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  1. Idov

    mobile game player id

    Ok, thanks
  2. Idov

    mobile game player id

    ok, but how do I know that the string sent to the server is a real IMEI one and not just a random string used to attack my server?
  3. Hi, I'm developing a mobile game that allows a "free" login from the device. I mean that the user does not have to supply a user name and a password in order to login. I was thinking of generating a GUID which will be sent to my server and I'll be able to associate it with the player whenever he logs in with this GUID. My concern is that if someone wants to attack my server, he will be able to just send my tons of "login" requests with different GUIDs and create fake users. Does anybody know how it's normally done? thanks
  4. Hi, I want to build a multiplayer (2-3 players) mobile game. I'd like to know what is the most common architecture for this kind of games: 1. P2P : Players mobile devices communicate without a server's help. 2. Server-Client: Clients do not communicate directly with each other, but send each move they do to the server. How do most mobile games do it? thanks
  5. Idov

    Mobile multiplayer game

    Ok, but don't I need to make sure that player 2 received that message? (I read that multiplayer games usually use UDP and not TCP...)
  6. Hi, I want to develop a mobile multiplayer game. (P2P - clients will communicate directly). There won't be much data sent from one player to the other, but when there will, I'd like the change to appear in the devices at exactly the same time.   If player 1 presses a button, I thought  to change his game state only after player 2 received and confirmed that he received the data, but then player 2's will be updated before player 1's... Is there a way to get the state to change at exactly the same time? Thanks! 
  7. Hi, I want to develop a game for mobile phones. I'd like the user to be able to touch and drag the character around. My question is: Is there a optimal size for the sprite? I'd lik it to be as small as possible but also big enough so it won't be a problem to drag it. thanks :)
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