down by it. EDIT: Realized I quoted the wrong part . . . EDIT2: Typo! [Edited by - blackbird04217 on March 2, 2010 1:56:38 PM]
  11. ScottC - sorry to hear that your teenage years are coming back to burn your chances/dreams. Really, it is quite sad that something that you've done in the past can do something like this - if you've truly changed your ways. If you have changed, which I will for now assume you have, then there must be a way to redeem it, which does not involve deleting history. The past made you what you are, likely you've learned from the mistakes and don't/won't live that lifestyle again. Toolmaker- I have one internet alias, used everywhere I've ever been on the internet. It _is_ as good as my realname, of course I treat it as such as well. I am sure I've said, and done, things that are frowned upon by others. But I do tend to live by the golden rule; treat others how you'd want to be treated. And by considering my internet alias as important as my realname, I don't see a need to have more than one, for _any_ reason. smr said it well, don't write what shouldn't be read. But that doesn't mean you haven't learned from the mistake... Now, if this was last year or pretty recent - it would be quite hard to prove/show to someone that your lifestyle and viewpoints on the matter has changed. It takes time to change, and more time to show others that you have changed. Don't think it impossible, but remember what you've done makes you who you are. I would like to know why you would have wanted you real name removed from your libraries/posts linking to those libraries, as I am genuinely curious and would like to learn from your mistakes, if there was to be a reason that could come back to bite me later. PM if you'd rather, but I would be interested. Again ScottC, good luck with things, but I wouldn't be overly concerned with the past. Yea, it is causing trouble now, but it will pan out, and if you can't explain to someone a mistake you made and learned from- do you really want to work for them? I make mistakes daily, including in the working world. When I somehow managed to delete a large portion of my project directory - which took seconds, and required 4hrs to recapture from SVN my company understood when I explained that I made a mistake and deleted the wrong thing... Mistakes are a part of life, anyone who can't understand that is not worth working for.
  12. Need SDK for steering wheel

    The driving force is a decent wheel. The Logitch G25 or newer G27 have a few more options such as the H-shifter; which would be useful if you are running your traffic simulations in a car with a standard/manual transmission. Otherwise if you are targeting automatic transmissions I would say the driving force will do well. I don't see why you would need to use the Logitech SDK for such thing. DirectInput as others have suggested allow you to get all the information from the wheel - and it will work with other wheels as well so you won't force your client into using a Logitech wheel. For the setup you just need to have an Input::Initialize() function get a DirectInput device which you will proceed to setup a few options. Then you send in a callback function, that will allow DirectInput to iterate over all the controllers connected and you can find the steering wheel. It will be the first thing into the callback -IF you only have 1 wheel and no other controllers attached; joysticks, gamepads or other peripheral devices... Also in the Logitech settings there is an option for the controller to be specified as device 0. But I am likely over complicating things for you. Just know that this callback is called for every connected device - it allows you to handle more than one controller if needed/desired. So two gamepads could be used in a multiplayer game... Beyond that you just make some calls that update the state so you know what is happening to the wheel. DirectInput is free, and works with all sorts of controllers but will do everything you need for a steering wheel- including force feedback. Good luck and happy programming.
  13. Rate post not users

