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  1. Qitsune

    Resource to learn art

    Hey peeps... A lot of people around wonder how to get better at game art so I thought I'd pimp a community of artists of which I've been part for a long time. A lot of you have heard of (and a lot have not!) but did you know that they have a youtube channel where you can watch bits of video tutorials. There's the more basic photoshop tips like Photoshop mask with Whit and there's the super advanced oil painting tuts but even if they are just samples of the full lenght videos which are downloadabe for a fee, there is stuff to learn fro the free stuff (and if you get hooked like me, you can buy the full vids.) Linky to youtube Edited to add image to one of the new ones, so you see that this guy can draw [Edited by - Qitsune on May 26, 2009 8:19:15 PM]
  2. Qitsune

    Website color question.

    You might want to use a color picking tool since you are color blind. Here are a few. How To Identify Effective Color Schemes: More Color Matching Tools
  3. Qitsune

    streetfighter ex models

    I depends on the Eula/license of the game, it depends on what country you are in, the country where the game was made, the treaties they have signed and their vision of fair use. Fair use is a provision of the law that lets someone use IP that isn't theirs. It varies from place to place. It often encompasses personal or educational use but the conditions vary. For exemple, it would be very hard for a company to prevent computer users to use game screenshots as a wallpaper, not just practicaly but legally as well. That's an exemple of personal use. So althought I don't know how you could extract the sprites and I knowthat reverse engineering is usually illegal, you would most probably get away with it if you only wanted to see what the sprites look like and were never to redistribute them.
  4. Qitsune

    Rotating images in photoshop

    For future reference, you would avoid all these problems if you made your graphics in vector format (like InkScape, Flash or Illustrator) and exported them to pixel once rotated. I know it's not usually convenient if you don't know these software in the first place, but you could do it only for images that need to be rotated for non-90degrees increment.
  5. Qitsune

    Phony Phace 2D Art asset Qit

    More Screenshots of potential results:
  6. More info Phony Phace art Qit contains everything you need to develop an avatar builder module for your game, chat application or other software. Your players will create humorous, colourful avatars, representing themselves, someone they know, or even funny-looking freaks through a random function. As they build the images one feature at a time, with various styles and colours, they are creating something unique amongst literally billions of possibilities. Let your players create, send and save avatars! Phony Phace art Qit contains: 8 beards and mustaches 15 outfits 43 sets of eyes 8 pairs of glasses 6 hair accessories 36 hairdos 6 jaws 30 mouths Icons reprensenting the features and GUI assets Complete instructions with suggested alternate palettes, other palettes can be used or completely custom colors Specifications: Humorous Avatar maker for male or female bust. 320x320, the resulting image can be resized. Small footprint, mobile compatible (721 kb for all graphics) At least 6599124000 possibilities (+ color variations) 151 different features Aliased transparent png 8kb format Complete instruction with suggested alternate palettes, other palettes can be used or completely custom colors great for chat systems, menu avatars or as stand alone Let your players create and save avatars!
  7. Qitsune

    Too dark, need better Lighting

    Light therapy (what you get from full spectrum lamps) I personally light my studio/office with these even if I usually use a 26w fluo compact instead of the 500w tungsten that came with it. They are very versatile and I can fold them and stuff them in the closet when I don't use them (or toss them on top of the bookcase.)
  8. Qitsune

    Need help finding faces/artist...

    Forget DA. You can look at as sunandshadow already mentioned, or in the portfolio section of Post in the Small freelance job section (of and you should have tons of answers. Look at the artist's portfolios and more importantly at their track records. Choose someone who has finished projects before, no matter how small. There are flakes everywhere, even in generally pro forums. It helps if you have a visual exemple of what you are looking for, so the artist can look at the image and figure out how much time it will take. For exemple, I have done the math on your project and we're talking arount 8.33 USD per image, I'm still trying to image if that's good or not because I'm not sure of the level of detail you are searching for. It can be a very reasonnable price if fairly simple, because of the sheer amount of work. Have the chosen artist sign a contract or provide you with a work order or something official. Your best bet would be to pay in small installments for each batch or art done. If you are still a bit worried, you can ask for reference of past clients. I for one would be willing to give names of past clients who were happy with my services. Beware artists who don't want to do that. I hope this helps.
  9. Qitsune

    Looking for a piece of computer art hardware

    Seriously, if you are still at the point of learning what it's called, get a Graphire, they are dead cheap and I'm been freelancing on one for years.
  10. Qitsune

    my logo

    It looks good. How does it read on a light bg? Like, say, on letterhead? You should try and integrate a subtitle explaining what it's about if you want to use it by itself.
  11. Qitsune

    [web] Registering a web domain

    I have had very good experience with for registration, they have helped me retreive my domain from a registrar that went belly up with my money (unfortunately I didn't retreive the money.) I also use as hosting and I'm very happy with their service, the help desk is friendly and fast enough.
  12. Qitsune

    Artist/Illustrators, please read

    Small advice, make sure to put some of her art on the front page, I also found there were too many clicks before ending on a thumbnail page. You want her art to have more importance than the blabla.
  13. I too, would like stickies to be unretired. Sometimes users may have something valuable to add and don't want to start another thread for that.
  14. Qitsune

    Buy animations

    Why not commission an artist to do it after your own requirement? Is it 2D or 3D? In 2D, I only know of but I don't think it has what you are looking for. I'm thinking of starting a service like that myself, I'm not just sure the demand is there.
  15. Qitsune

    please critique my redone webpage

    Ok, I'm going to give some advices that won't require you to redo the whole thing, however, it would be valuable for you to make the effort to learn CSS since it's pretty easy and saves loads of time in the long run. 1- there's more than 20 names for colors in html, but need not limit yourself to names, pull out photoshop or you image editing software, choose pretty colors and check up their hex number (#ff44aa for exemple) if you want to keep a dark bg I would try something desaturated that won't steal the show from your images. 2- if you absolutely much use a table, the least you can do is the hide the borders, they are very distracting. 3- use smaller thumbnails, big enough to recognize the images but small enough that the user isn't scrolling through miles of stuff before finding what he's searching for. Crop them all to the same size, the user will see them complete when he clicks to enlarge. 4- drop at least one of the big tribal designs at the top, they take space that should be used to display your work. 5- no emoticons on your professional website please. 6- only show your absolute best work.
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