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  1. Hi, I've been coding my first SDL game - a pong clone creatively named 'Pong' - and it's been going well for a while, but then I started getting a runtime error:Segmentation fault (core dumped)I screwed around with the code for a while, rewriting bits of it slightly to see if it would make a difference, and lo and behold it worked again. However, it has been throwing the same error now, and I'm not sure why. When it gives me the error, it does not run ANY of the code. I'm am building it using Code::Blocks and running it through command line on Ubuntu 7.10.
  2. [4e6] The Monkey and His Steed

    I posted some screens of my game so far. Not much right now, but I'm going to keep it updated as my game progresses.
  3. I've got a GeForce 4 so if it runs on my comp, I'm safe.
  4. 4e6 Technology

    Name: Most likely The Monkey and his Steed Genre: Comedy Shooter/RPG Languages: Java Libraries/Engines/SDKs: jMonkeyEngine, width jME-Physics for physics engine. Content Creation Software: Not quite worked out, but probably Blender. Homebrew Technologies: Cartoon post-processor.
  5. Screen resolution

    The game engine has a handy feature that pops up a dialog the first time the player runs the game allowing them to input settings. That's what I'm going to use.
  6. I'm using 3/4. I would have used four, but the fourth element just detracted from the game and you don't get any bonus points for it.
  7. [4e6] The Monkey and His Steed

    It was a pony, but a donkey is funnier and you only need 3/4 elements.
  8. Title: The Monkey and His Steed Genre: Sort of shooter-ish, but more comical. Story: In a distant land an evil accountant rules with an iron fist. No penny goes unaccounted for, and he owns all of him. The accountant rules with a crystal holding the power to devolve a species, and his army of Gorillas keeps everyone in line. But one hero dares to challenge his authority. Unfortunately for the hero, when he meets the accountant he is devolved to a monkey, and his noble horse to a donkey. However he does have grenades... Gameplay: Basically, you ride on your donkey through the levels, throwing grenades at Gorillas who try to stop you and and whacking them with a stick if they get too close. Gameplay Modes: Story (choose a level) Multiplayer Quickplay Tech: jMonkey Engine Current Sreen(s): 1) the menu 2) the game I got my engine all set up along with a state manager and text. Any feedback is appreciated! [Edited by - Rodin on October 6, 2007 10:39:56 AM]
  9. A question for and about my competitors

    I'm a teenager making my game in between homework, so I probably don't stand a chance anyways, but who cares? It'll be fun.
  10. 4e6

    (dramatic music) In a distant land... An evil accountant rules with an iron fist. No dollar shall go unaccounted for, and not a single one is not owned by the accountant himself... However, one hero will rise among the people to defy this dictatorship, riding his noble steed... Unfortunately for the hero, the accountant owns a crystal with the power to devolve a creature... And so, the hero is devolved to a monkey riding a donkey... Luckily for the hero, he has (drumroll) grenades... That's one of the ideas I'm toying around with [grin].
  11. Request - History of 4E

    You can download the winner of 4E5 at edit: oops, I was wrong. That one got in third last year.
  12. It might be worth mentioning the jMonkey Engine -
  13. Sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, and potatoes. edit: Sneakers, sandals, and flip-flops duke it out for the name of best footwear using potato bazookas.