    I'd like to clarify my example with Tony Hawk's 'crappy' advice over someone else's better advice. I didn't say the someone else didn't have experience with a kickflip. This person could be into skating and have 7 years+ experience with the kickflip, legitimately explain the fundamental movements and skills to practice to achieve this. While the person who is asking the advice had also heard from Tony some rambling that wasn't all that useful, such as before you can do a kickflip you need to be able to ollie, but not explaining more. So an XGames Pro Skateboarder gave crappy advice (be it a bad day, or just not wanting to describe it in detail) while the less professional experienced person gave more accurate, better information - yet the noob in question, whom looks up to Tony Hawk, would take the crappier, half-explained, quick answer over the better answer. Think of Tony Hawk as a user in here with 1800+ rating and the other skater with substantial experience with kickflips, having a rating of only 1010 because they haven't yet got experience doing backflips, 900s and the rest of the stuff. A kickflip is one of those skills on the basic level; such as knowing how a loop works in code. I'm not going to argue the point further, I just wanted to clarify my example because in my mind it fits the problem. It does seem like there are a handful that, like me at this moment, don't see the use in the rating system. I say this because I haven't and don't see anything positive from it - but I wasn't around before that system was in place. I am anxious to see how the V5 rating will work and I hope positive things come from it.
  14. I was looking in the Math and Physics area when I saw this thread was closed, then noticed the user was banned. Out of curiosity I wanted to know why the fellow was banned and I am left with loads more questions than I should have. I agree with the second poster, the question does sound like something from homework, but shouldn't that result in a thread being closed with some form of warning saying we do not answer homework questions? Then I decided he must have written something else recently somewhere else, and I continued to look into his user profile. The guy had 1 post, which was the one I read. So my only thought is it is coming from an IP which was banned already, or some form of account duplication. That is the _only_ reason I can think of fair enough to ban someone like that. Does anyone have a better explanation? Does stuff like this happen often? I know it isn't really my business about the reason behind that specific case, but I think it is rude to ban someone for no good reason. Write a warning, close the thread, suspend the account, something besides a straightup ban... I usually tend to save my two-cents on things like this but something pushed a button.
  15. Rate post not users

    Quote:Original post by swiftcoder I say this as someone who has been here since before the ratings system, and spent considerable time under the 1000 mark: it is hard to comprehend from our vantage point today just how bad these forums were back then. I don't think it would be unreasonable to say that the lounge right now is more orderly than general programming was at that time. And the rating system fixed this? In my opinion, and experience from other forums, it would be the moderators jobs to sort these issues out - either by moving topics, or closing them with some sort of policy. The General Programming thread is not an area to ask about belief of other life forms, either move or simply close with the reason that it should be placed elsewhere. I get that there might be a lot of moving involved, but that is where starting to close the threads come in when everyone continues to do so. A rating system may have helped this but in a psychological way. Quote:What costs? At most we have a few people who managed to tank their rating before they learned to be helpful, and a few people who gained a massive rating a long time ago with witty posts in the lounge. The cost of a new person taking unsatisfactory advice from higher rated users, even when the lower rated user is providing better advice. Sure, this is a person to person thing and everyone here would recommend that people read each answer without looking at the ratings or usernames. Fact is when Tony Hawk offers you a crappy explanation of doing a kickflip, while John Doe from the parking lot explains it better - a lot of people will take the advice from Tony and keep trying. Quote:In general, the people over ~1200 are knowledgeable and/or helpful, and the people below ~700 are arrogant and/or rude. There are exceptions to both rules, but things tend to balance out after a while. In general yes, but what is use of knowing this? Just reading the first line of a post can tell you whether someone wanted to be a jackass or not typically. And the jackass comments can come from anyone who had a bad day, or for some reason forgot what it was like to be learning the skills of the trade and come off a little more arrogant than they meant to. Granted, users with 700 or 1700 ratings can be susceptible to this, but it is a day by day thing. Which is, in my opinion, nullifying the rating system since it is a post by post issue, and people should at least read the post, or start to if it is a long one, regardless of the little number next to a name. Fact is, and again I find it useless, the only thing the rating system does is allow people to ignore people with a rating < specified. Why ignore anyone, sure lower ratings have or had a tendency to produce crap posts. But a post containing: "0MG U'5 D01NG 1T WR0NG!!!1111!11" pretty much tells you that already while the same user could have posted something fantastic. I think I've used the same point over and over, which is poor of me and not what I meant to do. It isn't actually the reason I started writing the post in the first place, but I just haven't been sold on the use of the rating system and I do see more costs than benefits.