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  1. Yeah I thought about a system with airspace ownership. Assuming that no one cheats and that the clients have a good upload ping (UDP), I think the Binary Space Partition Tree of the level can be used to assign owner ship. This lets collsion calculation scale (MMO or battle royale). Also it could be tracked which players can see an area. So if two players see each other and battle it out, we can send packets directly between these two and only inform the server when someone dies or when they leave their shared airspace. One needs this information anyway to determine if to put text above a tank in world of tanks. Also wall hacks are less effective. I read that bitcoins network load costs a lot of CO2. Visiblity calculations on server also cost some, and you have to pay amazon. I would like to have BSP for vegetation in World of Tanks.
  2. State changes 60 times a second if you think of first person shooters. Look into quake network code! Otherwise: peer to peer ( Apple Talk, Napster, Tor) can work if no one cheats.
  3. arnero

    Scrum metodology

    I just want to say that this discussion is not about real physics or not. For example collsion need to be precise in both cases. Also games caused deaths in the past. In that ueber vehicle the specs for the sensors produced a working product. But they seem to use agile for the classification of the objects the sensors detect. Sometimes I have long time spans where I work to specs. Then feel guilty that I do not delegate this stuff off shore.
  4. arnero

    3D Picking Complex Models

    Look at Blender, perhaps. It cycles through all objects under that position starting with the closest to the viewer. Since Blender is mesher, I guess that it stores the transformed vertices (in screen coordinates). Testing for each individual triangle is simple. Convex poly also. Other polies need splitting. If you just need one pick per pixel you could render to a hidden buffer, where each poly gets its individual color.
  5. arnero

    A question about coloring grayscale game sprites

    in paint shop pro this would be multiplication (of the rgb values). It is independent of gamma.
  6. I do not think that there is any special hardware support for style.display.visiblity it is just that modern browser manage to do nothing stupid while switching this property. I would say that good old bitBlt is as fast. Or you could target the C64 or NES or Sega Master System. They have hardware support for tiles with four colors!
  7. arnero

    The Poor Man's Netcode

    I do not quite get the string bashing. Strings allow for paths. Paths allow for structure. I somehow miss enums in the story. Doing a lot of SQL it is quite natural for me to store strings in a table with an integer identity column (runtime, not compile time). I can get all sorts of integrety checks there. SQLite? I have used this large static array approach successfully in the past on critical code on a slow PC (read: not so many layers of cache), but on a game project I will probably fall for the second system effect. Also I like bidirectional pointers, like in spreadsheets. They never break on memory reallocation / serialization. I read that today almost no packages get losts as technology has matured, but you mention it twice. I like how you mentioned that OOP does not mean stuffing all network code in the methods of the base class. At least use inheritance, in C++ you can even use multiple inheritance!
  8. arnero

    Voxelization cracks

    Back face culling or that ? : stuff. I just read about conservative rendering. Are you rasterizing twice? I thought voxels are generated by marching cube. Why would I rasterize a triangle into voxel space?
  9. arnero

    Hierarchical Data in a Web Application

    For anyone reading this. You can place json or xml files just fine into your resource folder next to your html and png files ON THE WEBSERVER. Then you load it using xhr. Set cache timeout to something sensible. User data goes to local data storage "COOKIES". This is basic stuff. There is no: xml vs json. XML has some serious schema definition stuff and xpath and namespaces. If you sure you do not need this or want to reinvent this in json, just go ahead.
  10. Kids learn to use touch screens pretty early in life. Please reduce trash. Besides I would strive for a RF solution, no real contacts which can corrode. Why not just use a Rasphery Pi?
  11. arnero

    Locomotive Rigging

    At least in blender I do not understand this stuff. There are bones, constrains and physics. You never know what to choose in the start of a project and get problems at integrtion. Better integrate bullet into your code. Unreal can't be worse than eg Blender. I'm a coder at heart, so 3d modelling apps usually go against my mark.
  12. arnero

    C# Concepts Useful For JRPGs?

    generics for templates. extension classes that came with LinQ. I really love GroupJoin
  13. Doom used photographs of physical models. I think, modern games are already very realisitc looking. What are you after? Cheesy ligthning, plopping sprites when enemies turn? Somehow I have https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interactive_movie in front of my eyes.
  14. arnero

    Neighbour nodes on a cube

    What about left-hand orientation for all faces. Then we only have to decide about the up-vector. Opposing faces haver counter up. 3 faces of one vertex have no common up. The rest can be modelled by a few "if".
  15. arnero

    Yaw and Pitch against the skyplane

    I like the other option more. Is that code C++? That looks ugly. Don't they have namespaces there like using D3DLinAlg; ? How do the dare overload the operator * where it does not commute? Did they hear of CamelCase? What is this Transform? Do they mean: Multiplication? Why do they order the args in such a strange way? Maybe switch to unity and see the beauty buried below that C++? dunno..
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