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    Simple Steering Behaviours in C++

    Yeah, you're right in that I am thin on steering experience. I knew how it would come across just throwing up a skeleton project, but I was quite honest from the start with regards to that. I do not at all feel confident writing this from the ground up, so I'll try to get it working in my game first in whatever hacky way that ends up being, and if it seems like it works well enough to form it into a proper API, I'll do that. After all, my aim for the project was always just to get something that works. Even that is better than what I have now - something that barely functions at all. :p
  2. Mybowlcut

    Simple Steering Behaviours in C++

    To recap the main points I mentioned earlier: C++ 2D (I'm not sure if this is really a hard requirement, but I think it would simplify things) Should be flexible enough to work with most physics and graphics libraries In terms of what it should achieve, I was thinking just basically "move to this position, avoiding obstacles along the way". I think that that in itself is sufficient for most simple 2D games. From that, you can probably implement more complex behaviour - things like hiding behind cover and staying out of an enemy's line of sight can be achieved by combining that behaviour with some ray casts, right?   I have ideas about how the API should look, but nothing concrete. An example of usage as it stands at the moment is available in the examples/qml-box2d directory.
  3. Hello.   I'm trying to create an extremely simple steering library in C++ for 2D games:   https://github.com/mitchcurtis/SimpleSteer   My motivation is to get a basic, yet useful library out in the open, as there doesn't seem to be any simple steering library out there.   I've just started yesterday, and I don't have much yet, but I've got Box2D to handle physics and Qt Quick to get something on-screen for the one example that does exist.  I'm trying to keep the library itself independent of any physics or graphics library.   I (and likely many others who find AI a bit daunting) would be extremely grateful to anyone who is interested in collaborating on this project, whether it's hundreds of lines or a one-liner. I don't know how else to get something like this started other than just creating it and seeing what happens...   Cheers.
  4. Mybowlcut

    Shooting At Stuff

    Some pseudocode for those of us that suck at maths would complete this article quite nicely.
  5. Mybowlcut

    Month 4: Resisting Temptation

    I'm also curious to know what type of game this is. Just from skimming through the text here and looking at the screenshots, it reminds me of Mount and Blade, sorta.   Also, did you literally spend hours "just flying the camera through the clouds"? :D
  6. Mybowlcut

    Behavior / AI middleware MASA LIFE

    So is the code cross platform? Is it just the Unity editor that only runs on Windows?     I would love to have something like this for my game, but at 500 euro, it's too much for me.
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