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  1. Hi Jon Well, you asked me for a more detailed explanation of the issues I mentioned last time. The most problems I got occured when exporting skinned(and also animated) stuff. Below you find some problems, but first I'll give some system information: - WinXP SP2 - 3DSMax 8 SP3 - IGame.dll ( - kW X-port 1.1(should be newest version for 3DSMax8) ----------- issues: >> meshes/bones/whatever which are connected with helpers(e.g. circles,..) always cause the exporter to crash ---> especially bones linked to helpers let the exporter crash(no matter whether the helpers were selected or not before "export selected") >> IK-solvers linked to helpers cause an exporter crash when they're exported together(IK+Helper) ---> but without helpers everything seems to be ok >> when using the DEFAULT mirror command(upper toolbar) in 3DSMax for bone hierarchies I always got wrong animated(inverted transform or similar) and inverted polys on the mirrored hierarchy side after export ---> the only way for mirroring the hierarchies is to use the extra "mirror"-button in the "Bone Utility"-dialog-> then everything looks fine >> strange bug/problem: Few months ago I made a monster(a huge fat bug) which was exported with the Panda exporter without significant problems. I tried to export it with kwXPort but the result was a corrupted XFile ?!? After some hours of decomposing I found the reason for the problem: There were some poly rings of the feelers which were virtually invisible since the restricting edge loops were nearly on top of each other. That means the surface area of these polys was about zero(maybe problems with sub-float precision). Furthermore, the problem only appeared if there were some bones and IKs in scene ?!? Well, there's no doubt that this was a modelling mistake by me but it's interesting why there were no problems with the Panda exporter. --> some kind of strange , isn't it ? ----------- Since I'm not sure whether you can comprehend the issues I mentioned above I've created a set of scenes which demonstrate the specific problems. I'd like to send it by eMail but I'm afraid of your "killer" spam filter ;) In addition, some advices(especially skinned meshes,IK-solutions) would be quite helpful for all users of kwXPort. That's everything for the moment concerning your exporter. Again I want to thank you for your effort and I'm really interested in any compensation for it(some exclusive screenshots of our current project called "Splitterwelten" which can also be found in the GameDev-gallery or maybe a playable version next summer). Last but not least I wish you, your family , all kwXPort-users and the whole GameDev-community Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. see you soon Chris
  2. Hi Jon, first I have to thank you for your effort to create a new powerfull xfile exporter for 3dsmax. Well, since PandaSoft seems to be dead(for the last 6 month), your exporter is the only serious way to export stuff from 3dsmax to xfiles. But now some issues: - all bones, which are listed inside the skin-modifier of an object, must be selected before "export selected" => else CRASH - all bones , which are part of an animation , must be selected before "export selected" => else CRASH Question: Is there any way to disconnect bones , which are animated together, by kwXPort ? - sometimes inverted normals without any reason => only "reset transform" helps , why ? - skinned meshes, which are combined with IK and "helper objects", won't be exported correctly => corrupt xfile Question: is there any reason? In the next few days I'll continue testing since I want to help you improving the exporter(I believe in you ;). The other reasons is that I'm lead artist of Dreamworld Development and I finished the "dummy" character some days ago, which must be skinned and animated now. So, I hope you'll find enough time for bugfixing ;) "I'll be back" Chris
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