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    Facebook to buy Oculus Rift?

    I'm lucky I had the chance to play with DK1. It was amazing experience, a breakthrough technology that worth a lot more than 2B in the long run.   IMHO oculus rift is doomed from now. Even if a scenario where Oculus remain a completely independent entity (i.e. FB sees nothing from this investment), Oculus already lost a lot of its community, especially those who dont like facebook (http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/03/25/notch-minecraft-on-oculus-canceled-facebook-creeps-me-out)
  2. skwee

    C++ IDEs for Linux

    Another vote here for QtCreator. Its by far the best IDE I've used for Linux. And don't be confused, "Qt" in the name does not mean it only works with Qt. You can write raw C/C++ with QtCreator as well.
  3. Hi there!   I'm currently working on a content pipeline tool for my next game, and I decided to release the tool to public when I finish it. However I was thinking about a commercial model for the tool.   I plan to opensource the tool and not obligated to continue its development since I want to concentrate my time on my game rather the tools for it (however in a very unlikely reality where it will become very popular, I might decide to maintain it).   Under the above circumstances, should I bother about license based business model? Or simply accept none forced donations from those who will use it and be willing to donate?   Does applying a license based business model to an open source software have a proven records of being successful?   Just co clarify: The tool is simple but very handy, therefor I do not plan to charge hundreds dollars for it, just a small charge per project, and most likely only for commercial use (i.e. those who are going to use the tool for non-commercial project - wont have to pay license fee).   In case of a license based (or any other commercial model), should I care about registering LLC company, or I'm safe being represented by myself?   What are your suggestions? Thanks!  
  4. Well about childhood. Yea I do believe it comes from there, I also still believe that if one was not raised as a creative person, one can still can become such person. I'm not sure I was raised as a creative person, dont remember my childhood too much.   I do have those moments of "Gosh! This is such a great idea! I totally should do it!" but as times goes, I start feeling "This is so stupid shit, why am I doing it?" Its probably because of the lack of self esteem and the need of external validation (i.e. "I'm not sure that what am I doing is good enough and that people will like it").   Music does not help. Most of the music I listen to is "good", some of songs I think are masterpiece (I have that feeling in my whole body when I hear such song). But thats just music, it give me power, but not inspiration or new ideas. However I do recall thinking "Oh this is such a great song, it will be 100% fit in this particular game I want to do". But most of the ideas are just bigger than I can conquer.   And thanks everyone for the replies! It really helps to understand what is going on with me and how to fix this.
  5. Thanks everyone! Ill try to do some of the suggestions you gave here, especially to find something that Im passionate about.
  6. Hey there!   Programming and especially game development - is a creative process. Game developers are like tiny Gods who creates their own worlds, with their own rules, characters and stories.   I was always amazed about how creative some people might be. It started with reading books with amazing stories and now looking at indie developers creating their awesome worlds.   The problem with me is that I do not consider my self a creative person. The best I can do is to think of a remake of an existing game other than inventing my own atmosphere and story. However I do believe that one can develop his creativity.   I'd like to hear some suggestions from you guys. If you consider your self a creative person (either by thinking of your self as one or being told by others that you are such), please share how do you develop your creativity.   Thanks!
  7. Game development is no different that general programming. Make sure to get a GPU that satisfies your need (i.e. if you develop AAA titles or similar, make sure to get a GPU that can run your games). If you are just a hobby developer in 2D and basic 3D, you can get the integrated GPU (i.e. Intel Core I{3,5,7} or AMD with ATI in it), but again make sure the needed DirectX/OpenGL is supported, shader models an etc.   Apart for the GPU, I highly recommend you to a get a desktop PC and not a laptop. Laptops have smaller screen, and they are not very comfort to sit in-front of for a long time. You will get pain in the back and neck for sitting very long in-front of laptop unless you have very optimized environment (a good chair and a desktop). Also having a big screen or even dual monitor setups, have proven to boost your productivity by 20%-30%. The keyboard on laptops is very generic, its not a full keyboard and not that convenient for typing a lot (today you can get ergonomic, mechanical and split keyboard that boosts productivity).   So I suggest you reconsider the decision to a get a laptop unless YOU MUST HAVE mobility.   Of course you can get a laptop and connect monitor, keyboard and mouse to it, but usually you can get a better desktop PC for the same price (thus however loosing the mobility).   Other than this, guys here wrote a lot of useful information.
  8. Hi!   I'm doing a 3D tower defense. My levels are simply rooms with paths (without roof) that will be viewed from top / isometric. Every level have: Target - The target that needs to be protected by the player and destroyed by the enemy. Enemy spawn points - Points where enemy waves will be spawned. Places where player can put the towers / turrets. Other per user defined triggers that are part of the game play. I'm planning to use blender as a modelling tool. The levels wont be huge, but will be bigger than the screen area, thus requiring the user to scroll to view the full level (Think of Age of Empires like levels).   I know that blender is pretty flexible on defining user data / triggers / entities, however I'm not sure that the default export format of blender is optimized enough. I need help regarding choosing an already existing format that suits my needs (lets say portal like level, with static geometry and custom entities like the ones described above), that can be exported from blender, OR recommendation on how to design a format that will suits my needs.   Rendering is done using OpenGL. Programming is C++.   I'm not sure this is the right forum section for this question, if I'm wrong, I'd be glad if this thread will be moved to the right section.   Thanks you!
  9. skwee

    Lack of motivation. Plenty of will.

