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  1. Alright, I'll try that. Waiting for a few weeks is a drag though. If anyone has this book, could you PM me? That way I can have the files a trifle earlier? Thanks Boolean.
  2. Thanks for looking Boolean, but that is different from my book. The author of the book I have is Andy Harris, and the chapters do not add up. I looked at the programs discussed in the book and they are not the same as the programs that are in the file. I bought the book from a third party on Amazon, so I could get the cheapest price. Unfortunatly, that party has not responding to any of my numerous emails. The only thing I can do is leave bad feedback on them, but they obviously don't care.
  3. Well, I'm sure you have a point there. But I've peeked ahead to upcoming chapters (what can I say, I'm impatient), and it looks like I am going to be needing sound files and animations. I could do pretty well with finding my own sprites, but finding sound and making animations is a whole different story.
  4. I bought this book a few weeks ago, and I am enjoying making games and such in C#. I popped the CD in today because one of the games that I am making this chapter requires some sprites that the author made. Unfortunatly, the CD would not show up at all. I'm guessing that the CD was damaged in-transit to my house. This is quite a nuisance. If anyone has this book and CD, could you send me a PM/post here? It's quite a let down to not be able to enjoy this book, especially after paying 25 dollars for it. Thanks all, Storm [Edited by - Stormtrooper30 on July 19, 2008 5:49:48 PM]
  5. C# Workshop question

    Aye, what finky said. Just PM Jwalsh and you should be fine. If you find that you have the time in the future, make sure to stop by the workshop.
  6. C# Workshop

    It will be hard keeping support for this going. Changes in the site will take a while, and keeping people interested for that long will be hard. I never said that you said 'no.' I just said that there was a possibillity that it won't happen (the changes to GameDev).
  7. C# Workshop

    It has been decided, with the insight of many staff members, that the C# Workshop will be postponed until modifications have been made to the site that make it more "workshop friendly." I am not sure when (or if) these changes will be made. If these changes are never made, then the workshop will procede in the fashion of the C++ Workshop.
  8. C# Workshop

    I am currently in the proccess of writing a formal letter to SuperPig and Gaiiden. If any other Admins/Mods would like to read it, just post here. Does anybody know thier email? I'd prefer not to PM them. I think emailing is more effective.
  9. C# Workshop

    So, SuperPig, do I have your approval to make a C# workshop? Are the errors in the code fixed? I'll send you a formal request once I get everything organized.
  10. C# Workshop

    Putting all apologies aside, Im assuming that I have both Washu's and Jwalsh's support in this workshop? As for my opinion on the Postmortem: It was full of intelligent data that helps out al of GDNet. I hope that the admins read it carefully and prevent what has happened to you happen to anyone else (me).
  11. C# Workshop

    Quote:Original post by jwalsh The C++ Workshop Postmortem has been posted and can be found Here. Assuming I'm not banned from I look forward to your feedback and interpretation for use in the C# Workshop. Cheers! Haha, very nice postmortem Jwalsh! I was wondering why you said you may be banned, but after reading it I understand now. ;) I still would like to do this workshop, but that gave me a lot of ideas. I plan on doing all of the organization of the Workshop, so I hope that SuperPig gives me the moderator privilages. If not, I dont see the workshop getting off the ground. Once I get everything approaved, I will start a "signup" topic where all participants and mentors will post thier email address. That's how I'll try to keep everyone active. I've chosen a book that is good for beginners, but may not be advanced enough for people who already know C#. I like it though, because the workshop is for beginners. Before I begin the workshop, I will find a couple of members/mods that are good at the language and ask them to aid in the teaching. I know that you said to not do this, but I am no expert, so I will need the help.
  12. C# Workshop

    While I'm waiting on Jwalsh to make his Postmortem, Ihave a few things to do. First, I need the mod's permission to do this. I see that a couple have posted here, but Im not sure how this works. I've never made a workshop, so I need alot of help doing this. If a mod would respond here stating what they would do to make this happen, it would be much appreciated. Second, I need to get a couple of members that know C# inside and out. These will be the teachers that answer questions when they come up. Because I have no experience in C# or C++, I will not be able to answer some of the questions. I come from Python, so I wont be of much help. Third, I need Jwalsh's permission to use his C++ Workshop template. I would like to setup the C# Workshop like he has. Feedback is greatly appreciated. If you would like to volunteer, email me at
  13. Structure of the MMORPG Workshop

    I think that we ought to have a "Workshops" section in the forums. If we get a section, it will encourage others to start workshops as well and is the easiest way to organize the workshop. More people will see the workshop if it is in a forum, and not in a journal. Im looking forward to your C++ Workshop Post Mortem. After I read that, I will make final desicions on the C# workshop.
  14. C# Workshop

    Jwalsh, this workshop will work perfectly for you. You are making a workshop on MMORPGs, and are writing it in C#. This is good for you because there will be a C# Worshop going on at the same time. This way, if someone complains that they do not know C#, you can just give them a link to this workshop. That way they can learn the language and then come back to your workshop.
  15. C# Workshop

    These two books are available online, they are very good too: Both of those books are free. The AbsoluteBeginner's one in the 2005 edition, so I think it is the best choice. ** how do you make clickable link things instead of just urls?