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  1. FableFox

    what do you listen to while making / playing games??

    Demo scene musics. I prefer those without lyrics. However, depending on the moods, I might listen to oldies and other song.
  2. FableFox

    The games called "masterpieces"

    - Ultima 6 - Final Fantasy 7 - To The Moon Ultima is for world building ,characters and interactivity. FF is for storyline. To The Moon was attention grabber. It's the only game that I played that kept me coming back for more that I finish it as soon as possible. It was during extended holiday, and it was fun.
  3. FableFox

    Why Is Animation so Under-utliized as a Medium?

    I think the OP is asking why here the animation is mostly targeting kids (although with adult themes subconsciously such as Cars, etc). But in Japan, CGI, and cartoons (such as anime) does cover adult story as a market ( brutal / violent CGI and anime). I guess the answer is "market"?
  4. FableFox

    Video Game Movies

    I think Final Fantasy : The Spirit Within was a good movie. Moviegoers issue with it, I think, internally: For gamers: it didn't use storyline or characters from the game For normal movie goers : the heroine end up with and old guy because the main hero died. Sad really. If they take the best storyline from FF7 it would have break the box office. Oh wait, now I remember - there is another awesome video game movie!
  5. I once banned (and stay banned) on a computer graphic forum because of a debate on The Force Awaken movie. Let just say that the moderators are leaning on certain side, and when they can't debate me on facts, they just shadow banned me. The reason they uses that because if other visitors notice the word banned under my account, or all my post are missing, then they know I was banned because of the film debate. By shadow ban, all my post looks normal, but I'm locked from loggin to my account. So to others users, it look like I'm either no longer interested with the debate or just decided to leave the site. I'm not sure if I'm the only one or many others were being shadowbanned due to that film debate, and these people share the story (being shadow banned) with other users (at other location). Not long, the forum become almost a ghost town. The mod has to post 7 month old news, hoping to attract reply, and the number usually under 5 replies. I once met (in a way) one of the moderators at another computer graphic software forum, in a thread, so I decided to PM the mod. I was saying if the mod unbanned me, I can make the forum less ghost town-ish. The mod never reply. Oh well.
  6. FableFox

    New SEGA Genesis Game!

    Cool. One day when I retire I do plan to develop games and demo (as in demo scene) for DOS. Because it's one of my childhood dream that practically died. A database administrator now. But I understand why he did it. DOSBox and Free Pascal are going to be my solution.
  7. FableFox