    L. Sprio Thanks a lot, its very informative and motivational!   u1bd2005 I'm very similar to you in a lot of aspects, apart from the thing that my hobby (programming) is what I want to do for living. Thanks for your reply! I appreciate it!
  10. skwee

    Lack of motivation. Plenty of will.

    mikeman Sorry! I probably misunderstood you. I definitely agree with the fact that the approach of "give me my 8 hours work and salary, and let me do whatever I want during the remaining 16 hours of the day" is completely ok! There is nothing wrong with such approach. It works for a lot of people who live happy lives. But not for me.
  11. skwee

    lua vs v8

    Nanook, Node.js is just a software platform written in C, C++ and JavaScript. The core of node.js is written in C and C++ with bindings to JavaScript. And yes, it is possible to create a web server entirely with node.js. I'm not going to say you should do that before I'll know what your needs are.   As for scripting, I wanted to create scripting engine with JavaScript, simply because I love JavaScript, but I assume its easier and more common to use Lua because it was already tested and proved to work. And I agree with previous comments, Lua is very lightweight.
  12. Let Entity be a Unique ID. When you add component to entity, you actually connect a specific component to a specific unique ID (Entity). Now you have a bi-directional relationship: 1. Given Entity you can get all its components 2. Given a specific component, you can know to what entity its attached, hence going back to #1 you can get all other components   From here, your render system can query the entity manager (or whatever you call it) for components based on given entity.   This is the method I prefer. It keeps the design flat, and allows per sub-system update (rather than per entity update). The down side, is that you need to have some validation process when creating an entity (what if entity X created with render component but without position component? you need somehow to handle this). Maybe even a pre-process of the entities before the game starts or at build time (before packaging the game), to make sure that all entities being created correctly. Also I'm not sure about caching of such approach. As I see it, it should be simple, since every system keeps a hash/list of Uniqe ID->Component and retrieval should be O(1).
  13. skwee

    Lack of motivation. Plenty of will.

    Unfortunately - no. I don't have a degree in programming and comp. science, but I consider my self a well experienced C++ programmer, even to the level when people who are doing degree projects or homework, asked me about C++, operation system development and etc. However I live in a reality (and it might only apply to me, and not other countries), where employer won't look at your resume if there is no degree. I also confirm that I lack confidence, and even if I was be able to get to an interview into game development studio, I'd probably consider my self lucky and "sort b" developer. On the other hand, in my reality, there are practically zero game development studios in my country. Therefor I can be the best gamedev out there, still no body needs me here. On the other hand, I might just be looking to justify my whining...   jHaskell Thanks! Perspectives are important.   szecs But today I also have to deal with incompetent developers that work with me, stupid customer requests and etc. + I officially work 8 hours a day, and when I get back home, I sometimes program for another 3-4 hours. How is that different from being self employed who works 12-14 hours, but he does what he like most of the time, while I spend most of the time, doing what others want me to do.   That what scares me. That I talk a lot and do very little. It brings the feel of hopeless, i.e. "I want to do that, but I'm not really doing this, therefor I'm useless and hopeless". And I find stupid excuses like "it was a hard day at work, I deserve playing some video game or watching some tv show, i cant code for 20 hours for gods sake!", which are just... excuses.   mikeman Fight club is a great movie! One of my favorite. I didn't read the novel though, however its somewhere in my "to-read" list. Yes, I won't lie and tell you that I'm not affected by television or those super star games, where the protagonist kills all the bad and brings peace to the world, I'm still a young man who didn't self-expressed yet, and I look for those places where I can self-express. But we all know that I can't be Rambo or Hitman. And by the way, Fight club is just another movie, no different than everything shown on tv, and saying you can be raised by that movie.. well.. I don't know how to explain this. I just feel that how things work now, is wrong. I feel that I can do better. As for me, I think its wrong to tell people not to reach their goals and maximum potential. What is our purpose then, other than reaching our goals and strive to personal (not what is shown on tv) greatness? Just my philosophy.   phantom Its not that matter of "nothing you do will last", its more the point of doing something meaningful for you.   Thanks everyone for the replies! I really appreciate your efforts to help!
  14. skwee

    Lack of motivation. Plenty of will.

    I'm not sure I understand you.   As I said earlier, my life is pretty comfortable. Of course there are things I'd like to improve and make better (in my understanding, you live as long as there is something you can improve and achieve). But they are not the issue, I'm satisfied with my life except one (well to be honest two, the second one is a normal, stable relationship with the opposite sex), which is work. I want to be self employed and do what I really like to do. The problem is that I'm not sure I know what is it that I really like to do, or, that I know what is it, but don't know how to turn it into business.
  15. skwee

    Lack of motivation. Plenty of will.

    Oh I like philosophy!   I'm not going to teach anyone how to live. As I stated earlier, everybody have their own experience and reasons to do what they do (its important however to understand those reasons and knowing why you are doing what you are doing). I'm talking about my self only. At current point in life, my philosophy tells me, that I should be someone in this world. Its unacceptable to me to be no one. When I'm asked "what are you doing in life", I answer "I'm a web developer in traveling company", without any enthusiasm or passion. Its wrong! We spend at least 8 hours a day at work, its a very significant part of our lives. And I can not accept the fact having no passion and enthusiasm about what I do during this significant part of my life.   Seteve Jobs said: When I ask my self the same question, my answer is No. But I don't know how and what to change.
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