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  1. I'm publishing an update for Awesome INI Loader library. The library now has a new license, WTFPL. So now you may use the library for anything you wish. Why I changed it to this is because I believe code shared to the world, should be able to be modified and used by anyone with or without permission. I know some may differ, but I write code because it's fun, and I want to help the smaller guys out. And for anyone who isn't familiar with this library: This library will load, parse, error check, INI files, while giving the programmer full customization easily, leave small memory footprint, easy to port to any platform, and easy to add to any C++ project. The library has extremely small requirements, and will run on most C++ compilers. Great for small and big projects and gets weekly or monthly updates. The library has a few new functions! Telling from the image, error checking and getting the data you want is 2x much simpler and faster now that the library supports these new functions...[code=:0] bool getKeyInt(int &p, const char* group, const char* key); bool getKeyBool(bool &p, const char* group, const char* key); bool getKeyString(char* dstBuffer, const char* group, const char* key); bool getKeyFloat(float &p, const char* group, const char* key); The code is pretty much self explanatory, but I'll give a small run down... The first arguments are the variables or buffers you wish to pass to store the data. Arguments 2 and 3 are the group and key you wish to retrieve. If everything goes well, the functions will return true, and you dont have to check the error function. Otherwise if it does you may need see whats going on. I've also added a little documentation to the error codes in the source code in "awesome_ini.h".
  2. Hello everyone! I would like to introduce my INI library parser. I wrote from scratch and would like to thank the community for their help, writing this library. So whats so good about this library? Lightweight small memory footprint. Easy to modify BSD License Pure C++ mixed with C. (Easy to port) Multiplatform Easy to use error handling system. One pointer does all. Easy to setup with any project. Easy to customize to your project needs. (Want to use "#" for comments? Change separator? Edit one line of code!) Im really looking for some testers and input to make this project better for everyone for any application big and small! Example code:#include "awesome_ini.h"int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[]){ awesome_ini* myIni = new awesome_ini("test.ini"); AWESOME_ERROR_CODES r = myIni->getError(); size_t l = myIni->getErrorLine(); if (r == AWESOME_ERROR_NONE) { printf("Loaded ini!\n"); } else { printf("Failed! %i %i\n", r, l); } char value[AWI_MAX_VALUE_NAME_LENGTH]; AWESOME_INI_KEY_TYPE t = myIni->getKey(value, "test", "hello"); printf("Variable Type: %i - Variable Value: %s\n", t, value); getchar(); return 0;} If anyone has any questions or would like to help port this library to other languages let me know! http://sourceforge.net/projects/awesomeiniloader/ Thank you! ajm113
  3. *clears throat* http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_nr_p_n_feature_keywords_3?rh=n%3A13447451%2Ck%3Agame+capture%2Cp_n_feature_keywords_three_browse-bin%3A8079887011&keywords=game+capture&ie=UTF8&qid=1410216227&rnid=8079883011   So if we do the math... (Avg program worth per hour 15.00-50.00) So lets use the min a programmer makes to do the math... 8-15hrs (2 days of about 8 hours a day) = Est. 150-250 dollars just to write something your going to use no more then a week.   If you ask me, you may as well buy one of those game recorders those Chinese manufacturing companies are barfing out. and use your time to make a good game. Basically, "if you need to break rules to get to your goal, then maybe your not doing it right."   Cant afford one a game recorder? Then maybe your should be in a job that utilizes your skills with higher pay.
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