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  1. I searched the forum a bit and didn't see this mentioned, so I appologize if this might be covered elsewhere already. Anyway, I tend to like to lurk on the forums, and I usually don't bother logging in to do so, and I've noticed that in the mobile version of the site (I'm on an android phone), when I click (tap) on a topic, I am brought to the very bottom of the very end of the topic. Which is where I might want to be when I want to post on a topic, but how could I before reading even the originating post? The result is that I navigate to a topic, and then must scroll to the top of the page to start reading. If the topic is multiple pages long, then I must manually navigate from the end of the last page of the topic to the first page. Does this make sense? I just expect that when I go into a topic that I will be brought to the beginning of it, otherwise, wouldn't the entire page be organized in reverse? Thoughts? Maybe I'm just clicking in the wrong place? I use the site on my desktop more often than not, so it could be me I suppose.
  2. Oonushi

    US Supreme Court strikes down DC Handgun ban

    Just wanted to chime in here, though I haven't read through all of the posts before me (yet). I currently live in Vermont (moving to NH tomorrow, however), and I think everyone reading this should have a look at this page while the figures are a bit dated, its points are still valid. Basically, in VT there are no gun laws. We have what is called "preemption" at the state level, which prohibits individual towns and municipalities within the state from implementing local gun control laws. Only federal firearm laws apply within VT. In VT, one can carry a gun concealed or otherwise, and no permit is required (you don't even need to be a resident of VT, just within its borders). In 1997 VT had the 49th lowest crime rate and 47th lowest murder rate of the 50 states. I have personally walked around in my area (Brattleboro) at all different hours of the day and night, and never felt unsafe. Here, as opposed to, say, D.C., its less likely that I'd be randomly attacked on the street or have my residence invaded since as far as criminals are aware, I may have a weapon on my person or in my home. Crime and violence will always exist, probably because it is some twisted part of human nature. Free society will never be perfect, as a whole, any more than it can be perfectly safe, in part. It is unrealistic (I'd even go so far as to say dangerous) to believe otherwise. Society ought to be armed in its own defense. For me, the issue is a person's right to self-defense and the right to use the available tools to that end. People have, and always will have access to guns one way or the other. All people have the potential to become criminals. Some people already are criminals. So, society is made up of people, some of whom are or are potentially criminals that may be armed regardless of the law. As such, it is unreasonable to deny a segment of society (in this case, law-abiding citizens) the right to similarly arm themselves in their own defense. There is much more to say, but I'm going to stop now before this gets long winded...
  3. Oonushi

    Poast som freaking desktops!!!! [Dialup Killah]

    Representing for the Minimalists here. Desktop image is a cropped version of a wallpaper I found on DA, here: http://barontieri.deviantart.com/art/Beach-54198912
  4. Oonushi


    Quote:Original post by necreia Quote:Original post by BeanDog Quote:Original post by _goat Quote:Original post by Mathachew Quote:Original post by niteice Quote:Original post by EvanWeeks Quote:Original post by ukdeveloper Quote:Original post by kevtimc Quote:Original post by Simian Man Quote:Original post by think_different Quote:Original post by ukdeveloper Quote:Original post by Karan Bhangui Quote:Original post by janta Quote:Original post by X-Tatic Quote:Original post by chairthrower Quote:Original post by blueEbola Quote:Original post by dorix Quote:Original post by bschneid Quote:Original post by GameCreator Quote:Original post by kevtimc Quote:Original post by Driv3MeFar Quote:Original post by eedok Quote:Original post by NickGravelyn Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Quote:Original post by Programmer One Quote:Original post by Simian Man Quote:Original post by Lazy Foo Quote:Original post by Sneftel You don't really need them to avoid gimbal lock; rotation matrices will do just fine. There'll be much lower numeric drift, though; just normalizing after every hundred operations or so is enough. Personally I prefer to have my alarm clock set to station of music I really hate. It's much more effective at getting me out of bed. I prefer to heat up my hot dog with the ketchup and mustard already on there. I don't like cold condiments. I usually let the engine running for at least 1 or 2 minutes before pulling out of the driveway. Its better for the engine in the long run. Ultimately, I think that John McCain's position on troop withdrawals and duration of stay will be more costly in the long run, especially with the increasing agitation from the Iraqi government itself to either define a duration of stay or begin withdrawals immediately. Basically the takeaway from all of this is that the cake is a lie. Did you try turning it off then on again? There are very few situations that the singleton pattern is actually appropriate for. This is not one of them. That can be proven through induction. Not everyone knows that Mario appeared in several games before Super Mario Bros., but everyone should. Most people think of therapeutic and undesired side effects as only applying to drugs, but this is not the case. Cover and simmer, without removing cover, for 15 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in middle of dumpling comes out clean. I disagree, pepper jack cheese is clearly superior. Yes, but to get back to the OP's original point, count me among the disbelievers when it comes to the question as to who gets wet when Chuck Norris dives into a swimming pool. Quotes aren't supposed to be nested this much :( I wonder how many different tones of blue this forum is able to generate. Let's find out. Lol, you fail at recognizing patterns. As far as I can tell, the inside n - 4 quotes are the same colour, while the last 4 are changing colours (where n is the number of quoted items). Oh, and I like turdles. It's too hot at this time of year to wear more than one layer of clothing. I strongly suggest purchasing a pair of socks and a stamp-collection magazine. What??? A miscarriage is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a couple. Your design has too much coupling. Look into the model-view-controller pattern. “I don't know, I don't care, and it doesn't make any difference!” -Albert Einstein "Oh, I do LOVE that new porcelain television of yours! It makes you look so much of a complete dickhead, it's irresistable!" In life, one can be a runway or a doormat, rarely if ever both. This conundrum eventually led to the demise of the polka-spotted jaguar and his friend, the snaggle-toothed cowfrog. ok Lest you forget, there is a place that offers limitless paper in a paperless world. No, C++ isn't a good language for beginners. They don't need to deal with manual memory allocation and deallocation at this stage. I suggest Python or C#. Actually, the driver situation in Vista has vastly improved since its initial release. At this point, my only problem is that my printer won't allow me to print multiple copies of the same document. And if you're saying that the Orbus Wave has no relationship to the Doctark Effect, you need to rethink the basics of Craymelology. And now for something completely different:
  5. Oonushi

