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  1. wolf

    typos suck

    Ok should be online. - Wolf
  2. wolf

    typos suck

    maybe I should post chapter 15 here on gamedev.net ... - Wolf
  3. wolf

    typos suck

    oh just read your comment regarding the quality of the Ashikhmin Shirley implementation. I think my implementation is now used in at least one game here at Rockstar. The problem with the original version in the paper is, that you will get some problems with it ... it is such a long time ago, I can not remember the reason. So I think I changed it and the version that is used now. You can look forward to an updated version for DX10. This time a couple of people will work on it and I hope that the chapter on Ashikhmin Shirley won't have any typos anymore. - Wolf
  4. wolf

    typos suck

    Hey, yes I am sorry. This chapter went terribly wrong. Send me your e-mail and I e-mail you the version. I assume the source code helped nevertheless. - Wolf
  5. I believe that material system designs will not change a lot between DX9 and DX10, if you already use a next-gen material system. As usual the difference between DX9 and DX10 graphics cards will not be so huge in terms of cache and overall performance. If you used hardware to the max with your DX9 system, you will also have a nice DX10 system. The API changes are interesting, but the hardware performance will dictate what we do not the API ... as it always did and I do not expect a lot of surprises here ... the 360 showed the way.
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