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  1. randomperson

    Loading up a scene graph using tinyXml

    Thanks i never really thought about it like that ill get back to you on my progress :D
  2. Since in a scene graph each node can have child nodes and those nodes can have child nodes and so on, how can i go through the graph if i dont know how 'deep' it is? I need to create a TiXmlElement for each node that has children but then i need another while statement to loop through that and so on and thats not viable at all. Maybe im looking at this the wrong way and there is another better way. please tell me. The basic structure of my xml file is <level> <node> <node /> <node> <node /> </node> </node> </level Im sure if someone has used tinyXml before or has done something like this they will understand what im saying. Sorry if that isnt very clear but im not sure how else to explain it. Thanks
  3. randomperson

    Splitting A String

    thanks that works great :D
  4. Hello Language - c++ allways forget that im trying to take a string and split it at a "=" So for example if i have a string containing something1=something2 I need to get the something2 into its own string How do i do that? [Edited by - randomperson on December 20, 2007 5:38:50 AM]
  5. its c++ allways forget to mention that
  6. I have a base class that im inheriting from, it logs to a text file some infomation, is there a way i can get the name of the inherited class and print that to my text file? thanks
  7. Im short on time so ill make this quick Iv got a game menu, how to i map a button to call a function in my program to exit the game? thanks
  8. randomperson

    initializing cegui

    Hello, For some reason i cant get on the cegui forums so i thought id post here I took this from the tutorials on the website CEGUI::DirectX9Renderer* myRenderer = new CEGUI::DirectX9Renderer(d3ddev); new CEGUI::System(myRenderer); And i get this error error C2664: 'CEGUI::DirectX9Renderer::DirectX9Renderer(CEGUI::DirectX9Renderer &)' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9' to 'CEGUI::DirectX9Renderer &' I figure im giving directx9render the wrong thing so what should i give it? The tutorials on the website dont say anything about it. :( thanks
  9. randomperson

    c++ - pointers

    many thanks
  10. randomperson

    c++ - pointers

    ok pointers - confusing i know they can be used to pass the adresses and values to functions and things like that, just that with everything generally i like to have a deep understanding(it really anoys me when i dont) and i just dont understand the full uses of pointers could anyone point(hehe) me to any articles, infomation and/or give me and pratical examples really helpfull thankyou!!!!
  11. randomperson

    Stupid code in books + a question

    yeah devc++ seems to be alot more userfriendly
  12. randomperson

    Stupid code in books + a question

    thanks that works
  13. randomperson

    Stupid code in books + a question

    well whatever i do visual c++ gives me errors saying that i need to include a "stdafx.h" and even when i do i get a hudge list of errors this keeps giving me errors even when i dont use VC++ const float FeetPerMeter = Value; amongst other things it just adds up to a very fustrating experience and i doubt thats all the errors ill see
  14. iv been trying to write out code from books and iv coppied it exactly but it just refuses to work visual C++ is giving my a headache and every other compiler iv used seems to think of some error to give me has anyone else had problems like this starting to learn c++???????? all this anoyance is really putting me off learning c++ can anyone surgest some reliable books that actualy give me infomation that works? Question in a program where i ask a name and text says hello whoever how can i stop the program from exiting as soon as the name is entered? [Edited by - randomperson on December 2, 2006 1:53:19 PM]
  15. randomperson

    what is wrong with this code?

    right stupid font works now with " not “
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