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  1. Facts about John Carmack

    Some another facts was added to the post 1.
  2. Facts about John Carmack

    Facts about John Carmack - Carmack had invented lighting technique for 3D games which is better than real sun lighting and works very fast even on Pentium-2. But he din't publish it because he likes God and do not want to publish God's incompetence in lighting techniques. - Carmack has nightvision ability because he can disable "dynamic shadows" life's option and real life has no "static shadows". - Carmack knows how to turn on real life's console and enter cheat codes in it. But he despises cheaters. - Carmack had patented "feeling of satisfaction" during shooting in the unpleasant creature from close distance from two-barreled shotgun. - Carmack had written ideal 3D-game physics engine for two days only. But later he had spended half of year to rewrite it from scratch because real physic is imperfect. - Carmack can divide by zero. - Carmack's games are based on real stories from 3010AD. - Carmack always knows which electron in the chips caused program failure. - Carmack has portal to hell in his working cabinet. - Carmack doesn't know the word "impossible". Also he hates the word "unreal". Facts about Carmack for game programmers: - Carmack debugs programs by sending binary exes to sound card. While listening the sound he determines errors in code. - Carmack doesn't like big open areas because of Z-fighting in his eyes. - Carmack doesn't like to keep doors opened because opened visible portal reduces FPS. - Carmack doesn't like to twinkle because closed eyes cause huge fillrate with poor image quality. - Carmack blames God due to God had created universe out-door, not in-door. - Some time ago Carmack was writing letter on the sheet of paper. Once he filled one side of the sheet and crossover it, it has dissapeared. Carmack had thought "shity culling...". - Carmack casts sharp shadow only. [Edited by - born2die on November 28, 2006 7:49:51 AM]
  3. Gnome Art

    From Russia with love. :) Sorry for my bad english. In the 2004 year on the site "" in the thread "Art" newbie 3d-artist published one of his first creations "The Gnome": Try to meditate on these pictures without smiling. And you will fail. :) It fastly become very famous among site visitors and had generate subculture of "gnome art" which you can look at by browsing thread pages. Gnome Art still lives. It created such things as "Gnome Award" - virtual medal which is given to men whose creations looks ugly but fun. Or "Gnome Day" - october 31 - virtual holiday. Sadly I cannot translate from russian text messages, but pictures can be fun. (it is better to view then from last pages down to first pages). P.S. More concentrated gnome-arts can be found at: