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  1.   But this isn't just a small indie team, and their forum will probably be littered.   Also, any of the none "developer" ranks might not be interested in this "feature"... So it's still a maximum of ~2500.
  2. Here is a reply from their own forum:     Still seems a lot ambigious. But atleast they said that you are able to give direct feedback on their forum.
  3. Hey Gamedev.net   I've been a long time lurker, can't seem to find any other post resembling this.   The kickstarter project for Shroud of the Avatar, has a pledge for $400, which sounds as follows:       I've never really developed a game, but it is my dream to become one at a point, and currently working on an education towards it.   What would your assessment be of this "developer" position be?     Pros: I like the overall concept of the game, and have a lot of experience with Ultima Online and feel like it has been one of strongest MMORPG's ever, and therefore think I can add something to the game I have played almost all MMORPG's to ever launch on the western market(Including some korean/japanese that never made it to the west)   Cons: No idea how much I will get heard, or how they will take in critique/new ideas. $400 (It's not that I can't afford it, and it is something I would like to do, so I could add it to my CV or something silly like that,or I could look at it as an investment of some sort)
  4. MMO + RTS Hybrid

    Quote:Original post by Sijmen This sounds very much like A Tale in the Desert to me. Just that this game, lacks commanding features... Only thing you can do in ATID is to create houses, and some other sandbox features.
  5. MMO + RTS Hybrid

    Have you tried the game called Savage ? http://www.s2games.com/savage/ Its a multiplayer game, where there is 1 commander, and the other team members are the soldiers/builders and so on. Its a bit more FPS minded, but i think you would like it, and get an idea of how to implement these features to a MMORPG.
  6. MMO + RTS Hybrid

    I really like this idea. And it is already under way. http://www.mmorts.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=Sections&file=index&req=viewarticle&artid=2&page=1&POSTNUKESID=db19bb225cc14d3fced2e1ec21d7a222 The idea you are suggesting though, is a MMORPG with RTS elements, am i right?
  7. Problems In Mmos

    Quote:Original post by Tesshu I agree with many of these cool ideas presented but can 7mill WoW people be wrong? Thats just the stupidest thing ive seen. Was 40 million germans wrong back in WWII ? I hate to say it. WoW success is the coalition of previous MMOs put together in a very very user friendly way, creating a game that was playable by anyone. No major bugs, no major server downtime, constant updates... But the game lacks depth. You could get to level 60 in a month, you could get max in every craft within a day, you could hook up with 39 other people and conquer a dungeon... Some of the dungeons are really hard, but when people have grinded them for ages, there isnt much challenge in them, even for 7 year olds. The PvP was a grind, and not challenging. The new arena system is pretty nice, but still emerge into one big grind in the end. I dont mind grinding, i just mind forced grinding, as WoW is/was. Im currently playing Vanguard, and i think it is a nice game. It still isnt the perfect game for me, as it has classes, which are restricted to certain skills etc. The perfect MMO for me, is a class free system, like the one we've seen in Ultima Online and Morrowind. The system would consist of a heavy item centric system. Long time ago i played probably the best MMO in my years called Helbreath. Hack'n'slash system, where you put down your own attributes, each time you leveled. This way you could make your own style of playing. You wanted max spell dmg go for MAG, you wanted to swing faster with a sword you went for STR etc... The game would consist of 2 factions. The 2 factions would be in an epic battle amongst each other all the time. But the storyline of my game should be somewhat center of the 2 factions, and why they are in battle, but to create some of the more powerfull items you would have to coorperate with the other side. Meaning "real life" diplomacy is needed, in order to get the right tools to create these wonders. The game should evolve forever... Sorta like DDO is. New content would be added always, in order to feed the storyline. Everyone playing casual will always be at the "end-game" content. In practic, levels are limited to 50 in the start, it would take a power leveler a week to get to this level, and a casual player a month. Then you would put in world events once a month, so people actually could be SOCIAL in a Massive MULTIPLAYER Game. The world events would then make the game progress. You wouldnt have to program a new game every month. Simply make up a plan by the end of the game how the game story will progress, that will buy some time for the devs to make up new content... From here on out the rest stays in my head =))) So, who is going to recruit me for their billion MMO project as lead game designer? There is alot more to it... but this is some of the features i would like to see.