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I don't like it. Born in 79, I grow up in a village in a 3rd world country - so I did't catch the Star Wars craze. Even though I'm a fan of computer graphics, I tend to move towards Tron, etc. When the prequel came out, I didn't understand the craze either. Although I do respect the fan, just like fan of other movies/mini-series. The only prequel I watch at cinema (by then I was already an adult and moved to the city) is the one where a member of Fett family has his head cut off and his son/clone pick it up. As a subscriber to 3D World magazine (I bought it since #1 when it feature the 3d animation Dinosaur) for me the 3D was like other big budgeted movie, and the storyline so-so. When TFA came out, I decided to give it a go, for the reason of Ford, as I like a lot of his film (when I was a teen, I like his quotes from the Patriot Games). By then, of course, the original SW has been shown on TV/cable numerous times already. Even at that time I was sketchy about the movie, because I think the trailer was bad, and they added Ford 'we're home' at the end of it, basically saying 'give us money because nostalgia!!!'. And yes, as other mentioned about 'yet another death start and yet another trench run' so for me it was meh. Worse than the originals. I didn't went for the Rogue One - plan to rent the DVD. But due to ITunes, netflix, iflix, online rental by cable channel Movie on Demand, the shop closed. After watching an online review, couldn't be bothered. So came The Last Jedi. Even though I didn't catch the craze, I kinda like the original trilogy. And Luke character. I liked the fact Mark Hamill voiced a character in the Full Throttle. So I went to the movie having read reviews, including the one with spoilers. I can watch movie in that regard (with spoilers) and still respect the twist and turns. When the movie start, that Huck/Poe scene was cringe-worthy. When Poe landed, Finn scene with water all over the place, I can sense that scene of such quality will keep on coming. And that scene of Jar Jar Binks toungue get electrocuted comes to mind. The whole movie is cringe worthy. If it all was chase, why didn't the First Order (?) send all of their Tie Fighters? Anyway, just add what other online reviews here as I doesn't plan to write the same stuff. This describe my feeling toward the movie. Anyway, so long Luke Skywalker, may the force be with you. Maybe for some people, Star Wars is about spaceship, light saber and aliens. But in reality, at least for me, (and it seems that some others also thinks the same) that Star Wars is about Luke, Leia and Hans. Anyway, a funny tidbit (or maybe to see this from different perspective, as I said, I didn't catch SW fever as a kid) : In my country, Jumanji beats The Last Jedi. Also, something that I realized later after reading above article, the reason I actually went to see TLJ because the ticked was priced at RM 10. I felt that was strange, usually it was RM 17. And when I want to buy Jumanji, it was RM 17. So it seems it didn't generate enough traction in my country even the ticket price was reduced. It was interesting reading the comment.
  8. Thanks for all the tips. Still investigating this issues myself. It seems I'm not the only one with this problems. It's sad really as I personally like Acer hardware. The 9 year old is an Acer and not once do I need to send for repair. Only bought a new battery every 3 years or something. Yeah, it still catching up on the updates. Win 10 really made me mad there. Win 8 has size, download speed and downloaded amount if I remember correctly. Now it replaced with percentage - which barely moves. RAM is not a problem since I already upgrade from 4 to 8 as part of the purchase. Thanks Frob for the info on drivers. I'll check if there is new versions. @Bregma, My day job is DBA. I used to install Ubuntu on that 9 year old Acer. Kinda loves it, except when I visit website that uses Flash. It made the OS unresponsive around 4 to 5 minutes. But Adobe is ending Flash so I guess it's a moot point now. But I used it for 2 years - the problem is that currently in my work environment, I just need to use MS Office. For compatibility with other people using same documents. Thanks for all the input. Reformat is my last option (probably will do on the new year holiday). I'll see if Microsoft iso download tool enable me to download a clean Win 10 iso.
  9. More of a general Q/A, a mix of opinion and technical. I used to own a Win 8 laptop. An earlier laptop that used to run XP (like 9 years ago). The Win 8 laptop is dead. And I install Win 7 on the 9 year old laptop just as a temporary measure while buying my (current Win 10 laptop). Here is the thing. The laptop is brand new - but it is slow and unresponsive like heck. Everything takes time. I've installed Chrome. Something that is instant on my 9 year old laptop (Win 7)for example opening a new tab is taking around 30 sec. Clicking on the wifi icon, it takes 43 sec before the list of wi-fi appears. Cliking on the magnifying glass takes 31 sec before it open and i can search app. And starting (or swithing) to new app will almost always gives me the "Not Responding" for a while. It was so freaking slow I was wondering if the shop actually stole my cpu and replaced it slower but compatible ones. So I downloaded Intel CPU tools. So I run Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. But here is the strange things happens. The CPU is rarely above 5%. Around 2% to 4%. So what gives? What is the issue? Anyone have this experience before and how do you solve it?
  10. FableFox

    Solo developers - How has it worked out for you?

    in my case? missed the boat and burnout.   there are jackpot cases like flappy bird.    ironically, i'm collecting games via humble bundle - but I wonder, if I'm a game dev, how can I survive with humble bundle existing?   i'm sure this conversation about humble bundle existed before, and I'm not a representative of the market. but that is my opinion. i'm the kind that can wait several years until game is 75% off or several on the dollar.   --edit--   in my case, i was living in a 3rd world village at that time and game dev wasn't big. so i was on my own anyway.
  11. FableFox

    No Man's Sky

    Some of the video posted in this thread shows what game magazine / portal said about this game. I guess that is one of the issue. When someone said this game wins E3 FOREVER that is ... interesting ...
  12. FableFox

    No Man's Sky

    I will not touch it with 10 foot pole.   One reason: they used a scripted video for the steam page. And from what I heard, most of what happened in the video does not happen in the game.
  13. FableFox

    Who here has a game idea collection?

      Now I remember. While I mostly at my PC (hence, Essential PIM) OneNote is easy to use on Surface. With typing and drawing using surface pen.   but i mostly use EPIM for game ideas, as I mostly play games on the PC.
  14. FableFox

    Who here has a game idea collection?

    I put my ideas on whatever inside Essential PIM. I bought life license back in 2007 or something. Best purchase.
  15. FableFox

    To Hot To Code...

    I don't own air condition, but this year was getting hot I purchased myself a KHIND portable air cooler. Its something like this.,default,pd.html
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