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    Look what I done!

    I've gone and done it again. . achieved bugger all.. Well I guess my music production skills have improved a bit :) Anyhow, I've had an idea for a "game" project, it should be quite simple to begin - basically I want to create a "generic online roleplaying environment" This would involve basically a 3d environment, players, equipment etc, some kind of system to move things around - but no rules, physics, etc. built into the system. It would be an online app intended for small numbers of users (probably no more than ~10) one person would host the game, making them the DM/GM it would include facilities such as random number generators, customisable character stats (ie the GM/DM determines what stats exist, since they arent actually linked to any computation) the main point that led me to come up with this idea over an entire online game with rules included, is the want to represent certain systems/worlds owned by companies which might not be too keen if any specific rules were incorporated into the program... by creating a rule-less, non-copyright infringing app, but giving the users the freedom to implement their own system as they play... A nice chunky disclaimer upon opening would reassure people of the fact this app was for legal purposes only ;) Anyway, comments? suggestions? My first goal will be to build an engine where models can be loaded up, and placed/moved around/deleted/etc. I think I'll build the entire thing as a single player mode before implementing any network stuff.. so. . comments? ideas?
  2. blitz_live

    Best laid plans...

    I don't know why I bother making plans sometimes... It's been a week and I'm no closer to getting any programming done, have spent the money I was going to spend on DS games/gear on total unrelated and un-useful things... I've been gettin heavily into makin music, which is great - I'm finally starting to progress more noticeably, although I'm still no pro. I really love music, but sometimes it annoys me that the process is so tedious (just as with all things) No matter how much music I make, I'm still so far off from an entirely immersive world/experience. I have so many ideas in my head for the 'perfect' fantasy world (IMO of course :P), but the problem is just in the translation of idea to reality. I'm thinking I should cancel all social events and become a shut-in, write a book, write a sound track, model a world, program the world, live in the world. I don't understand my aversion to reality, but games are somehow more enticing to me. I don't know if I could ever handle sharing the creative process of my ideas, or else they might get diluted/twisted from my original intentions, so I guess I have an arduous life ahead of me preparing this perfect world... Especially if I can't even get started :P Any motivational tips anyone?
  3. blitz_live

    School's out

    Awesome! My exam was eeeeeaaassy (or I just had no idea? Hmmm...) Now I have 3 months free to do whatever I like.. which includes programming, after the obligatory 2 or 3 days of doing nothing to unwind. Project 1 will be: MIDI sequencer, suited for live performance, for NDS Anyhow more info on all this later! Oh by the way, anyone into games workshop stuff here .. as in . . geeky little plastic army men and stuff? I'm over the wargaming side. . but Inquisitor (a narrative roleplaying game) Is pretty damn cool! [] bye for now..
  4. blitz_live

    Well hello there...

    Introduction the 2nd. I hope my disjointed way of writing doesn't annoy you too much, I tend to just put my thought processes straight into words, without any intermediate processing, making it a bit difficult to follow.... The basic run down: 20 year old IT student, some experience with C++ & java, have messed around with ASM a little but nothing ever came of it really. Other interests apart from games are live electronic music & electronic music production in general. (pieces of audio hardware being the coolest gadgets on earth! Apart from the almighty computer of course. . which can be programmed to do ANYTHING) At the moment in terms of gaming I'm loving my DS. . reminds me I have to go get children of mana, Secret of Mana was the first console game & RPG I ever played, I fell in love with it! Hoping to start off my game development foray with some DS homebrew apps. - also do some other live-music related programs for it (midi sequencer tailored for live performance, etc). Anyone else here developing for DS? (or other handheld platforms. . would be interested to hear about unique problems/styles/solutions that develop for these limited systems) Anyhow, I've got an exam tomorrow for fundamentals of info. systems that I'm really not looking forward to.. It's so vague - our teacher expects us to choose the 'right' answer when technically every option (in a multiple question choice) can be argued to be correct - go figure :( Wish me luck!
  5. blitz_live


    Hah actually I subscribed after this post was made... it is hoped that the monetary commitment will help motivate me into make the most of it & getting on with developing. I have a passion for design & 'cool ideas', I just always get stuck in the ideas stage, and nothing ever materialises. I guess maybe I was a little quick to judge this thread, but usually if you're standing around in a strange place and 50 people see you say hi to them - but none reply, you start to wonder if perhaps you've got bad breath or maybe a conjoined twin on your face nobody ever told you about Anyhow, I'm an IT student, just completing 1st year, I'm interested in all sorts of stuff, main fancies at the moment are NDS homebrew & live electronic music, which I'm hoping to combine in the future. Gaming-wise, epic RPGs are my thing, although I'm not very interested in D&D based games, I hate the system with a passion. I'm also interested in 'unique' concepts that stand out - innovative & creative things (eg. electroplankton) I haven't played many games in quite a long time, apart from on my DS, so I am feelin quite refreshed & optimistic towards gaming at the moment, eager to get involved with it once again. Programming experience - a little C++ & Java, a tiny bit of ASM (x86) Wow I write way too much! Hopefully I can learn a thing or two from around here... thanks to those that did say hi ;) [Edited by - blitz_live on November 19, 2006 5:16:03 AM]
  6. blitz_live


    *edit* Oh well nobody cares :( [Edited by - blitz_live on November 18, 2006 9:10:06 PM]
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