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  1. Recently, killzone2/3 and the last of us
  2. KISS   Dont over complicate stuff by making generic solutions eg do this if ( actor == tank ) {  do this & that }   and not this if ( actor == has tracks ) {  do this }   if ( actor == has a turrent ) {  do this }
  3. I FOLLOW SPOrt & today was the first time Ive heard about it, apparently its been going on since sep, obviously big news
  4. OK, say you're in a room with this copy of you, its a perfect copy of you. And they say only one of you can leave (for obvious reasons) would you have no qualms about putting the gun to your head & pulling the trigger & be happy knowing that a copy of you would walk out of the room
  5. when I was younger yes ~12-15 yrs old the last game I brought was halo 1 back in the early 2000s. I cant think of the last game I played for more than 5 minutes, I think it might of been angry birds when it came out I tried it for 10 minutes but couldnt see the interest at all
  6. http://browser.primatelabs.com/ will give a rough idea
  7. [quote]Looking at credits for Black Ops, I'd estimate around 100-150 developers for roughly the same duration.[/quote] I betcha lots of those werent working on the core game but filler polish eg cgi films, voice work, soundtrack etc
  8. I always have difficulties with things like this, words perhaps? earners
  9. I just uploaded one a couple of days ago to the apple app store 6.4 mb it was the reason games are so big today is media eg in the old days u have sprites of 16x16 or 32x32 pixels in 8 bit color or less aka less than 1 kb, imagine that today having the main character come in at under 1kb
  10. Neither were the first true 3d game (played both when they first came out) eg heres a similar game from the year before [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars_(1983_video_game)"]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars_(1983_video_game)[/url] or from 1979 [url="http://www.retrocpu.com/mame/roms/t/tailgunner"]http://www.retrocpu.com/mame/roms/t/tailgunner[/url] never really saw the fun in elite (mates liked it though) I liked his other game more, virus
  11. [quote]One question, what are the totals? The percentage is lowering but are the numbers declining?[/quote] donno I think pc sales have been stagnant or slight growth (very low single digit) a year. Mac desktop IIRC has been growing an order of magnitude faster heres the most recent figures I can find [url="http://www.engadget.com/2012/07/12/idc-and-gartner-pc-market-flattened-out-in-q2-2012/"]http://www.engadget.com/2012/07/12/idc-and-gartner-pc-market-flattened-out-in-q2-2012/[/url] -0.1% decline in growth, though mac numbers (which grew 12% are included in that) so PC numbers prolly shrunk by ~1% year on year, so yes windows PC numbers are shrinking #3 well for indie game developers (like most ppl on this site), theres far more money in the android/IOS side of things than in the PC indie scene. US numbers (in just under 4 years) jan 2009 - windows (XP/vista/win7) 90.69%, apple (OSX,ios) 6.73% nov 2012 - windows (XP/vista/win7) 76.87% apple (OSX,ios) 19.8% (OSX = 14.89%(*)) Yes MS (whom I think make the best desktop OS) are still king on the desk/lap/top, but the world is changing rapidly now, tablets,phones are ubiquitous. Perhaps the MS surface can change that, but I have my doubts. like the BBC website said so far reviews have been mixed the buzz so far is not there. (*) i.e. the number of laptop/desktop mac's in the US has more than doubled in less than 4 years! OK the numbers in china/india are like ~99% windows ~1% other, mainly due to piracy, but MS doesnt see much money from these pirated systemOS software
  12. [quote]I'm not sure that you and I have the same standards of proof.[/quote] youre not seeing the whole picture look under mobile vs desktop jan 2009 - mobile 0.6% desktop 99.4% nov 2012 - mobile 13.38% desktop 86.62% considering windows phone is prolly ~1-2% of mobile that is a massive loss for windows relatively quickly, if it keeps up like this desktops will be smaller within a couple of decades (no wonder MS is doing everything to get into mobile) look at your numbers at the top of the page 2003 - windows 95.2% -mac/linux 4.8% 2012 - windows 86.3% - mac/linux 13.7% you were saying?
  13. [quote]And this, precisely, is why Linux has failed to date[/quote] you dont realize android et al are based on linux, andriod activations each day = 1.3 million. you add up windows & mac OS (& possibly IOS etc) and its prolly less than that [quote]Any notion that Microsoft [Windows] is losing popularity however does not seem to me to be well founded[/quote] well founded? Its proven! check statcounter.com for data, esp western countries. Personally though I think windows is the best OS, I only use a mac cause Im developing for IOS
  14. [quote]but what is clear is that in the past 12 months or so I have spent significantly more on games than on films.[/quote]how much per how of watching/playing? i.e. Im guessing Total $338 = 100s of hours vs Total $84 ~20 hours OP question - price of games maybe go down ~5-10% (not much) everyone will make a lot more money. Game sales would at least double
  15. [quote]But even if we set aside competition from the iPad for the moment, what reason does the average consumer have to buy a $500 ARM Surface over a $300 laptop? The laptop is significantly faster, runs x86 applications right off the bat, and doesn't have a confusing new interface.[/quote] not to mention the laptop comes with a keyboard. pricing it at the same price as the most likely technically 'superior' ipad3 is suicide. they had two options to succeed 1. release what they have cheaper < $400 2. release at 500 but make it technically superior Its like MS still hasnt realized nowadays theyre not as big as apple, thus cant act like apple & expect the rest to fall into line