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    Armored Warfare - RTS/Action Hybrid Video

    how are u generating your terrain's normalmap looking at it im 99% sure its coming from an 8bit heightmap switch to a higher resolution, it will look much much much much nicer (u will be shocked in fact :) )
  2. zedz

    Digitanks - The Early Bloomer

    a much better method for bloom than what you have now (though it is more expensive) Is to have a bloom buffer, i.e. instead of taking the existing screen + doing a bloom with that. start with a black texture, render the depths, and then render the meshes that you want bloom to occur with. This way you gain far better control over the actual "glowingness"
  3. zedz

    Path Wizard logo progress

    well done that looks like its coming on nicely, seems like unlike most developers on this site youve got the right drive. I expect big things ;)
  4. zedz

    Web site mock up complete.

    so how many games do u have? If zero, then youre going about it the wrong way ( for evidence see 99% of the other ppl that have done similar things )
  5. zedz

    AppStore submission

    hey congrats man, simple idea but looks very very nice. Also due to it being simple to control it should work well with the tilt controls
  6. zedz

    Wow that took longer than I thought.

    Quote:I am not looking to become a professional gambler or tout, nor do I think that such a line of work could be profitable for me or 99.9% of the rest of the public out there. It really is a hobby out of enjoyment of math, football and gambling. It's an outlet for me to remember some of my latent math skills while also learning more about the game. I actually don't place any real bets on games but I do track my performance as if I was really betting on games. nice to hear Its my second job (professionally sports gambling) Whilst I have written a program to help me with the data, I still 70% of the time go with my instinct, the numbers do guide I have to admit. The thing is to not take it too seriously ( If u cant afford to lose it then dont do it ), My weekly outlay is $100->$1000. I average ~$150 profit per week, but Im one of the blessed ones. last week I lost $100, bet on oz 12 or under to win against nz (lost big time, but I wasnt certain on the bet so only $100), this weekend its $100 on cameron (boxing, pays $265, another uncertain, but worthwhile bet) >>I am not looking to become a professional gambler or tout also I find if u win to much to often, u get a reputation in betting shops, where your bets a first OKed before they go through
  7. zedz

    Portal shaders

    looking nice Have you tried surround your objects by a board eg blackish color of 1 or 2 pixels, to give it a more cartoonish appearance? Perhaps that would suit the games style?
  8. >>This is where the players will construct their vehicles/robots and then take them out to the battlefield. I like this idea, this is one thing most games dont let you do aside from small cosmetic changes
  9. zedz


    Ive been a bad boy + quickly threw together another demo, I was seeing how competitive breakout/arkenoid/pong would be, you against the cpu, the one to knock out the most bricks wins (perhaps expand to 3 or 4 players). I dont know if Ill take it further though, I dont know if the ideas got enuf merit. ------------------------- Anyways back with the shootemup game this weekend (4 measly hours today, though thats 4 more than I managed last weekend) The aliens are coming together OK I suppose, Ive gotta work on the powerups/weapons etc more though ------------------------- @MARS_999 cheers mate @dgreen02 cheers also, yes, that game resembles somewhat the one youre working on at the moment (Though without the vehicles) so perhaps the gameplay clicks with you
  10. zedz


    Ive been slacking a bit recently but heres another demo www.zedzeek.com/APPS/D_UL.7z -- aim is collect all the jewels (theyre inside the asteroids), u can drop a huimanoid to pick all the gems up -- controls -- mouse with both mouse buttons tab,q,a,w Ive removed all the enemies so as not to taint other ppls ideas. Im wanting ideas from other ppl of what they think would make good aliens. So how about it?
  11. I believe d3d10 or 11 now uses the same 0.5 sample as opengl
  12. zedz


    sorry no demo, actually slacked a bit over the weekend, only coded for 5 hours total. added box2d support for the physics now (Though I still do my own collisions)
  13. zedz


    lying bed last night drinking some wine (to aid the flowing of the creative juices mind) OK bugger reality + the clichedness. How about if I add asteroids, which u shoot + they break apart to create more gems. also limit the players lazers to only onscreen, ok which is a bit stupid since bullets dont disappear as soon as theyre not visable (whats the proverb about that tree in the woods) but it stops the player 'accidently' shooting something they cant see, i.e. aids gameplay. Also u could have a powerup which the bullets bounce off the screens edge. Also Now u can rotate the player's spaceship instead of having it fixed horizontally, its starting to resemble the old arcade game asteroids more than defender but shes right.
  14. zedz

    Lame Game #1: Hypertac

    >>Tell me what you guys think! Flames welcome. :) another flame here, png's to view this page burnt through ~0.05% of my monthly download cap (some of use suffer under these). your first image 1200kb I checked with a png that same image is 2.2kb ~500x smaller!
  15. zedz


    cheers anyways, virus is one of those dirty words so its worrying :)
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