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  1. To create a depth only FBO, you need to set glDrawBuffer(GL_NONE), so GL knows there is no color buffer.
  2. Texture rectangles (GL_ARB_texture_rectangle or Core 3.x) have that functionality, they use unnormalized coordinates. You can also use the texelFetch function in your GLSL shaders, it's available in the GL_EXT_gpu_shader4 extension or core in 3.0. It samples a texture without filtering, using integer unnormalized coordinates.
  3. HuntsMan

    What do i need for FBO

    Quote:Original post by spong3bob hmm i kinda dont wanna use glew :-/ GLEW solves your problem, you need to have a very good reason not to use it. Might we know what that reason is?
  4. HuntsMan

    OpenGL ES 2.0 - glut replacement

    EGL was created for those purposes.
  5. HuntsMan

    get texture data from vga memory

    Use glGetTexImage to retrieve pixel data from a texture.
  6. HuntsMan

    FBO MRT and multisampling

    1.- The ARB and core FBO versions supports different size attachments, but the renderable area is the greatest area that fits all attachments, and that is what you're seeing here. If you render a 512x512 image, how do you expect it to be mapped to a 128x128 or 64x64 render target? 2.- No, they can be different sizes.
  7. How are you providing texture coordinates? Can you post source code demonstrating this?
  8. HuntsMan

    glVertexPointer and glClientState

    It doesn't work that way, when you bind another buffer, you have to call glVertexPointer again, as the GPU pointer is recalculated from the bound buffer and the offset.
  9. HuntsMan

    [SOLVED] GLSL color mixing problem

    Can you post the texture unit setup code?
  10. No, you can use only one texture in each texture unit. There isn't an API to sample more than one texture with a sampler.
  11. The GL_ARB_viewport_array extension can help you: http://www.opengl.org/registry/specs/ARB/viewport_array.txt
  12. HuntsMan

    GLSL + Point Sprites problem

    Use gl_PointCoord instead as a texture coordinate.
  13. HuntsMan

    Anyone read the 4.0 specs?

    Quote:Original post by dpadam450 Well there wasnt much time to allow the old openGL to ease out. I would hope they go another 2 years before fully going 4.0+ only. No, you're very wrong, the compatibility profile still has all deprecated funcionality, and ALL GL apps still work, even using GL 4.0/4.1 drivers.
  14. 1.- It doesn't, you have to bind your vertex shader input variables to attribute indices, and provide that value to glVertexAttribPointer. 2.- No, you can do transformation matrices in the CPU and upload the resulting matrix to shader as a uniform. 3.- Not without shaders. 4.- Probably a driver bug (you use at least a vertex shader and a fragment shader), or your context setup is wrong and it's fallbacking to the compatiblity profile.
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