    C++ Text Games

    Judging by all of the grammatical and spelling errors, I'd say English isn't the OP's first language. In which case, I think I'd suggest OP thinks twice before trying to create a text-based game (anyone else foresee a nightmare of a parser in the works here?). But then again, seeing as the account was created so recently, maybe OP is just an epic troll...
  6. Oonushi

    Questions about an RPG(not a RPG pich)

    You're description reminds me a bit of the GTA games, at least in the respect that you are given the story setup and a suggestion of where you should be going. After that, you can choose what "quests" to do at your leisure and choosing more or less. In terms of the stats, the GTA games are also like this. You kind of know which weapons are stronger than others, though nowhere is this information explicitly given. Also, character stats just kind of go up the more you do a particular thing, like driving or cycling, etc. Its all very unobtrusive, it you will, which seems to me like what you're going for, if I understood your post. Of course, if you're doing a game much more heavy on the RPG elements, you could use these general mechanics and just extend them a bit, still keeping the stats out of the players way, but allowing them to guide progression with a light touch. Just my 2 cents; hope it's helpful.
  7. Oonushi

    Feedback for Game Idea

    I'm working on a simple idea for a short game, and would like some feedback. I also have a specific question. But, first, here is what I have so far: Summary: A world-wide invasion of your home planet is impending, and you are aiding the evacuation of a city. Traveling across the city, you must protect fellow citizens from harm while leading them to safety. Your destination is a space ship prepared for escaping the planet. Notes: - The destination space ship must be hidden or secret in some way. Possibly under ground or sea or ice. Implementation: FPS through a Source Engine mod (this is my first game project). Now, my question is which idea do you like better: 1) Not-too-distant future, the invasion is of Earth, and is by aliens. 2) Distant future, the invasion is of the "rebel" colony world Athena, and is by Sol system's government forces. I'm also seeking any constructive suggestions/thoughts/comments/ideas. Thanks in advance.
  8. Oonushi

    Do you believe in god?

    Sorry, I neglected to say that I was replying to the Original Poster. I realized that might cause confusion to those following the current discussion.
  9. Oonushi

    Do you believe in god?

    I believe that I live in a universe composed of matter and energy. These components are configured in many different ways throughout the universe. (Note: This is a gross scientific oversimplification, I know, but you get the idea without me having to start with the smallest known building blocks of atoms.) Since your post offers no terms with which to define "God", it is impossible to answer further. However, if my assumptions about your usage of the term God are correct, then I do not believe that such an entity is in existence currently. I believe that, by definition, any entity in existence must be composed of something (matter and/or energy), otherwise we are discussing something nonexistent (or we are discussing the building blocks of the universe as we know them). As far as philosophy goes: In a virtually infinite universe virtually infinite possibilities exist, however, not every possibility must be expressed. Of course, the universe in which I believe I reside may easily be a fictitious construct of my consciousness. My `senses' may all be self-imposed delusions, and I may very well be God of the universe in which I myself reside. However, even this possibility only merits a passing consideration due to the simple fact that, even if it were possible to know, it would be impossible to verify. In conclusion, I believe that the burden of proof lies on those who claim the existence of a God or God-like entity. Just as the burden of proof would lie on my shoulders should I claim to be God. Wether such proof can even exist itself is another discussion.
  10. Oonushi

    Hiding in the Atheist Closet

    Hi, I'm an Atheist too. I believe strongly in being who you are, being independent, and standing by your convictions. You are going to have real problems later in life if you are always living to please others and letting your own convictions get pushed to the side. That said, you are not your parents, and they are not your concern. If they can't deal with what you personally believe, well, that's their problem, not yours. My situation involved two faiths: I was baptized catholic, and raised as such. My parents divorced, and some years later, my father became a Jehovah's Witness. At some point after that, I realized that I don't believe in the existence of a god. That said, both of my parents are fully aware of my beliefs, and neither has disowned me, and I see them regularly, and we still love each other. Of course, they may feel that I am going to `hell', but that is their belief, and not mine, and it no longer comes up when we talk. If you still fear that they will worry about you, try telling them that your belief system does not include a `hell', therefore, you are not worried yourself, and do not wish for them to worry either. Maybe none of that is any help, but I think you might have bigger problems if your parents won't support your decision. It isn't the 1950s anymore. - Oonushi
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