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    I was in Walmart today getting helped, and the cashier called over this other lady from Electronics. The other lady had boils or chickenpox or something over every square inch of her body and face that was visible. Have any of you seen people like this? Anyone know what this is or if it's contagious?
  2. ogl5


    When you are parachuting, what happens if you pass out? Is there a mechanism that causes automatic deployment of your chute?
  3. ogl5

    UML design artifacts

    Quote:Original post by eedok I'll personally PM you one olg5, the only condition is you have to reply to this thread. Ok.
  4. ogl5

    UML design artifacts

    I was just wondering if anyone has any UML design artifacts for a 3d FPS.
  5. ogl5

    credit scores

    Hi. Can someone recommend a simple way for me to check my 3 American credit scores just once with no ongoing billing? Thanks.
  6. ogl5

    GPA scale

    What determines if a college uses a 4.0 GPA scale or a 5.0 scale?
  7. ogl5

    bridge vs. tunnel

    If you are engineering a road and face an aquatic obstacle, why would you build a tunnel instead of a bridge? It seems like a bridge is easier and less expensive.
  8. ogl5


    If you are going on a plane, and you need to bring an inconspicuous item to save yourself in the event of a possible crash, what would it be? (i.e. bed sheets)
  9. ogl5

    short sleeve shirt

    I was just wondering if it's okay to wear a short sleeve shirt to an interview (under a jacket).
  10. ogl5

    resume format

    In the work history section of a resume, you typically have a date to the left , a company in the middle, and a location to the right. What's the best way to format this? The obvious way is to use a hidden table, but, in a lot of viewers, the table is visible and looks weird. There is a resume template in Word 2003 that does it without tables, but I haven't figured out how it is doing it.
  11. When a potential employer asks for a salary history and references in a cover letter, what do you typically do? In my opinion, salary history is none of their business and references should only come at a much later stage in the process.
  12. ogl5

    Bachelor of Science

    What is the best way to list a Bachelor of Science degree on a resume? Most people use abbreviations, but I feel weird putting B.S. on my resume.
  13. ogl5

    cover letter

    Does anyone have a good example of a cover letter to a game development company? I would expect it to be similar to a standard cover letter but possibly slightly less formal and more upbeat.
  14. ogl5

    submitting a sample game

    When submitting a sample game to an employer, is it better to have an installer or not have an installer?
  15. ogl5


    Am I the only one who feels denim is incompatible with boxer shorts?
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