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  1. Chad Seibert

    Game math

    Quote:Original post by Shakedown Any game programmer needs to know 3D math. This means you're going to want to take Linear Algebra. If you're eager to read a book, wikipedia has links to 3 complete, free online books. Linear algebra is certainly useful, though there's quite a bit of bloat(vector spaces, inner product spaces, injective and surjective functions, etc). Perspective geometry is also useful. Maybe a course in graph/matroid theory? Oh, and statistics/neural network theory for AI.
  2. Chad Seibert

    Per-Thread Unique Variable

    Or you can use __declspec(thread), if you are using VC++.
  3. Chad Seibert

    Team Fortress 2 cheat - what will valve do?

    Quote:Original post by Taran Shiro So I loaded up TF2 this morning psyched to check out the new map Goldrush and the achievements and unlockables that are now available for the medic. Problem is, Valve forgot to close the dev code for it so now you can unlock all 56 achievements and medic unlock ables simply by typing achievement_unlock_all with sv_cheats 1 enabled in a server. No, I am not encouraging people who read this to cheat, I only posted the code because obviously whoever wanted to find it out could just google it. I myself unlocked it assuming it was only temporary like the other cheats (noclip, impulse 101, etc) and would end when the server did, not realizing that it was an actual mistake made by valve. However, I discovered that you can reset the achievments simply with achievement_reset_all. How do you think valve will handle this? I'm pretty sure all they'll need to do is remove the achievements and then re-release them with the code fixed. But what they can't fix is the fact that now every team I join has 4 or 5 medics ruining the team structure and fun. How could they not predict that would happen? I think they should have released every class's achievements at once, or at least more than 1. Now it's not as fun as it use to me. Anyone else hope this fun game doesn't turn into another Battlefield 2 with unbalanced unlockables? The update they released yesterday solved these problems.
  4. Chad Seibert

    An interesting math problem...

    Quote:Original post by Jesper T By numbers from 1 to n in order I think he means starting like this: 1234567891011121314151617181920... and eventually ending up like this: ...0291817161514131211101987654321 Doesnt seem like its possible. But who knows. Yeah, that's the way I'm thinking of it. It seems so impossible it makes me wonder why such a problem exists. Maybe that's because there might be such a number.
  5. Chad Seibert

    An interesting math problem...

    Hello Community, Is it possible to write the numbers from 1 to n (n > 1) in order and get a palindrome? I'm fairly sure this isn't possible, but I'm having some trouble writing a formal(or even an informal) proof. This is just a recreational math problem, but an interesting one at that[smile]. Chad
  6. Chad Seibert

    Top 5 games

    Quote:Original post by Dave There is only one game that inspires me to make games, Deus Ex. Quite true, Deus Ex was simply the most amazing game I've ever played. It's inspired me to do way more than I could imagine! Anyway, my list is as follows: 1) Deus Ex 2) Half Life 2 + Episodes 3) Call of Duty 4 4) Team Fortress 2 5) Quake 4/Doom 3 Quote:Original post by Telastyn Go - The most elegant game ever. Few rules, tons of gameplay. Yeah, great game; Hard to write AI for(think it's NP). Chad
  7. Hello, It never occurred to me until now, but why are the transformations used in 3d graphics programming affine? It seems really confusing, considering affine spaces are basically vector spaces without a zero vector, but when I rotate a mesh or translate it, I need to know where the origin is? Thanks a lot[smile]! Chad
  8. Chad Seibert

    Vitamins increase my chance of dying!

    Quote:Original post by Sneftel Lies, damn lies, statistics, and meta-analysis. Simpson's paradox is probably causing most of the bias. But yeah, just like Moe said, need to find that 73%!
  9. Chad Seibert

    Saving File to Disk

    It depends on the kind of application your writing. It looks like one with a win32 gui. In this case, what you're doing is just fine. I forgot that win32 gui functions also uses OFN_FILEMUSTEXIST. To help you with your question, you could use this. Not sure about the license: Link As for your file io, I'd suggest using std::iostream. It's a lot easier to use and it's safer. But if your stuck with C, then your just fine. Hope this helps, Chad
  10. Chad Seibert

    Saving File to Disk

    Quote:Original post by SiCrane Assuming you're using C++, Boost has a CRC implementation. Assuming he's using C++, why is he using CreateFile?
  11. Chad Seibert

    Occlusion Queries in OpenGL

    Well, thanks a lot! Guess I should have google'd it first.
  12. Chad Seibert

    Advice on making a book (Might have a deal!)

    So, it would almost be cheaper to host the book on one's website and collect money from ad's?
  13. Hello, In Direct3D10, occlusion queries and culling can use ID3D10Predicate to indicate predication information to functions that support it. Is there anything like this in OpenGL? What about OpenGL 3? Thanks, Chad
  14. Chad Seibert

    RANT Annoyed about last part of assignment.

    Quote:HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! * hysterical laughing subsides * Sounds like my job! Seriously, this is life in the real world. I've had to deal with many similar issues to make unreasonable or stubborn people happy. In the Real World©, technical people have to deal with a variety of non-technical people. Consider this project a life lesson! :-) QFT!![smile]
  15. Chad Seibert

    Programming Languages and Technologies to Learn

    Quote:Original post by Ashkan A programming language is simply a programming language and nothing more, unless it introduces you to a new school of thought, but even then it's not the language that matters but rather the school of thought that you've been introduced to. Put another way, a programming language is not the goal; it's a means to a goal: the mentality. I personally prefer to excel at programming paradigms, accepted patterns and software engineering best practices, all in a language-agnostic way rather than a language per se. It's what I call the mentality of a programmer; an abstract level of thinking beyond what languages can offer. As I always find myself saying, how many keywords and structs does a new language have? That's not horribly hard to learn. The mentality of a proficient programmer on the other hand is. I couldn't agree more; the fact that I know C++ means I know Java and C#(minus a few syntactical differences; they use the same paradigms, though C# incorporates "reflection"). At the fundamental level, it's basically learning programming paradigms and then learning the syntax surrounding them per language. Well, thanks a lot for helping me out, you guys are great!
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