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  1. gharen2


    Why are you guys still feeding this troll?
  2. gharen2

    Huge 'Warbots Online' Update / Lots of new stuff..

    Very, very sexy work. One bit of constructive criticism though: the siege machine looks way too much like the jawa sand crawlers from star wars.
  3. Beautifull as always! The only constructive criticism I can get is that in some of the distance shots, the contrast between the low detail terrain, and the sharp, detailed environment objects like buildings and wind turbines is quite jarring. In those shots the objects don't look like a natural part of the scene, they stick out too much (if that makes any sense at all).
  4. gharen2

    The OpenGL Confusion

    I used to use OpenGL back in the days when I actually cared about cross platform development and backwards compatibility. All of this was still true back then, as I'm sure you know. There's what? Half a dozen ways to render to textures? How many ways to make drawing calls? No, you can't define a vertex format yourself, you have to massage your existing vertex data to conform to OpenGL (maybe this has changed, it's been a while). And the fixed function pipeline? Ugh, so unintuitive. Thinking about how lighting was implemented just makes me facepalm. If I ever do anything serious with OpenGL again (haha), I'll do as much as humanly possible in shaders. Because I do think GLSL is pretty sexy. I understand the advantages of cross platform and backwards compatible code, but the fact that DirectX gets regularly rewritten makes its API so much more intuitive. I'd rather be productive on one platform than unproductive on several.
  5. gharen2

    Warbots Online - Statue Scene (Video Link)

    Quote:Original post by dgreen02 I dunno,I guess I'm just a bloom addict XD Bloom is like make-up: less is more :) Impressive work though!
  6. gharen2

    Deferred lighting and instant radiosity

    A lot of that went over my head, but it was a fascinating read. Stunning screenshots too, good job.
  7. gharen2

    I are brokenz

    Quote:Original post by Moe A Geforce 8600 GT is considered weedy these days? Makes me wonder what my 7600 GS would be called... I personally wouldn't call an 8600 weedy, it's probably more the average. And by average, I mean the real household average, not the average owned by hardcore gamers. The 7600 though... I replaced mine with a 9600 a few weeks ago, and you simply can't compare them. I had resigned myself to my good old 7600 being officially obsolete. Anything at all recent ran like garbage on it. The 9600 on the other hand is a thing of beauty. I got my 9600 for 100 bucks on sale, so I'd check it out. Pretty cheap considering how inflated hardware prices are in this country.
  8. gharen2

    ding gz 80

    Quote:Original post by zedz Quote:Why don't you want to run nax with us? It only takes 6 hours or so..." is that sarcasm? 6 hours is a bloody long time. Ive never played a MMO in my life, + from what Ive heard Im lucky do these games carry stickers on the packaging like smokeing - warning WoW is addictive :) Unfortunately it's not sarcasm. Most of the 10 and 25 man raids both before and after the expansion are several hour investments. I saw a lot of people who were definately addicted. I mean, I played a fair amount, but I'd actually *gasp* go for a day or two without playing, and would be called inactive. "Active" was the people who play 10+ hours a day, every day, and who booked a week off of work for the expansion's release. Using that term for wow-addicted shut-ins is ever so ironic :)
  9. gharen2

    ding gz 80

    Same here. I had been unhappy for a while prior to the expansion, due to hating grinding rep and gear, and dealing with annoying guildmates. The expansion revitalised my interest for a while because I could explore new content solo, but once I hit 80 it was the same old. "Hey, who wants to run heroic nexus for the bazillionth time?" "Why don't you want to run nax with us? It only takes 6 hours or so..." Never mind all the aggravation I suffered for playing as a healer :) No thanks, I quit wow again a couple weeks ago. For good this time. I highly doubt I'll touch another mmo until guildwars 2 comes out. Well... I may try warhammer if they ever do a free trial. Leveling by pvping FTW.
  10. gharen2

    A Complete Listing of C++ String Types

    This is a perfect example of why I despise working in c/c++ :) So very bloated an unnecessarily complicated. And yes I know this is more of an API issue than an issue with the language itself, but the fact remains you have to deal with this stuff any time you touch c++.
  11. gharen2

    Terrain texturing explained

    Impressive as usual. Do you intend to also look up textures by latitude? It would break my suspension of disbelief if the poles of a planet were grassy instead of snowy :)
  12. gharen2

    Terrain engine

    Absolutely stunning! I've actually been working on a somewhat similar project as a hobby for some time, and looking at your work in comparison humbles me. Mine will never be more than a hobbyist-made indie game. Yours will be able to compete in the big leagues. Can't wait to see the final product. I've worked on large projects in the past, and I know how nitpicking can affect you. I actually abandoned a couple projects that were quite nice before I learned to ignore them. If you listen to them, it'll just drive your morale down, and I'd hate to see such a fine project abandoned. Screw the nitpickers, just keep doing things the way you want to. You haven't gone wrong so far. Cutting off irc and email sounds like a fine idea. And for the record, half the criticisms that people seem to come up with aren't even visible to me. Or at least, it may be a very minor artifact visible in a screenshot, but would never be noticed ingame. As alexmoura said, as you approach photo-realism, people expect TOTAL photo-realism, which obviously isn't practical.
  13. gharen2


    Yeah, unless you're working with skeletal animation, you don't need to care about bones. Just replace the _boneTransforms[mesh.ParentBone.Index] with Matrix.Identity and it should work fine. And welcome to the world of 3D. It can be an exercise in frustration, but I've never been able to go back to 2D.
  14. gharen2

    Planetary engine, Part VII

    Wow very impressive! This is just a question I'm asking out of idle curiosity, and feel free to ignore it if you're not comfortable with releasing these kinds of details, but are you using a custom physics engine, or a third party one?
  15. gharen2

    Procedural asteroid fields

    I suspect he means, are there more ways in which the appearance of the asteroids themselves are procedurally varied (in terms of overall shape, color, and whatnot). Personally I think that would be overkill, and that it's fine the way it is. I've been following your progress with keen interest, but that video is stunning. The use of the octree is great, and that'll speed up physics too. The thought of doing collision detection with all those asteroids with no advanced scene management makes me shudder. I have to admit though, I'm not sure what to think of the elliptical orbits and asteroids being able to collide with each other. That seems like realism taken to an unnecessary extreme. If asteroids can collide and be destroyed, aren't you worried about rings gradually disappearing? Granted, that would take a long time, but still. Or are you planning to have new asteroids spawn periodically?
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