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    Mouse and OpenGL

    In every game i've ever played the cursor was invisible in normal play, and the reticle was just drawn there. My proof? When you open the ingame menu in a first person game center the cursor, now leave the ingame menu and move the mouse to the left until you have turned 45 degrees. Open the ingame menu, the cursor is now on the left edge of the screen, but the reticle never left the center. So figure out how to do that in OpenGL, cause I don't know it.
  2. theStormWeaver

    A better game loop

    while(created) { //A Switch statement here for the game state } //An event handler that listens for escape to be called while in the MENU state //sets created=false THAT was my first looping method, and when I switched to the OnPaint looping method it got faster, thats all there is to it. Thats also all I changed when it got faster. According to some of you I can use OnPaint whenever I want, so I guess this whole thing is a moot point now.
  3. theStormWeaver

    A better game loop

    You make alot of assumptions greenhybrid. I've made a fully functional BreakOut clone with multiple levels, Soundfx, and the option of choosing any mp3 on your system as background music. The [SOURCE]while (created){ //method calls for loop here } [/SOURCE] Came from a game programming book called C# Game Programming, and it made my game noticably slower. [SOURCE] //If I do not include this line of code in my Initialize method the screen //goes white with a big red X. When my textures are made in paint that is. this.SetStyle(ControlStyles.AllPaintingInWmPaint | ControlStyles.Opaque, true); [/SOURCE] And I was told by a friend, who had already made several games, that thing about OnPaint, okay? To be honest I'm starting to doubt whether or not anyone on this forum knows how to help anyone but the most absolute beginners. I've posted several legitimate questions here before and recieved little to no help. At the same time I see the same questions(not the same as me) posted by a dozen people everyday and those questions get plenty of attention. I understand trying to help noobs, but you're supposed to link to the stickied posts, not to answer the same question over and over. Real questions made by posters following the rules and not asking "I don't have any programming I experience, how do I make an mmorpg!?" or "How do i sell my totally awesome idea to a game company?" are getting their posts ignored or buried to the second page in a matter of hours.
  4. theStormWeaver

    A better game loop

    Hello, I'm using C# and would like to know of a good way to do my game loop. What I mean is, how to cause the game to loop. I've used the while loop and the 'created' or 'running' boolean, but that made the game slow. I've also used an override of the OnPaint method, but to use that all your textures must be made in mspaint, and I'm not hardcore enough to make all my textures in mspaint (for my next project anyway). I'm just wondering if you know any ways to loop the game that are more efficient than a 'created' variable, but more flexible than OnPaint.
  5. theStormWeaver

    Question a grizzled and not yet bitter veteran

    Well,since like 90+% of the market use Windows DirectX is a safe bet. But SDL is cross-platform, which gets you even more available customers. So, whatever.
  6. theStormWeaver

    Question a grizzled and not yet bitter veteran

    Quote:Original post by garyh I wrote above: Quote:2. I want to write cross platform games. OpenGL, SDL? Isn't SDL a layer on top of OpenGL and therefore carrying overhead? Is the overhead insignificant as compared to the saving? I went through http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=192483 and created the windows version. At the end I see a programmer write the SDL version. Where to go? Can I get some details on the SDL vs. OpenGL? What is more marketable? I learned the MFC within Visual C++ but, this is not valuable in game development. Sorry friend, I'm quite new to this and my knowledge is limited when it comes to anything beyond DirectX and C#. I think your right about OpenGL being ontop of SDL and stuff, but your specific questions I can't answer. If some of the others posted here still they could help. PM ApochiQ or Jeff Lander(Jeff is the Original Poster) and see if they'll come back.
  7. theStormWeaver

    What's the more elegant function?

    functionB looks much cleaner. Its MUCH easier to read, which is very good. You only repeat those same lines three times, thats not so bad. If it really bothers you, create a helper method and pass the method what it needs. I say B, because of the readablity and straight-forwardness.
  8. theStormWeaver

    Question a grizzled and not yet bitter veteran

    First, pick a language. Python, C#, and C++ are quite popular. It really doesn't matter. Then find a book for that language. Once you are moderately skilled find a game programming book for your language. Thats it. Make a Pong or BreakOut clone to test your new skills and its kinda touch and go from there.
  9. theStormWeaver

    Question a grizzled and not yet bitter veteran

    You could always try the Help Wanted forum, thats where to go here on the gamedev forums. If your thinking of joining a mod team you'd have better luck on the site of a specific game.
  10. theStormWeaver

    Question a grizzled and not yet bitter veteran

    Holy crap... you've got quite a bit of experience under your belt. I seriously doubt you need to take all the steps that the average 'beginner' needs. Perhaps makeing a simple game to get the mechanics of game logic down, you could probably jump right to a medium level game after that. Perhaps start with a simple puzzle game: BreakOut, Tetris, or something like that of your own design. Then do something with more meat, like an RPG or sidescroller. If you're really adventurous you can try an RTS or TBS :) [EDIT:] Almost forgot. After you get the game logic in your head really good you should look for a team to join. Most people start with the simple games and keep makeing them, I think you can skip some of them. (I started with BreakOut, am makeing a 2d space shooter next, then a 2d shooter, THEN a strategy game.)
  11. theStormWeaver

    whats wrong with this code?

    If you don't try to listen to the posters advice you'll never learn. Several times you were shown how to read an error message, and when you look at the only important part the solution becomes obvious. Your consistant problem seems to be that your passing the wrong parameters. Why do you need a vector of strings when all you intend to pass is a string? How hard is it to remember how your own code works? Especially in such a small program? P.S. If I seem angry or harsh, its because I get agitated when people as other people to do their work for them. Its not cool.
  12. theStormWeaver

    C# help

    Why don't you use an ArrayList? ArrayLists are dynamic, although limited to one dimension. I don't know if they(ArrayLists) have any advantages over Lists, or vice-versa for that matter, because I don't know anything about Lists. But ArrayLists have many of the same functions as Arrays, so I imagine they would work here.
  13. theStormWeaver

    Aw man so much info I don't know where to begin.

    First of all, the only 3d game i've ever heard of made in java is Runescape. I've been told by professional java programmers that trying to make anything more than a text game is a nightmare. Second, C# is MUCH closer to java than C++. They're almost identical infact. C# is, apparently, much easier to learn. Ofcourse C++ is more popular, and apparently more efficient. If your comfortable with Java you'll probably be more comfortable with C# then C++. Someone else, with more experience, will probably come here and tell you to try both and figure out which one your more comfortable with. Which is probably what you should do. Don't worry about moving from one library to another, once you have the concepts down pat you'll have no trouble adapting to another library/engine.
  14. theStormWeaver

    Picking / Selection problem

    I know exactly how you feel, I've asked three seperate questions on this forum and NONE of them were answered. Two of them weren't even replied to. Even though I bumped them each after they fell to halfway down the second page! Anyway, sorry I can't help you, I don't even know C++. But maybe this will keep your thread up long enough to get it answered :-)
  15. theStormWeaver

    Does Anyone Actually "Do Anything" Here? :

    Quote:Original post by ViperG I was a programming noob about 2.5 years ago. Now look what i've made: Black Sky DUDE!! That looks awesome! Looks like you've made alot of progress too. Good luck with that, and I can't wait until its finished. Don't worry, I'm realistic. I don't expect it to be done anytime soon.
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