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  1. Kids learn to use touch screens pretty early in life. Please reduce trash. Besides I would strive for a RF solution, no real contacts which can corrode. Why not just use a Rasphery Pi?
  2. Locomotive Rigging

    At least in blender I do not understand this stuff. There are bones, constrains and physics. You never know what to choose in the start of a project and get problems at integrtion. Better integrate bullet into your code. Unreal can't be worse than eg Blender. I'm a coder at heart, so 3d modelling apps usually go against my mark.
  3. C# Concepts Useful For JRPGs?

    generics for templates. extension classes that came with LinQ. I really love GroupJoin
  4. Doom used photographs of physical models. I think, modern games are already very realisitc looking. What are you after? Cheesy ligthning, plopping sprites when enemies turn? Somehow I have in front of my eyes.
  5. 3D Neighbour nodes on a cube

    What about left-hand orientation for all faces. Then we only have to decide about the up-vector. Opposing faces haver counter up. 3 faces of one vertex have no common up. The rest can be modelled by a few "if".
  6. I like the other option more. Is that code C++? That looks ugly. Don't they have namespaces there like using D3DLinAlg; ? How do the dare overload the operator * where it does not commute? Did they hear of CamelCase? What is this Transform? Do they mean: Multiplication? Why do they order the args in such a strange way? Maybe switch to unity and see the beauty buried below that C++? dunno..
  7. DX11 Rendering Thread Architecture

    Use Vulkan/DX11 and let any CPU thread communicate with any GPU, maybe?
  8. >like a sportscar fan doesn't care about tractors. I care about both
  9. Collision+Physics* for a 3D Jump'n'Run Game

    I would not use ray casting. Sonic the hedgehog implemented full blown physics in assembler to get it right. You have bullet at your disposal, use it! :-) I did not see that bullet limits your ability to animate the character. I use it only from within blender, but there I am allowed to set a position at any frame in the animation (a bit tricky hidden in the scene graph).
  10. Historically I was wondering if someone could have come up with cheap realtime 3d before the ps. But then apparently one needs a minimum triangle count to make a game. What if there was a graphics adapter putting out 1024x200px on a cart rendering subpixel precision textured triangles like sprites (max 16 tris per scanline). Tris would be large to keep the count low => need to be perspective correct. It would have a smooth look. It is easy on the hardware. It would clip small or distant tris to keep the count low and thus would have had a very special look. Last application for software rendering was the GBA. In 20 years 3d accelerators will be something only a minority knows how it works.
  11. So raytracing is still in use. A million rays shot every second around the world. If i test for ray triangle intersection I do it individually for each edge. There is rounding involved so that effectivey these edges do not meet at the vertices. So with a bright background and a hightfield before that, triangles nearly hit from the side may lead to rays passing through the heightfield. I guess with current precision even in realtime applications no one notice a wrong pixel per hour.
  12. Sorry, I got nostalgic. A colleage of mine used to tell me that was all invented in the 1960s and then I look at my current code, where I limit choices so that intellisense makes sense. Also I avoid magic numbers. So in the end for every "next command" there are only less then 256 choices. In the meantime I read about RISC-V (on wikipedia) and what this design does is mostly do away with all the fancy ISA inventions. If a CPU-Designer from 1980s wakes up today, all we have to teach them is: Branch prediction and out-of-order excecution. Of course intellisense cannot be completely implemented in the few gates in the old days  VS   They tried to be compatible with the discrete CPU boards so. The truth is somewhere in the middle. GPUs and shaders and CPUs now also become all very similiar. Due to the fast paced development  special crypto circuits or compression circuits are dated when they reach the customer.
  13. Nebula rendering

    Please, no blur! Could you not just raycasting ( Wolfenstein 3d) ? Spare GPU or CPU core   to texture. There are so many sophisticated working nebulas with lightning, but raycasting is dead simple.
  14. When should fonts be rendered?

    Doesn't the current Win10 window manager render GDI to texture anyway? I've read that in window mode directX is drawn on top of GDI for each window. That my be dated? Alpha could be a problem. Fullscreen without fiddling with the screen resolution should be easy. Do it like for GDI and then turn of borders. The current window manager is double buffered anyway. Otherwise any browser animation would look horrible. I dunno if this subpixel LCD optimization still shines though. Same with Apple or Linux after X. (Or amiga for what its worth)
  15. You say for a vertical wall there is 0.0 contribution. Likewise in the shadow there is 0.0 contribution. .. of direct sunlight that is. Additionally the blue sky and the ambiente is contributing.