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  1. Classes and OOP

    A general question.   When designing a program and separating the different elements into separate classes; at what point should a task be relegated to another class as opposed to making it merely another method?   Any good info on program design?    
  2. things you should and shouldn't do when writing stories

    Wow, I was supprised how long it is since I responded to this. Always good when a thread resurfaces; we get the opportunity to see if what we wrote bears any resemblance to what we now think. I'm ok with what I wrote. :)
  3. things you should and shouldn't do when writing stories

    I am not going to state what my writing experience is, without proof it is pointless. However, I do have some.:) Good advice from FridgeRaider. I would add a couple of caveats: 1. Ignore "Do's and Don'ts" if you find what you are writing feels right, Keep trying. 2. Their are rules to follow when writing anything, it's a good idea to learn them. 3. It's also a good idea to know when to ignore them effectively. 4. Know the medium you are writing for. Whilst it may not be absolutely essential you really enjoy that medium/style, it will affect what you produce and your 'voice' may show the reader your feelings. This would be bad.:) (probably). So like a little at least.:D 5. Writing is a skill, it's part science, part art. Practice constantly and read lots, read a lot of what you do like to write. But also read different types of literature, both 'high' and 'low'. Finally (yes, I know there are more than two) have fun. If it isn't fun to write, how can it be fun to read? In the literal sense as in reading a story, or in the conversion to another medium. There is one more point I am going to make and for the writer, it's the hardest to learn, and it is here where a second opinion can help. Learn to be critical about what you have written. If it is rubish, accept it, move on. Start Again! Writer's Block
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