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  1. Thanks for all the tips. Still investigating this issues myself. It seems I'm not the only one with this problems. https://community.acer.com/en/discussion/415231/aspire-es-15-running-slow-brand-new https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/284036/new+laptop+is+slow+-+unhappy+with+performance It's sad really as I personally like Acer hardware. The 9 year old is an Acer and not once do I need to send for repair. Only bought a new battery every 3 years or something. Yeah, it still catching up on the updates. Win 10 really made me mad there. Win 8 has size, download speed and downloaded amount if I remember correctly. Now it replaced with percentage - which barely moves. RAM is not a problem since I already upgrade from 4 to 8 as part of the purchase. Thanks Frob for the info on drivers. I'll check if there is new versions. @Bregma, My day job is DBA. I used to install Ubuntu on that 9 year old Acer. Kinda loves it, except when I visit website that uses Flash. It made the OS unresponsive around 4 to 5 minutes. But Adobe is ending Flash so I guess it's a moot point now. But I used it for 2 years - the problem is that currently in my work environment, I just need to use MS Office. For compatibility with other people using same documents. Thanks for all the input. Reformat is my last option (probably will do on the new year holiday). I'll see if Microsoft iso download tool enable me to download a clean Win 10 iso.
  2. More of a general Q/A, a mix of opinion and technical. I used to own a Win 8 laptop. An earlier laptop that used to run XP (like 9 years ago). The Win 8 laptop is dead. And I install Win 7 on the 9 year old laptop just as a temporary measure while buying my (current Win 10 laptop). Here is the thing. The laptop is brand new - but it is slow and unresponsive like heck. Everything takes time. I've installed Chrome. Something that is instant on my 9 year old laptop (Win 7)for example opening a new tab is taking around 30 sec. Clicking on the wifi icon, it takes 43 sec before the list of wi-fi appears. Cliking on the magnifying glass takes 31 sec before it open and i can search app. And starting (or swithing) to new app will almost always gives me the "Not Responding" for a while. It was so freaking slow I was wondering if the shop actually stole my cpu and replaced it slower but compatible ones. So I downloaded Intel CPU tools. So I run Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. But here is the strange things happens. The CPU is rarely above 5%. Around 2% to 4%. So what gives? What is the issue? Anyone have this experience before and how do you solve it?
  3. Solo developers - How has it worked out for you?

    in my case? missed the boat and burnout.   there are jackpot cases like flappy bird.    ironically, i'm collecting games via humble bundle - but I wonder, if I'm a game dev, how can I survive with humble bundle existing?   i'm sure this conversation about humble bundle existed before, and I'm not a representative of the market. but that is my opinion. i'm the kind that can wait several years until game is 75% off or several on the dollar.   --edit--   in my case, i was living in a 3rd world village at that time and game dev wasn't big. so i was on my own anyway.
  4. No Man's Sky

    Some of the video posted in this thread shows what game magazine / portal said about this game. I guess that is one of the issue. When someone said this game wins E3 FOREVER that is ... interesting ...
  5. No Man's Sky

    I will not touch it with 10 foot pole.   One reason: they used a scripted video for the steam page. And from what I heard, most of what happened in the video does not happen in the game.
  6. Who here has a game idea collection?

      Now I remember. While I mostly at my PC (hence, Essential PIM) OneNote is easy to use on Surface. With typing and drawing using surface pen.   but i mostly use EPIM for game ideas, as I mostly play games on the PC.
  7. Who here has a game idea collection?

    I put my ideas on whatever inside Essential PIM. I bought life license back in 2007 or something. Best purchase.
  8. To Hot To Code...

    I don't own air condition, but this year was getting hot I purchased myself a KHIND portable air cooler. Its something like this.   http://www.edgestar.com/EAC421-Edgestar-High-Velocity-Portable-Evaporative-Air-Cooler/EAC421,default,pd.html
  9. Did you know GDNet turned 17 today?

    I was here even before gamedev existed ( game programmers megasite and game programmers 99).   good old days of webring and taking notes of the link section of a website...
  10. Did you know GDNet turned 17 today?

      Some types of voxels, anyway.  :P     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comanche_(series)   Heh heh
  11. Advice with upgrading to Win10 And ISO files

    I will not upgrade to Win 10 for the PC I'm writing this now ( Win 7). Some of my old games not even working on Win 8.   I also will not upgrade to Win 10 for my laptop (Win 8.1). Someone I know already did it and a lot of crucial app for work no longer works (they said Win 10 automatically removes the app. !!? )   But if I buy a new PC in the future, Win 10 is obvious choice. 
  12. USC Canceled Video Game Panel For Too Many Men

    Wasn't like throwing acid on the face of a woman who rejects your advances a national sport over there or something? And you're putting that country as an example? Interesting.     Can't debate so ad-hominem? Last I check, no. BTW, we don't serve lead in our water either.       I'm not shocked.   Have anyone here seen Milo De Paul uni video?   I wish this thread stay serious, but I'm bailing out. Gotta do STEM stuff in my real life.
  13. USC Canceled Video Game Panel For Too Many Men

    This seems to match what a lot of people in this thread have been saying. Bringing this up does make the additional point that culture matters when we're discussing this - and it also suggests that the forces keeping women out of the industry are cultural - CS/IT is seen as a "masculine" field - and not innate characteristics, which means this should be a solvable problem. You know how we make a field not seem masculine (or feminine)? Ensuring that women have role models and at least some visible representation.     I'm not saying it solved everywhere. I'm saying that it CAN BE DONE.   Anyway, I'll PM you a secret.
  14. USC Canceled Video Game Panel For Too Many Men

    Actually, to be frank, its not step 1. But only few people in this thread can accept the truth.   --edit--   but if someone want a hint, watch this documentary:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hjernevask
  15. USC Canceled Video Game Panel For Too Many Men

    The fact that there are only 14 people on that list, doesn't give you pause for thought? Note that there is no matching list of "notable men in the video game industry", likely because (a) it would be hellishly long, and (b) no one considers it surprising for men to be notable in the video game industry...     Yes. It give me a pause for thought.   Why in the age where steam is available and the market is there (imagine creating your own e-commerce site and accepting credit card in 1998-2000, and download bandwidth, etc) and creating your own game engine (and supporting all kind of hardware) and unity 3d and unreal engine is free, and pc / laptop is cheap, and art software are cheap and have indie version (remember 3d max price in 2000?) (thank god my prayer was answered when Ton get enough money to buy blender source code and made it open source) and so on and so forth - and yet the number is small.   Why notch was notch and not someone else of different gender was notch? Was JAVA in accessible to women? I thought it was free download back in 1999?   Again, repost.   http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~cfrieze/courses/malaysia.pdf   Quote   You know how women solve the problem of number women in IT courses back in my country solve this problem?    1) apply for the course.   Done.