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  1. Storing 64 images in BW, how to find one?

    you need store 2 bits (4 values) and extract them? not 64 images, only 4 with 8 bits color you can store 4 images of 2bits in 1 image of 8bits when you get the 8 bit value: for extract the imagen 1 is $3 and, 2 is 2 >> $3 and 3 is 4 >> $3 and 4 is 6 >> $3 and   for store you need mask the "2 bit chanell" and or the value
  2. Hello I'm doing a bvh player and it already works with most files, but I got it from It does not have angles in degrees. Does anyone know why and in what units are these angles? thank you very much, ablo
  3. There is an implementation of deferred shading only in the cpu ?   I like to add ligth and shadows to a cpu voxel render. I not found a cpu only implementation for reference .   thank's in advance There is an implementation of deferred shading only in the cpu ?
  4. Xoxos:   I use cpu graphics poligons in my code, but is antialiased, you can see this in:   the main optimization tricks are, use only integers and avoid division/multiplication.   I have a simple convex polygon filling without antialias for bitmask buffer, but not in C, is a forth like languaje lines 190 to 244        
  5. Calc octree order in camera space

    work! thank's a lot..    
  6. Hi, I have a problem:   I have a 8 vertex cube in camera space, center is the camera origin viewing to z positive and I need calculate the octree order. now I search the vertex with less distante to camera (0,0,0) but is expensive.   In the literature, always use object space, center in cube, and is easy calculate comparing the cube center and the camera position. l   I try operate about matrix transformation but is expensive too. if invert the matrix and transform the negate center of cube, I get the numbers for comparing like the link, but, transform a vertex is expensive too.   my question is   I need calculate the octree order but in camera space, it can be done more fast?   Thank's in advance
  7. draw 2d line with clipping

    I draw antialiased lines and polygons with a lib I make for my lang.   I clip the lines and polygons..   this is the C implementation..   use, improve and share.
  8. Arauna2 path tracer announcement

    Hi Phantomus great work!! you see this? I wonder if this can improve the image.
  9. I use a routine of drawing anti-aliased polygons, the code here:   The antialias are doing by supersampling the raster lines, acumulate in a coverage buffer and finally render it.
  10. thank's again Sven I read in reference to this paper how this guy avoid the division by z deforming a more simpler perspective, is anyone have this pages I really like read this work.
  11. Anyone have this paper? Say the same of Euclideon guys!!
  12. Nice work Sven, The dog in the paper look good. I see in the paper the code is like Ray marching, I hope found a more direct intersection but i don't know the previous work. the link of you sign is not correct... thank's again
  13. Experiment in representation of 3D objects Testing alternatives to the representation of 3D objects found a different way to vectors, points and voxels. At first the idea seems too simple and restrictive, but let's see what happens. The basic idea is to use 6 images, one for each side of the cube, and save these images point height. The current implementation uses 3 256x256 images saved at each point (4 bytes), the minimum, maximum and there is room for two separate colors (palette). The test did not make sense because the bitmap go to locate the points is what I'm trying to avoid but I wanted to see how it looks. I lack the rasterization implement this structure or the intersection of a ray in order to draw solid. I can calculate the normal using adjacent points although not sure that's a good idea. The bitmaps are uncompressed, I want to finish the ray tracer first, maybe the search to locate the point on the screen resulting in any way to compress this point. Any idea or help are welcome !! all the source is open in my site.