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  1. What IDE are YOU using?

    Visual Studio 2008 Pro (xp, work) Visual Studio 2008 Express (vista, home) NetBeans (work and home)
  2. Capla

    Hi, I tested your game - it is very confusing.
  3. Orion 37 (Pixel Shmup)

    Nice game! Weapons 3+ are too powerful and windowed mode would be nice.
  4. Serious and fun

    Hi, I downloaded STW (I like screenshot) however it crashes immediately after dialog which asks if I want fullscreen. My configuration: Athlon 4000+, 3GB RAM, Matrox Millennium P650
  5. Cute, violent Boulderdash game

    I am going to try it coz I love Boulderdash!
  6. Tried again. Problem was with "Fit to width" opera setting. Works fine when disabled. Sorryz.
  7. Very playable. One bug - right border is out of visible area (Opera 9.02). Except that minor bug good work.
  8. Hi, I was able to play only last two videos. Others are not available - Error 404. I like screenshot atmosphere but you should replace it with high resolution one. Otherwise it looks really cool! Very good result for one person. I would like to check some playable alpha/demo! Good luck!
  9. Hi, I render models using this code which works perfectly: GL.glBegin(GL.GL_TRIANGLES); for (int j = 0; j < vertexIndices.Length; ++j) { Vector3 v = (Vector3)vertexArray[(int)vertexIndices[j]]; GL.glVertex3f(v.X, v.Y, v.Z); } GL.glEnd(); However I cant get it working using glDrawElements: GL.glEnableClientState(GL.GL_VERTEX_ARRAY); GL.glVertexPointer(3, GL.GL_FLOAT, 0, vertexArray); GL.glDrawElements(GL.GL_TRIANGLES, NumTriangles * 3, GL.GL_UNSIGNED_int, vertexIndices); GL.glDisableClientState(GL.GL_VERTEX_ARRAY); uint error = GL.glGetError(); if (error != GL.GL_NO_ERROR) System.Console.WriteLine("glDrawElements error"); It compiles fine but renders nothing. There is no "glDrawElements error" written. vertexArray and vertexIndices definition: private object[] vertexArray; private object[] vertexIndices; Thx for tips.