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  1. Robocop was relevant back in 1987, but as they point out here, it's even more relevant today!
  2. I'm sure this is how game testers feel like when testing a game in development :D
  3. And a happy steak and blowjob day too! :D
  4. I believe in sharing. That's what the Indie game dev scene is all about anyway :)
  5. Now that's Science Fiction come to life!
  6. Just found that Reddit might be a place to post the research too, so appreciate if y'all could goto and upvote it :)
  7. Corp Wars market research

    Check out [url=]this link[/url] for the results of the research so far. It will update continuously as more people responds Also, we will post a summary on our [url=]blog[/url] when we've closed the survey.
  8. Lade Hapkido Klubb har oppdatert Facebooksiden sin til Timeline. Vi har fortsatt plass til flere medlemmer, så...