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  1. I'm looking for a way to register a class method for all script classes. I would like to be able to have a toString() method for every object. Have you given any thought to allowing this? I did figure out how to register the method inside asCObectType, but it crashes when calling it (and I don't really want to modify angelscript). Thanks, Jeremy
  2. I'll look into adding some cross-compilers to generate binaries for other platforms. Android would be possible (although it still has the float/double bug), I think FreeBSD is easy to do, and I've read about generating Mac OS X binaries under Linux, but it's a little out-dated and I'm not sure it'll still work. I could also generate binaries for mingw, but I would assume most windows developers use Visual C++, or would some one have interest in that?
  3. I've updated the script to automate releases. It'll poll the tags once a day to see if a new tag has been created, if so it'll build it. The package in /Releases was built using the new script. Also I forgot to include the header in the package, that was fixed. The release packages are now built with -O2 optimizations.
  4. [quote name='Andreas Jonsson' timestamp='1327498968' post='4906096'] Great news. I'll add a link to this page on the library download page so people can find it. I think -O2 is probably the best optimization level for the release version. [/quote] Okay, I'll build them with O2. [quote name='Andreas Jonsson' timestamp='1327498968' post='4906096'] How does the automated build detect the official releases? [/quote] Right now it doesn't, I ran it manually. But I think I could poll the tags maybe once a day to see if you made a new release, that should work just fine.
  5. Would you want me to use any optimizations on the release package?
  6. [quote name='Andreas Jonsson' timestamp='1327443846' post='4905913'] I think the precompiled binaries just need to include the binaries and the matching angelscript.h header file. [/quote] That was my thought too, although I did include a build log incase the person is interesed. I generated builds for the subversion repository and releases. The snapshots are built each hour so I won't gurantee each revsion will be built. Instead it'll be up-to-date each hour. [url="http://builds.angelscript.jeremyh.net/"]http://builds.angelscript.jeremyh.net/[/url] I'll do some more improvements, such as displaying the latest release number and revsion number. Also I'll try to get the sort fixed so that the newest revision is at the top. Also maybe I should add Linux into the file name? I also will need to write a script to do some sort of clean up on the Snapshots folder, to save say X number of revisions or for X number of days maybe. One odd thing I've noticed is that 64-Bit builds are bigger than 32-Bit ones, any idea as to why?.
  7. Taking a little longer because I decided to take this as a opportunity to learn python for the first time. I've got most of it done, only have a little more work to do to make sure it doesn't compile the same revisions twice. Andreas: What would you like included in the package? Would you like me to include documentation?
  8. When I get some time tonight Ill write a script to generate builds for Linux. I can do 32 and 64 bit builds with and without debug symbols. Ill do it for releases and svn.
  9. I'm going to set up a buildslave running GCC v4.6.1 with O2 optimizations, this should help Andreas track down the issue, and make sure it doesn't pop up again (at least with this version of gcc).
  10. Hi Jeremy, my name is Neasa and I am currently looking for people to help me out with my dissertation. I would very much appreciate it if you would fill out my questionnaire which is in regards to female protagonist in games. PM if you are interested. Thanks Neasa
  11. I'm able to re-produce this problem on my machine using GCC 4.6.1. This bug is created by some change in GCC's optimization since v4.4.1 since that works with optimizations.
  12. Have you tried doing a full re-build? AngelScript has been tested with -O2 on the buildbot: [url="http://angelscript.jeremyh.net/builders/Full-Linux%20Optimized%28-O2%29/builds/84"]http://angelscript.j...O2%29/builds/84[/url]
  13. GD is always a good choice ( [url="http://www.boutell.com/gd/"]http://www.boutell.com/gd/[/url] ).
  14. My only concern is using libstdc++, as I use angelscript at work on a very ancient SH-4 security controller server. So if you add this could you please allow it to be disabled and revert back to the old method, something in as_config would work great.
  15. I'll leave your account, but if for some reason I have to format or something and it gets lost just PM or email me when ever you need access.