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    fixed pipeline texture blending

    Quote:Original post by jollyjeffers Quote:Original post by therealremi The key hack for me was to use a format for C (the mask) which contains alpha only - fortunately DirectX supports such format.Are you refering to D3DFMT_A8? If so, you might want to be careful - prior to the GeForce 6-series and Radeon 9500's this isn't supported. That is, every piece of hardware where you might be required to use fixed-func blending because pixel shaders aren't available won't allow this trick [wink] hth Jack Yes, I meant D3DFMT_A8. Thanks for pointing out this to me. But this single channel alpha format is just for users, so that they don't get confused when editing a mask. Internally this alpha information can be put into more compatible format (but still only alpha channel will be used).
  2. therealremi

    fixed pipeline texture blending

    Thanks all. I know nothing whatever about DirectX but I managed to tweak Zipster's code to get what I want ;-) The key hack for me was to use a format for C (the mask) which contains alpha only - fortunately DirectX supports such format. Because evidently you can't use RGB intensity as an alpha information in DirectX texture stages.
  3. therealremi

    fixed pipeline texture blending

    The bad news is that I can't set D3DTSS_RESULTARG in the API I'm using (I don't have direct acess to DirectX functions). I can only call: virtual bool SetTextureColorOp (DWORD stage, DWORD colorOp)=0 virtual bool SetTextureColorArg (DWORD stage, DWORD argNum, DWORD colorArg)=0 virtual bool SetTextureAlphaOp (DWORD stage, DWORD alphaArg)=0 virtual bool SetTextureAlphaArg (DWORD stage, DWORD argNum, DWORD alphaArg)=0 :(
  4. therealremi

    fixed pipeline texture blending

    Many thanks Zipster. I haven't checked your code yet but I bet it is doing what I want.
  5. therealremi

    fixed pipeline texture blending

    Quote:Original post by Evil Steve Assuming I'm right, and it's not possible, is there a reason you can't update one of the first textures to write the monochrome texture into the alpha channel, and then blend them normally? This is not possible cause the monochrome texture that is meant to be a mask will be applied with different UV coordinates and has different resolution than the textures that will be blended together. I know that this would be a trivial task when using pixel shader but for some reasons I try to achieve this effect using texture stages.
  6. Is it possible with DirectX fixed pipeline multitexturing to get this effect: texture A is blended with texture B using monochrome single channel texture C as a mask? All textures have different mapping sets. I couldn't find any piece of code that does the above. I saw a solution that assumes texture C is an alpha channel of texture B but this is not the way to go.
  7. therealremi

    Custom Model Format help

    I won't write the whole code for you, that was just a suggestion that you should read about fstream and VBOs ;)
  8. therealremi

    Custom Model Format help

    ifstream file(filepath, ios_base::binary); if (!file.is_open()) { cout << "mesh file: "<<filepath<<" not opened"<<endl; return false; } file.read( (char*)&geometry_coordinates_count, sizeof(unsigned int) ); geometry_coordinates = new float[geometry_coordinates_count]; file.read( (char*)geometry_coordinates, sizeof(float)*geometry_coordinates_count ); glBindBufferARB(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER_ARB, geometry_coordinates_VBO); glBufferDataARB(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER_ARB, geometry_coordinates_count*sizeof(float), geometry_coordinates, GL_STATIC_DRAW_ARB); and so on... I suppose you will have to rewrite your exporter to take account of smoothing groups and multiple UV sets;)
  9. therealremi

    artifact when projecting texture

    I'm lost here. If you don't know what I'm talking about then please run this demo (48 MB): http://www.remi.in5.pl/downloads/rem_demo.rar [Edited by - therealremi on July 25, 2007 2:01:15 PM]
  10. therealremi

    What Is The Next Stage of Game Graphics?

    Until photography was invented the general (more or less) direction for art was towards photorealism. Then painters decided there is no sense competing with photography. So maybe after reaching the level when all characters and environments are photorealistically scanned from real-life to 3D, more games will move towards abstract, stylized look (just like the images you mentioned).
  11. Just an offtopic question: do the .BVH files have to be "raw"? I once used a third-party .bvh file in my demo and I spend a week (it was 30-second track!!) editing and cleaning the animation curves by hand. I tried using some filters in MotionBuilder but without success.
  12. therealremi

    A sad state of affairs

    Yes, Poland's minister of defence - Andrzej Szczyglo. Actually he said that they have weak morale and they could fail to provide support to their colleagues in combat. The officers that wanted to come back home clarified that they do not want to take responsibility for ordinary soldiers cause they know that sending them on a patrol in Humvees is like playing a russian rulette (there are landmines everywhere in Afghanistan). I was also suprised with the lack of reaction to the minister's words but somehow he managed to convince the public opinion that the soldiers are just scared. I wish he was driving an old model of Humvee in Afghanistan. [Edited by - therealremi on July 17, 2007 1:25:48 PM]
  13. therealremi

    A sad state of affairs

    My brother is in Afghanistan with the polish troops so I'm kind of interested in that stuff. Recently some polish officers declared they want to go home cause the Humvees they got from Americans have poor armour and do not provide any cover against landmines. Our minister of defense said something that you could interpret like this: it is good that they come back to Poland cause they are cowards. 2 weeks after that 3 polish soldiers were seriously injured after hitting a landmine in Humvee. After reading this topic I see that politicians in the USA do not care for their soldiers either.
  14. therealremi

    artifact when projecting texture

    Matt Aufderheide: It's nice to hear that I'm not the only one who deals with this issue but I've been unsuccessfull trying to eliminate it with the tweaks you suggested. I do not really understand the cause of this visual bug...
  15. therealremi

    journey starts...

    Hi, I knew a guy called Zdunek once;) I have an ebook "3d game engine design" by David Eberly but to tell the truth I have only read 2 chapters of it. It all depends but I would recommend not to get too deep into designing architecture at the beginning but adding more features incrementally. And yes, download and take a look at Ogre, Irrlicht or any other engine.
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