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  1. Hi everyone! I need to transform a 32bit PFM (HDR) file, reading pixel by pixel, into a usual LDR format and later write into PPM and BMP files. Can someone please give me an equation to solve this or a sinppet. is it enough to tonemap?
  2. papitorico

    the physics of wiisports

    Hi im currently trying to make a baseball game using a wiimote. can anyone give an example, a link, a tip about the physics that i have to take into account when i move the wiimote and throw the ball. i'm using ODE as physics Engine. Thnx.
  3. I need some help with HLSL. I need to know which one is the best, the best book about HLSL, essentially in the matter of DXSAS, I'm starting to use FX composer, but everything you program in this editor must have semantics and annotations and you must know about them (almost all of them) if wanna understand the examples provided by nVidia. HELP!!!
  4. papitorico

    free sounds

    I have been looking for a good (free) page for sounds of all types for my project (an FPS). Icouldn't find anything. Help!!
  5. papitorico

    AI SDK (C++)

    Hi I'm new to this matter! Is there a good (open source or free) AI SDK.
  6. papitorico

    Unit Test Frameworks (C++)

    Thnx guys! UnitTest++ the chosen tool will be! May the force be with ya!
  7. Hi I've been a little confused about the wright framework to choose to do Unit Testing on C++. CxxUnit and UnitTest++ seem to be the best choices. What do you recommend? any other alternative?
  8. papitorico

    What is the best Wiimote libray?

    Sorry, I did not make my self clear. Of course i'm talking about unofficial libs like cWiimote.
  9. I realy wanna know which one to pick (C++). one that supports all functionality for wiimote and nunchuk, and posibly one that dosen't need an IR "bar".
  10. papitorico


    Hi can anyone give me links where I can find good tutorials about UnrealScript
  11. papitorico

    multi-threading and games

    and how do u asign a specific core to a particular thread?
  12. papitorico

    silly question about FX Composer

    Hi Kenan, try updating your DX SDK, I have the same problem with FX Composer 2 beta, but FX Composer 1.8 runs perfectly on my PC (a very old one PIII, gForce FX 5500, DX SDK Sept 2006),
  13. Hi I'm a newbie in HLSL shader programming. I tried to implement a basic lighting model, diffuse + specular + ambient, in FX Composer. Althoug it is a default shader in FX Composer, I wanted to do it my self ( as a "Hello world" program), I followed the model found in "The CG tutorial", and the shader is not working the way it should. I took a look at the default FX Composer's shader. It calculates the eye vector using a World Space matrix while in Cg is used a viewProjection matrix, and light vectors are obtained in different way, in FX Composer a inverse transpose matrix is needed, and Cg's examples work with a common ViewProj matrix. Why those differences? Which one is the corret approach? //pdta: could you give a web link where I can find a detailed explannnation about semantics and annotations present n FX Composer [Edited by - papitorico on June 25, 2007 3:15:40 PM]
  14. papitorico

    3dsmax to X file Exporter

    Try using kwx exporter or even better, change to COLLADA!
  15. Hi!! I can't compile a program (I tried to reproduce Lesson 101 Box on a Plane using DirectX instead of OpenGL), the linker cna not find NxPhysics.lib (in fact, this lib does not exist in this version of the SDK). I've seen that I need to use PhysXLoader.lib, how do I change the linker settings (VS 2005) so I can make itlook for PhysXLoader.lib instead of NxPhysics.lib. [Edited by - papitorico on May 26, 2007 7:09:21 AM]
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