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  1.   That is certainly the "C" way of doing things and it sounds like this is what the OP's goal is.
  2. DeafManNoEars

    Battleship in java

      He was not arguing semantics, he was informing you that you didn't really do what was suggested to you.   Doing what has been suggested, breaking down specific tasks into separate methods, you should be able to end up with a main method that looks similar to rip-offs main.  This will help with readability and maintainability and will give you specific, contained areas of code to work with to optimize.  
  3. How do you currently connect to your database? How are you saving it to the database?  What kind of DB?   Retrieval will be pretty much the same.  You perform a query, SELECTing whatever columns you are interested in where some field equals the current user's id.  Then you just set the values of the form fields equal to the values retrieved from the DB.   It is not clear exactly what the question is; is it: How do I connect to a database in PHP? - Though your question makes it seem that you already know how to connect because you are already saving the data. How do I retrieve data from a database in PHP? How to log a user into the system? - though it looks like you are already doing this. How to edit data in a database in PHP? How to set form field values in PHP? Not sure why you would be getting someone else's info for the form.    This is all pretty basic and is quite easily googled for a full working solution.
  4. DeafManNoEars

    I'm feeling lucky

    poor guy...
  5. DeafManNoEars

    iterator output not in sync

      This is not true.  It does match, how else do you think you can access the public members of the vector3D class from vecIterator.next()?   Wooh's post should work exactly as is.  I would suggest you try to run it.   Not only is it the correct fix, but had it not been he even explained to you why you should expect to see the behavior you do when running your program.  And how you could get the behavior you require.
  6.   What do you think this code is doing?
  7. DeafManNoEars

    Vector Efficiency question

    +1 for the std::map<>
  8. DeafManNoEars

    I made a web app version of the internet.

    Why?         And what did we need before?   EDIT: First time I had no sound on my computer.  2nd time, I couldn't hear the sound because I was laughing too loud.     Well Played, Sir.
  9. DeafManNoEars

    Game Maker Studio?

    I thought it was fine for use.  Simple and easy.  It didn't have quite the capabilities I was looking for and I didn't really like their programming language.   Also, the user interface was really borked on my machine even if I adjusted all my resolution and DPI settings.   I moved on to Unity and I've been thoroughly enjoying it.  To be honest though I didn't really give GameMaker studio enough of a chance.  Made a couple of small games only, but when I started to get into some more complex games, it started to feel combersome to me.
  10. DeafManNoEars

    Your first game / programming project?

      Funny, I was just about to say pretty much the same exact thing.
  11. looks like you are not taking into the pacman's radius.  If you offset him by his radius in the opposite direction of his previous movement he will collide with the wall and not penetrate it.
  12. DeafManNoEars

    First Android Game

    I added two new board levels...   The european style board with 37 holes and an octagonal shape and the english board style with 33 holes and a cross shape.    Also keeps track of 5 fastest times and has leaderboards for each of the board styles and achievements with google play api.   Try it out and please give feedback.  Again it is my first game so I appreciate all feedback and please don't hold back, I'd like to be able to provide the community with high quality fun games in the near future.  I have a few novel ideas that I've been working on and would like to have them polished before I release.  So all feedback received will be incorporated into future released games.   Thanks Again!!!!
  13.     Personally, I like changing the distance of the camera approach.  Messing with the FOV too much also messes with perspective.  And sometimes that's just plain funny looking.
  14. DeafManNoEars

    First Android Game

      Ahhh,  I see that.  Thank you so much.  Will get that fixed right away!!!!   Edit:  Fixed and now I hide the next button if there is no next environment and the same with the previous button.
  15. DeafManNoEars

    First Android Game

    Hey all,   I have released my first android app.  It is a unity project (also my first).   The main goal of this project was to just get some working knowledge of unity and the whole android publishing process.   And, well, I did it.  I have been toying with game programming for quite some time now.  I have built my own engine started a bunch of small projects but never took anything to completion.   With the help of Unity, I finally did. I learned a lot.  I plan to continue and make more games now that I have a framework of understanding.   It is called Peg Popper 3d.  It is that peg solitaire board game you've maybe seen at Cracker Barrel or similar.  The link is here. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.forwardthinking.peg   It isn't the best, but it works, it is fun and I made it.  I did the modeling and artwork for it as well, so don't hit me up too hard on that (too cheap to afford an artist).   Well that is all!!!   Thanks for listening and being there, you awesome community.
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