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  1. when 2 sprites collide - real newb. :)

    Thanks for the replies all!! Will now spend time trying to actually implement.
  2. when 2 sprites collide - real newb. :)

    yeh, I kind of understand the principle and logic behind the test etc - I just don't know the commands and the correct syntax to use....
  3. Hi all. I'm trying to do something very simple as part of my learning XNA and am making a hash of it as usual. Any help would be greatly appreciated. So I've got a player controlled sprite that can move around the screen using the KB. All good. I've now drawn a second stationary sprite on the right hand side of the screen. What I'm trying to do is display a text message when the player controlled sprite moves over the stationary sprite. I'm fine with the actual drawing of the text (I think) I just need to work out how to register that moveable Sprite A has indeed moved over stationary sprite B. Thanks in advance, Gigi.