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  1. Informative and fast, I love this forum Thanks so much
  2. I am playing around with Lua lanuage and saw that someone created a LUA.NET (http://bandodalua.lua.inf.puc-rio.br/luanet/), when I download what they have it only appears to be a stand alone compiler, how do I get Visual Studio to support making new LUA projects?
  3. I'm creating a UserControl and found a couple attributes that modify the way public properties appear on the IDE. I want to create a public property that can be expanded into sub groups much like the way the "Location" property of a form can be expanded into "X" and "Y". I'm sure there is an Attribute that does this but after search everywhere I cannot find a list of these attributes, can anyone help?
  4. I need to create some nice pastel coloured boxes depending on a user selected colour. I'm not sure though how to make a pastel box such as the one windows XP uses when you drag a box in my computer (using the standard windows theme of coarse) I'm sure the center of the box as a different transparency level then the outside a possibly a slightly different colour. Is there an algorithm out there for determining the center boxes transparency and possibly colour given the bordering box?
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