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  1. When preselling a game like Project Zomboid, if you buy through paypal/gcheckout, how are they generating keys and sending them out? Do they all have API's that need seperate code written for them to get everyone's email addresses? Or are they just using some web-based admin inside paypal/google/whatever websites to send the mail, or is it their own server sending the mail?
  2. What do you look for in an RTS?

    I look for resource collecting, base building and preferably no capture point or hero gameplay.
  3. You could try any of these: Game Maker Construct Multimedia Fusion 2 Game Maker has some pretty simple GML features if you wanted to use code only.
  4. I think my question for you would be... what type of game would this amount to? Is it so that players can make their own rpgs and share them with friends or something similar? If so, I suppose it could work but it would rely heavily on interacting with other players. Yes. It would be mostly about sharing with others. The idea for the other platforms would be to allow free downloads of people's RPG's over XBLive/PS3Store as with levels for Little Big Planet. For the DS version there would probably be a few lengthy quests pre-installed, but it has internet access so could probably hold a few downloads if they have a store.
  5. (To pause - right-click and untick Play) WATCH THE VIDEO Summary of video: NPC created. Name/Description/Appearance saved. Dropped anywhere in world. Item created - Sword - Name/Desc/Appearance/Properties saved. Dropped into NPC. NPC edited - sword is in Inv. Can be equiped. Conversation created. NPC is selectable as participant. Quest created - objects that spawn on quest-start are added/created (Andrew, Wolf) and can be placed anywhere in world and given inventories just like NPC was - "Speak With" quest type chosen - quest completes when this happens. SAVED. Quests need to be activated through Conversations - NPC edited and Convo added (could've done that after the convo was first created). Conversation edited - Quest block added wherever you want it to be activated. SAVED. Everything you created is accessible and editable from the overall "List". Would this concept be difficult to develop into a working game? Bear in mind it would be totally WYSIWYG with any item to be able to draggable from one char to the other. This GUI would be for the PC version, hence it's a bit more complex than a console GUI would be. Is the DS capable of something like this with SNES-type RPG graphics? [Edited by - Stardog on January 8, 2010 12:08:35 PM]
  6. MMO with player created buildings

    A Tale In The Desert lets you build your own house. You even have to make the bricks/wood too. There's no fighting though.
  7. Whats the best turn based strategy game ever?

    Vandal Hearts II -
  8. The challenge is the requirements set by the "mission". Such as "Get a population of X" etc. I'm on a mission in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom (the latest in the 2D Caesar/Pharaoh series) where it asks for a huge population, but with the way I've been laying out my towns I can't get anywhere near the figure, so I'll have to design a new way.
  9. design document examples

    This one isn't very in-depth, but it was a basic guide I made for a coder. Open the index.html. Eldervale - Coding document
  10. Google Zoom

    You mean like this? Do they definately want a 3D animation? Here's an After Effects tutorial -
  11. photoshop layers question

    A quick and dirty way would also be to CTRL-click the hair base colour layer, Selection > Modify > Inverse. Then select the highlight layers and press delete.
  12. [3DS] Low poly model too rough

    Select the face tool. Ctrl-A. The model should go red. Now go to the right toolbar and scroll down to the smoothing groups. It will be a grid of numbers. Press the clear button then click on 1.
  13. Lightmap baking made easy

    I'm not sure if this is of use to you, but this is free: Screenshots (only the first two are from the new version which has Ambient Occlusion):§ion=giles&sub=screenshots
  14. Gile[s] is a lightmapping program for game engines. Originally for Blitz3D but it exports to loads of file formats and should work in Ogre/Irrlicht etc. You can do Ambient Occlusion with the newest 2.0 beta version, and paint terrain UnrealEd style. Ambient Occlusion is the 2nd screenshot on [url=§ion=giles⊂=screenshots]this page[/url]. All the other screens are from the old version. [img][/img] EDIT: Download Link -§ion=giles&sub=download [Edited by - Stardog on December 17, 2008 1:49:46 PM]
  15. How are these games designed?

    I'd like to know this too. Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom is the only game that's constantly installed on my computer. It would be cool if there was a simple walkthrough of how to make a basic one. Too bad I have an art brain instead of a coding one...