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    AngelScript 2.30.2 is out

    Ok, that was quick. I just remembered that I typed make install after I built the libraries for the old version. Forgot it this time. But now everything works as it should!
  2. neatdev

    AngelScript 2.30.2 is out

    Hi!   I just switched to version 2.30.2 because I wanted to try out some of optimizations. The current version I am using is "2.30.0 WIP" according to angelscript.h.   I am on a Macbook and run "make -f makefile" in "projects/gnuc macosx" to build the library. Then I link the library to my project (through scons). But when running the executable I get a NULL object when calling asCreateScriptEngine(ANGELSCRIPT_VERSION);   If I hardcode and call asCreateScriptEngine(23000) (the old version but the new code) I do not get any null pointer back.   Don't know what I am doing wrong. Have you seen this behaviour before?
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