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  1. Hey guys , ive developed a VST Library for Ueberschall , an Audio software/library company The product is a sample library for composers writing film music .. what im looking for is a high quality video that can have my music under , it will be used a s a demo to promote the Product . the piece should be 30sec to 2 min in length What you get out of it . First of all exposure . My previous VST with Ueberschall got a rare 5 star review in SOS magazine , keyboard magazine , and was all over the web (its called Score FX for those of you who want to read up on it) Hundreds of sites and magazines will link to it , so you can proudly walk around with the thought that your Video is being watched by tons of people . It'll look good in a resume. But thats not all . I have a personal catalogue of about 350 music tracks which are usually licenced or sold through royalty free music sites, I own all the rights and am willing to give you any 10 tracks that you pick, a demo of the type of stuff that i do can be heard at http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=940166&content=music If youre interested , please send (youtube vimeo) links to midiscore@gmail.com Thanx a lot !
  2. midiscore

    heres my interesting stuff :)

    actually i guess from listenning to the soundclick page it seems that im influenced by the atmospheric dark and gloomy .. in reality all those tracks are a part of a library that i was doing for someone and everything had to be in the same genre ... i should post some other tracks ... in the meanwhile heres some more lighter pop stuff pop stuff best midiscore
  3. Midiscore's myspace tracks Midiscore's Sound design film tracks hope to get some responses best to u all midiscore@gmail.com [Edited by - midiscore on June 8, 2007 12:58:05 PM]
  4. midiscore

    My Semi Orchestral Q

    Heres a new track that i did today , it starts out slow and low and then hits big so careful with your speakers i don't do too many orchestral pieces , but since everyone is posting em here i thought id write one too http://www.soundclick.com/util/downloadSong.cfm?ID=4939686 your opinions suggestions midiscore PS . It hits at around 1 minute :)
  5. midiscore

    My bit of the pie , have a listen :)

    Tony thnx for the kind words i just found out about this site from Sean Beeson , he suggested i check places like this out , maybe someone will be interested in my work .. (thanx to him) as far as sound click , ill do that when i have a bit of time since i got alot of trax that i dont mind letting people listen to and judge . As far as my hardware and soft , tracks were made in nuendo 3.2 , most of the ambient sounds pads and weir noises are made by me (im putting together a custom library of filmic sounds ) the tracks that has me singing falcetto not the rock one but the mellow one is made completely out of custom built sounds exept the piano at the end is an old akai patch from years ago.. if u have any specifiq questions id be glad to share my experieces.. best midiscore
  6. midiscore

    My bit of the pie , have a listen :)

    strange i just tried it , it gives a pop up with an ad , and then redirects to a page with a button that says "DONLOAD"
  7. midiscore

    My bit of the pie , have a listen :)

    strange i just tried it , it gives a pop up with an ad , and then redirects to a page with a button that says "DONLOAD"
  8. midiscore

    My bit of the pie , have a listen :)

    does it suck that much ? no comments at all ?
  9. since everyone posts here , ill post a couple of tracks, maybe u guys will like em... ...i mostly ghost write for a composer here in toronto for tv/film . Ghostwrite due to the fact that its difficult for young people to score gigs.. have a listen if u have a second , ive got lots more will send if u wanna hear more.. your strict CONSTRUCTIVE critisism is welcome:) EDIT : as suggested by Tony i uploaded the trax to Soundclick here is where u can hear them http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=656419 and here are some direct links to mp3s http://www.soundclick.com/util/downloadSong.cfm?ID=4938182&key=0C0C4D0D-3 http://www.soundclick.com/util/downloadSong.cfm?ID=4938217&key=0C0C4D0D-3 http://www.soundclick.com/util/downloadSong.cfm?ID=4938250&key=0C0C4D0D-3 http://www.soundclick.com/util/downloadSong.cfm?ID=4938222&key=0C0C4D0D-3 midiscore@gmail.com www.addasong.com/flint [Edited by - midiscore on January 28, 2007 6:51:11 PM]
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