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  1. OpenGL noob question

    Ok let me try to make this a simpler question: I want to use OpenGL 2.0 stuff. I have Visual Studio 2005 which has the OpenGL headers. Do I need anything else to start using OpenGL specific stuff?
  2. OpenGL noob question

    Maybe I am missing the point. When OpenGL gets updated do I not have to update mu header files or any other header/source file on my computer to access the new version?
  3. OpenGL noob question

    I also want it becuase it should also be a better version than the one I have which is most likely version 1.5, so there is no way for me to get the lastest version from some site?
  4. OpenGL noob question

    Well this is for a project, not just playing around so it would be nice to use the most common version, adn so all developers are using the same version too. is their a place I can download the latest version of OpenGL?
  5. OpenGL noob question

    what is the current latest version of opengl sdk?
  6. Where do I get the opengl SDK? I have searched on the opengl.org site and can't find a download.
  7. Is this video card good enough?

    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=7907802&st=Video+card&lp=6&type=product&cp=1&id=1149206843568 that si the AGP version. I don't know exactly my power supply but it should handle that video card is has atleast 400-500 watts and this one need 300watts.
  8. I was going to buy a new computer but a good deal on a car has popped up and I think that will be a better investment. Right now My computer specs are: 2.8Ghz P4 intel 1GB Ram FX5800 128MB Video card Now I could use more ram but the thing that is slowwing me down(in terms of gaming) is my video card. My computer can only handle AGP card so I found this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814133175 Do you think that shoudl hold me over for the next 6-7 month till I have money for my computer after I pay off the car? I most intense game I think I will be playing in Elder Scrolls 4 so can this card and my current setup handle ES4 nicely?
  9. APIs for a Game Engine

    Another one that comes to mind is also a scripting language. I think I am going to go with AngelScript for the engine scripting language since it is close to C++ syntax and license allows for release of source code in a commercial product. I also think I will go with Bullet for Physics API they also have a license allows for release of source code in a commercial product. [Edited by - RyanZec on May 29, 2007 8:45:30 PM]
  10. I am building a game engine and getting a list together of APIs I can use to help with developer some of the part of my engine. Some part of the engine I don't want to have to send a lot of time on and just want to bring in a open source API the help speed up, basically just building a interface of my engine to use the open source API. Here is a list of "section" of code that I think we are going to have to build: NOTE: One thing that is important about this is the license needs to allow me to release their source code in my commercial product(the game engine). I am going to have 2 types of releases for the engine. First that is the cheapest is access to the engine through .dll files and .exes, no source code. The second which is more money is the same as the first but full access to the source code. Rendering Engine: This is something I do want to build from the ground up with DX9, DX10, OpenGL(starting with one and then the next and so on) Sound Engine: I found a nice API called Fmodex however their license it unworkable for me. The money in no the problem, it is that I can't release their code in my project If I sell it. I really don't want to build this from scratch with DX9 DX10 and/or OpenAL but I can't find anything like Fmodex with a good license. Physics Engine: This I would not be able to build a good one if I wanted to since I don't know physics at any advance level. I think I will use Bullets Physics API since it is free and has the prefect license as I can release their code in my commercial engine without any worries. Networking Engine: I also do not want to build this from scratch build have not been able to find any. Memory Management: Would be nice to have a helper class for this. File Maniplution: Someone suggested this, not sure why tho. Resource Handling(3d model files, map files, etc...): Would be nice to have support for exist 3d model files quickly Scripting Language: I don't want to build this myself. I think I will use AngelScript. It has the same license as Bullets Physics API and follow C++ syntax closely which I like. If anyone know of any APIs for these sections and allow for me to sell my engine with their code included in the license, please let me know with the name and link is possible. Other thing that is a plus is if it in Cross-Platform [Edited by - RyanZec on May 29, 2007 9:53:47 PM]
  11. cin.getline does the same thing, once I press a key cin.getline() waits until I press enter. I need something so that unless I press enter the loop continues.
  12. here is my current code that loops: if(_kbhit()) { //_getch() like function if(std::cin >> status && status != "") { } } I need to find a function that gets the key entered but also echos it. Basically all I want to do a wait till the user hits the return key, then get whatever he typed and process it. any help would be great.
  13. creating a constant loop

    Sorry I did not explain myself better the first time. I want the program to loop whether or not the user has entered text but when they do I am to be able to grab that text and put it into a variable to perform whatever process I need to.
  14. creating a constant loop

    I am trying to create a loop to will constantly loop untill they enter text and press enter which is when I will take the text and do a ctiove based on that text. Here is my current code: while(status != "quit") { if(std::cin >> status && status != "") { } } The problem with this is that it is not doing anything until I enter text and press enter. How can I create a loop that loops enter the user have entered the text and has pressed enter?
  15. Which container to use?

    Thanks, works great.