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  1. Looking for a peer to learn with

    And then there were three. I have C++, C# and BASIC classes. Contact me and we'll talk.
  2. C++ or C#?

    "What actually matters, when looking for any programming job, is which five or six main languages you can use fluently, along with the other five or six languages you can read without effort." -- ToohrVyk what are the main languages? I'm guessing C++ and C# are two of them.
  3. C++ or C#?

    I have a solid grasp of the programming process. I have studied C++ and BASIC on my own. I have taken introductory C++, BASIC, and C# classes in college. I think I have enough understadning of programming concepts to move on. It is just the direction I am uncertain of. Most of the programming threads I see talk about C++, very few on C#. I jst don't want to go down the road mastering one language only to find it to be a dead end.
  4. C++ or C#?

    Hello all, I am currently in school for games and simulations at Devry University. I have been advised that I should learn C# as that is the direction games will take by the time I have graduated. No, disrespect to the academic advisors there, but I wanted an answer to this question from people in the industry. Should I focus on learning C# or C++? Thanks in advance for all your advice.
  5. Seeking advice

    Hello all, I am currently enrolled in the Games and Simulations program at DeVry University. I am seeking advice for several questions. 1. Where do I start? As I have stated, I am enrolled in a G&SP program so, beyond that... 2. What should I do to increase my chances of landing a great job programming games? 3. What skills are critical to landing these jobs and which ones make me more attractive? 4. Are there certain people I need to contact; HR, employed programmers, etc..? 5. What looks really good on a resume to a game dev? 6. Where are the places to go for your first job? 7. Is there a mentor program out there somewhere? 8. Is there a particular region of the country I will have to move to? 9. Is telecommuting an option for game programmers? I thank you in advance for you help. J.Whittington