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    I agree with Farraj. Pretty Impressive.

    Not bad. Are you doing this by yourself or do you have a team?
  3. GDNet - You be the Designer!!

    You want some items...well I got you some items: Potion of Doom! Heals a quarter/half/full health but inputs doom. Sword of Creepiness Weapon:Sword (5) Really long sword with bunch of weird angles -Chance of emitting fear on enemy Big Long Tall Sharp Hard Two-Handed Axe Weapon:2H Great Axe (10) As the name suggests, its pretty ass kicking Staff of Stupidity Weapon:Short Staff (12) Colorful short staff -You may look stupid but hey, your enemies probably won't attack you Throwing Axes of Return Weapon:20 throwing axes (15) More of a stick with a sharp stone stuck in the middle but hey. -Neanderthal axes boomerang style! Bow of Light burst Weapon:Longbow (18) OOOhhhhhhhh pretty colors... -Confuses foe with shinyness. Quick Rapier Weapon:Rapier (22) It would make Speedy Gonzales proud. - +5 or something to speed stat Maybe some more later but, sadly, all humans need sleep.
  4. 99 posts...wow. I think this deserves a sticky but hey Game: Most MMORPG's Feature: Really cool weapons with really low drop rates Comments: Ahhh! Its just gets so annoying having to go through an extremely tough dungeon full of extremely tough monsters to get to one part for a weapon that has an average drop rate of once a week! Thats all I have to say.
  5. Hah, so true.... God of war was great. Good gameplay, graphics, ideas...everything.
  6. Quick Hello.

    Hah, I know how you feel. Constant rush of ideas that sparks whenever you see something that catches your interest. Good Luck.
  7. As mentioned already a thousand times...better AI would be nice. Instead of sitting there and not really doing anything ie:worker units should automatically repair damaged buildings, mine resources, and build unfinished buildings. Also, more diversity in units. Its not so much a problem but it would probably be more fun to have a large diversity.
  8. Space Fence

    Quote:Original post by bdoskocil Or you appear at the opposite edge? I like what bdoskocil said. Everyone used to wonder that if when you hit the edge of the universe you would just pop up on the other side. Also you could have an Astroid Belt. Give a warning that they are entering unsafe areas and then make a visible astroid belt. If they still enter they just get hit and blow up.
  9. Believe me, plenty of ppl have dreamed of recreating Earth into a game. Strictly saying...its not possible. Too much reliance upon others, society, and polotics to literaly recreate the world. That said you could still create a game based on our society. Such as a kind of Sims styled game (not neccesarily gameplay but idea) over the internet. Lay out career paths, life choices, vacationing to Europe or wherever. Implementing interaction between characters at work or neighborhoods. How you grab attention is up to you. Sims is based on the world and somehow it made it. And even if you could recreate Earth the idea is too risky. No use saying more...
  10. Starting a Design

    Well if you don't want to create it or test it then use your personal experience in games. ie: do you think its fun to be able grapple on to the roof, hang their and shoot ppl, or hard to control. *No love for writers...
  11. Just one thing I must stress... Originality!!!! As Trapper Zoid was getting at playing a D&D based game isn't bad but when thats all there is out there it just kinda drives you insane.
  12. I have to agree, I understand that this is not a complete version but it is gonna need more complexity and originality. -The way i'm getting this is that you plan to have full-blown battles and not just regular pvp which isn't done too much in MMORPG's. With that your game will be slightly more unique. -I suggest not allowing players to choose the race they want to fight and rather make it random. -Having seige devices would be cool also but once again they would need to be automated (Not much fun sitting behind a catapult during a big on-going battle) -I would try to have more originality inside the races themselves(don't gotta have a elf and dwarf in every game). -Try to make the classes themselves more complex. The classes you have now are fine but try and mix things up(maybe a mage that can only cast buffs, not offensive magic) -With the Lethar thing...gotta dull it down a lot. I suggest giving them a negative in dexterity and still some after-affects. Good luck.
  13. Ideology versus Motivation

    Its a good idea (I think I've seen it somewhere but maybe not to the same extent). But what is your actual question?
  14. The Mole as a strategy game

    From the words strategy and knights/footmen I get they idea that this is going to be set in like a Middle Ages kind of layout. As for the mole's mission they just have to be anything considered traitorous back then: -Stealing a important message -Back-stabbing someone important without getting caught -Listening in on the General's plans/strategy -Warning the enemy before they are ambushed -sabotaging a trap (ie:they roll logs down the hill-you put big boulders in the way) Good luck.
  15. which design do you like better:

    For me it completely depends on the type of game. WoW and some other games I've played looks fine being cartoony lookin'. As of other games they (ie: war games) are better situated with realistic graphics. But if I had to pick which one I like most it would probably be more realistic graphics.
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