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    MySQL Scheduled Events

    I'm using a $10/month rackspace cloud server running ubuntu 10.04 so all good here on usage. I just don't see why you ~wouldn't~ want the DB updates to be called from.. well.. the db directly, seems like less steps to me. MySQL query browser has a nice UI that makes things easy to find, and everything is in stored functions and procedures so that makes things even clearer.
  2. essial

    MySQL Scheduled Events

    Seriously, why haven't I heard of this before. This has to be the single most awesome feature I've ever heard of. Apparently MySQL (by adding a single flag in the config file) supports execution of statements at regular intervals. I am currently working on my online browser-based HTML5 game (Celestial Empires Online) and have gotten to the point where I need constant data manipulation in the backend (not user generated), so I started researching the best way to execute MySQL stored procedures/functions from CRON when I ran across this: CREATE EVENT myevent ON SCHEDULE AT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP + INTERVAL 1 HOUR DO UPDATE myschema.mytable SET mycol = mycol + 1; Now the entire game backend can be ran completely within MySQL, using only apache2 as a transport system to pass data to and from mysql. No managing of connections, no persistence needed, no custom code or shell scripts. Just MySQL, PHP/Apache, and the user's web browser/javascript. The web sure has grown up :D
  3. $10/month for a host is pretty darn good. That's how much I pay for my cloud server with Ubuntu Linux on it. Their windows servers start at $30/month. Microsoft software costs money, you gotta pay for it one way or another :D
  4. Second, game() is never actually called after a key is pressed, only at the start in the init function.
  5. essial

    Firefox Javascript Debugging?!

    I wish firefox had the debugging features of google chrome and opera natively. I find the debugging plugins to be ~ok~, but nowhere near the level of those other two browsers. Makes it hard to get things working right sometimes..
  6. essial

    Firefox Javascript Debugging?!

    Yeah I'm starting to think that.. I'm creating everything via the javascript DOM interface so if theres any issues with it failure is quite possible. I'll just use my good ole' document.title debugging method :)
  7. OK I don't know if you've seen my post in help wanted but I'm writing some pretty heavy javascript code. The code is working perfectly on Opera, Internet Explorer (with google chrome frame), and of course Google Chrome. For some reason it seems like javascript has some sort of error as it is not building the page properly. I have tried every single javascript related debugging tool, but they all give me the ok, no errors. The physical layout of the page is fine, it just seems that the javascript breaks at some point (which prevents further execution). I've tried firebug and that javascript error console thing, but they all claim everything is all honkeydorey.
  8. essial

    Linker error in VS 2005 but not 2008?

    Sorry you can't 'ignore' an error like that :) It's trying to resolve linking symbols and it can't. That's a fatal error. If all else fails, you could simply re-create the project in VS2005, and move the files over (and add any custom libs and such as needed).
  9. essial

    Linker error in VS 2005 but not 2008?

    Well it sounds to me that theres something wrong with the crt libraries that are being linked. Either the wrong version, or something else. Also, did you make sure to delete the release/debug directories when you migrated? Some transitional files can muck stuff up as well.
  10. essial

    Linker error in VS 2005 but not 2008?

    Just a crazy wild guess, but are you using: throw ("some text" + anStdString); Instead of: throw MyExceptionType("some text" + anStdString); I remember VS 2005 having some weird bug related to that that generates similar linkage issues.
  11. essial

    bitwise NOT

    Assuming you fully understand the bitwise NOT operator, and the fact that it NOTs all the bits in the value (32 bits for 32 bit values, 64 for 64, etc), you can read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two's_complement You are experiencing the 2's compliment rule. Just read the above article and it'l make sense (hopefully) :p
  12. I don't know if you guys remember my NES project I announced a few months ago, but I have been working on it in my free time constantly since that announcement. Here are some screens from it for a reminder: http://img268.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=emulator1.png Anyway, although I'm obviously still working on some issues, I've pretty much got most of the system figured out. Now that I know what I know, I'm porting the code over to C# and .Net 4/DirectX11 (I know, but XP is becoming obsolete and I like the new framework, plus windows 7 runs faster than XP on the same machine so there is little reason for most to stick to XP now). The reason for the re-write is this: Although I consider my emulator to be more accurate (although you cannot tell from the screens since I obviously don't have all the bugs squashed), it still isn't accurate enough. For example, it fails on the extremely picky timing test roms (that work on real NESs), as well as the scanline trick tests (all emulators I've tried also fail). What I plan on doing is re-designing the architecture to get as close to the physical hardware as possible -- including unclean analog signals and pin connections. Obviously this will require a decent machine to run, but the whole point of this emulator is an as-true-to-form emulation (or is it simulation at this point?) as possible. I'm also integrating full debugging support as well for stepping/tracing, stack viewing, progressive disassembly, etc. What I don't know is if anyone would be interested in me writing an IDE of sorts for creating NES roms as well, complete with tracing/debug support. Not an NES game maker by any means -- just a VERY stripped down visual studio for NES. It's actually quite easy to write one (much easier than emulating a NES accurately). If so, I'd like to get a few people on Skype or MSN Live so I can run features by them and let them test releases. Obviously the system requires is someone with Vista/7 with .Net 4 beta and DX11 installed so I don't expect many (if anyone) to apply.
  13. What would you guys recommend as a usable free 3D modeler for creating simple objects to use with C++ and DirectX APIs. I'm not planning on writing a game game (double on purpose :p)so it doesn't need to be 3D studio quality, just something I can use to create basic models to tinker with.
  14. essial

    Multiplayer Building games

    Second Life or Active Worlds? In SecondLife, the first thing I did was make a site-down style arcade machine with a high score display on top and everything. It was good fun watching other people sit down and play it in a 3D virtual world :D I guess I'm just nerdy like that though.
  15. essial

    I'm writing an NES emulator

    If anyone is interested, I just posted the full source to my 2A03 processor emulator as it stands for now at my blog. If you have anything else to add just reply to comments on the blog, it's time to let this post die and make room for new ones :)
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