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  1. glassflakes

    Do MP3s degrade over time?

    did you try playing the same *scratched* mp3 files on another device? also, is it just the mp3 files?
  2. glassflakes

    How can I make this more appealing?

    At the top of my head: (I am assuming that the character is not acquiring the key right in front of the door and this is an AS3 project) -Why not draw a curve from the character to the door after the key is acquired. And maybe move little keys on that line towards the door, like a conveyor belt, suggesting that "you have the key and the key goes there). -Do you absolutely need the key/lock? Maybe remove(animate open) the door after the user gets the key automagically? -This door is viewed from the side right? Why not make it either front view like Stabbin' Steve? -Force field idea is pretty cool, maybe make a BitmapData ripple there and mask it with a door shape and only show the ripple through that mask? Some sort of background texture would enhance the ripple there. -The character is standing a tad weird, you might want to align the calves to the butt maybe. Godd Luck :)
  3. glassflakes

    Game Engines

    There were rumors that the Windows version would not work very well etc. which turned out to be false, at least for me. I have been using the Windows version since the week it came out and it's been great. ps: The trial is the indie version, for a pro license key, you need to contact sales@unity3d.com and ask for a pro evaluation.
  4. glassflakes

    Game Engines

    Unity3D forums are also pretty active and nice (considering you don't get one of the OS wars:) ) http://forum.unity3d.com/ I have been using Unity for some time now and I think I got my money's worth, I don't have any major complaints and the documentation & support is decent.
  5. glassflakes

    multi dimensial array's confused me!

    Take my words with a grain of salt since I am not a programmer but, you can think of an 2D array as a grid system, a matrice etc. So you have rows and columns in that array, rather than just rows like you have in normal arrays. In an array you would have variables indexed as 0,1,2,3,4...n, right? Now, in 2D arrays you are storing data in colums as well, so you'd have to access them by specifying their row and column together like, row 1 column 3 (which would be [0][2]). I hope that helps a bit. ps: your arrays can have more dimensions than 2. Like, to store a point in 3D space, you'd have a 3D array maybe.
  6. glassflakes

    Troubles sleeping

    If I have a long next day, I tend to stress about it when I go to bed and that keeps me awake. What do you think about when you go to bed? Also stressing on being not able to sleep doesn't help. If I am not asleep in an hour, I get up and pull an allnighter, this makes me sleep easier the next day. However I would not advise doing it since it has become a pattern for me and I do that quite often now. Having a movie on and gradually turning down the volume over time helps a lot. Now I have a few movies that put me to sleep, I think I programmed myself to sleep when those movies start heh :)
  7. glassflakes

    bloodstock UK

    Seeing Kreator, Enslaved, Satyricon and Girlschool(OMG) would make me a happier person. I agree that Bloodstock has the better line up this year compared to Wacken
  8. glassflakes

    New RAGE Trailer!!!

    Quote:Original post by RivieraKid ...HL2 ... were bland and generic... Oh no, you didn't. Kidding aside, I am looking forward to RAGE and the keynote was great. I had my hopes down when id got involved with Zenimax, but Carmack assures that they are doing things their way and Zenimax is not getting involved in the development process. At least not on the creative side.
  9. glassflakes

    Eternally Colonized

    here's a relevant and awesome link, apparently we are 90% bacteria :) Bonnie Bassler's TED talk on communication among bacteria
  10. glassflakes

    I hate germany

    Quote:Original post by Black Knight This made me remember the South Park episode where Stan didn't want to vote and was cast away because of that [smile] Also we have a penalty in Turkey for people who don't vote I'm not sure how much it is or if its really charged.I always prefer to vote for the lesser evil. It was not charged, at least they did not charge me or anyone I know. I believe it was 5 YTL, which is about $3.50.
  11. glassflakes

    I hate germany

    Quote:Original post by Black Knight Lol welcome to Turkey,oh wait you are in Germany but looks like you are going in the same direction as we are [lol] They would be steering in our direction if the the ban was actually in place and Angela Merkel said that she found her way around the ban and can access the blocked sites. (Remember our Prime Minister actually said that he could access youtube by other means so te public should not complain, or something like that)
  12. glassflakes

    13" MacBook or 15" MacBook Pro?

    I would get the 13", since it's technically almost on par with the 15" macbook pro, however, I didn't like the glossy screen of it. I imagine it would be frustrating to work outdoors. About your question on running Windows on the 13", it handles it. I guess I'd go for the 13" and get an external monitor like Oluseyi suggested.
  13. glassflakes

    Bitmap Animation Software

    Actually you can do this all in Flash, onionskin tweening (for bitmaps too), it's all there. What I do is; 1-draw stuff in Flash and convert them to symbols-graphics 2-or draw them in photoshop and import them in Flash. 1-2-contn.-if it's a character, draw every limp seperatly 3-assmeble the character in the first frame on the timeline 4-copy that frame (alt+drag on timeline) 5-manipulate the new frame 6-repeat steps 4 and 5 a lot.
  14. glassflakes

    Big mesh or group of meshes?

    this might help, read it all :) http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=39&t=112189
  15. glassflakes

    I dont have traditional art skills but...

    Quote:Original post by mayaguy ...But the problem is that i dont have traditional art skills and i'm reading that... nobody drew or sclupt good when they first started, just practice a lot and you'll learn in time. you have incredibly good fine arts faculties in Bulgaria, I'd sugest taking a few classes on basic drawing/painting and lots of sculpting, since you want to be a modeler.
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